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Edge of Reality Radio with Lee Speigel

  • Jacques Vallee

    11 MAR 2022 · It’s been nearly five years since The NY Times revealed the Pentagon’s secret behind-the-scenes investigation of UFOs. That story also told the public about numerous aerial close encounters between UFOs and U.S. Navy jet fighter pilots. And the public was shown videos of real UFOs in flight. The Times article even mentioned possible UFO materials that were being researched. We’re at the point now, historically, where the powers-that-be finally admit unexplained UFOs are real, how it’s important we learn where they come from, who makes them, and why they’re here. On this week’s “Edge of Reality Radio,” I welcome back astrophysicist, astronomer and computer scientist Jacques Vallee, who’s always at the center of UFO research. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, Jacques and I will discuss UFO sightings that go all the way back to biblical times, as well as very intriguing things that have been photographed by NASA’s three rovers on Mars. Join us Thursday at 8pm, Eastern / 5pm, Pacific on
    1h 49m 45s
  • Marc Dantonio

    11 FEB 2022
    1h 58m 10s
  • ERR102121KGRA - Lee Speigel - Marc Hartzman

    22 OCT 2021 · It can be heard in the howling wind. Or the aroma in a store where pounds of sugary delights are purchased and given to neighborhood youngsters on the one night of the year when it’s really OK to roam the streets, asking for candy. Halloween is just around the corner. And so are alleged ghosts, spirits and haunted houses. Are they only the subjects of horror and comedy-filled books, movies and TV shows? Or, after centuries of wondering, do they provide any legitimate clues to possible life after death? It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not – they are, literally, everywhere, and their otherworldly presence seems more at home as All Hallows’ Eve inches its way to October 31st. On this week’s “Edge of Reality Radio,” historian and connoisseur of the bizarre, Marc Hartzman, will be our tour guide on a journey through America’s supernatural history. We’ll look at famous haunted places and people – in other words, all things strange and spooky.
    1h 57m 8s
  • Lee Speigel - Gary Heseltine - 10.14.21

    15 OCT 2021 · ICER, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, is an organization of scientists, academics and leading UFO researchers who believe that we are not alone in the Universe. Representing 27 countries on five continents, they believe “it’s time to start preparing for contact” with extraterrestrials. On this week’s “Edge of Reality Radio,” I’ll present ICER’s Vice President, Gary Heseltine. Formerly with the UK’s Royal Air Force Police, he’s an ex-­­police detective who created a national UK database: PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings). Gary will describe upcoming ICER efforts to get all countries involved with possible ET Contact and its global implications.
    1h 57m
  • Lee Speigel - Dr. Irena Scott - 10.07.21

    8 OCT 2021 · Have you ever wondered why more scientists don’t come forward to talk about their own interest in and research of UFOs? Even though, in recent months, the American government has quietly, AND publicly, admitted that UFOs are, indeed, real objects that require serious scientific attention. For decades – even centuries – scientists have been in denial about the whole range of paranormal topics, afraid of stepping into these areas with an open mind. On this week’s “Edge of Reality Radio,” I welcome Dr. Irena Scott, who has worked in important institutions involved with UFO research – like the Defense Intelligence Agency. AND, she has first-hand knowledge of UFO-related cases stemming from her own experiences. Dr. Scott will discuss the possibility that the UFO phenomenon could be interactive with human thoughts.
    1h 53m 49s
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“Edge of Reality Radio,” can be heard live each Thursday from 8pm-10pm Eastern. For nearly 50 years, the show’s host, Lee Speigel, has researched and reported on the overlapping worlds...

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“Edge of Reality Radio,” can be heard live each Thursday from 8pm-10pm Eastern. For nearly 50 years, the show’s host, Lee Speigel, has researched and reported on the overlapping worlds of Science and Unexplained Phenomena, covering such diverse topics as UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, ghosts, life after death, time travel, strange creatures, human consciousness, out-of-body-experiences, and the pursuit of other realities and universes. To hear Lee Speigel's entire archived shows, browse below for episodes. Dates listed below are the day the show was uploaded to Spreaker...
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