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  • The Workplace: Jackie Garrick, Whistleblowers of America

    11 AUG 2021 · An interesting and enlightening conversation with Jackie Garrick founder of Whistleblowers of America on PTSD, advocacy, and moral courage.
    29m 14s
  • S1:E9 Sunrise Shack 2018 Bullet Proof Coffee and Hawaiian Ahupua`a

    8 AUG 2021 · The original story of the Sunrise Shack - bullet proof coffee -- on the side of the road across from Sunset Beach in 2018. Travis, one of the founders shares about health and coffee at the Outrigger Waikiki Hotel . As well as an ecoventure into the 21st Century Ahupua`a. "Everything's Connected". A hui hou!
    1m 5s
  • S1:E10 Thanksgiving 2018 Triple Crown of Surfing with Mikey Redd/O`Shaughnessy and Mike Chlala photographer

    8 AUG 2021 · Mikey Redd aka Mikey OShaughnessy of Volcom - big wave surfer in 2018 about to enter his first Triple Crown event and sharing his story of place "mo`olelo" in this preCovid Thanksgiving Day episode of podcast on the north shore of O`ahu . . .. also in this episode a conversation with artist Mike Chlala of Chlala Shoots action photography at Turtle Bay Resort.
    1h 7s
  • S3:E1 Proximity Exhibit, Todd Glaser at the Pendry Hotel San Diego and more...

    8 AUG 2021 · Todd Glaser's Exhibit at the Pendry Hotel and San Diego, movement and light with bright spots of the Momentum Generation movie recent release 2019 on HBO. "Everything's Connected"
    39m 41s
  • S2:E4 Bioshphere_2_Ocean and Rainforest in the Arizona Desert

    8 AUG 2021 · An interesting venture back in January 2019 - from science experiments in the desert at Biosphere two to discovering Arizona's aqueducts .... land sea connections . . . highlighting bright spots because "everything's connected" .... a hui hou!
    34m 46s
  • S1:E8 Waikiki to North Shore O'ahu _ Waimea Valley_ and Sunset Beach (Fall 2018) Still Relevant 2021

    10 APR 2021 · Talking Story on O'ahu from roof top gardens at Outrigger Waikiki - to Benji Weatherly's sustainable restaurant practices at Breakers in Haleiwa - onto Sunset Beach for some sea level rise and aina (gardens) in schools - and over to Waimea Valley for a NOT TO MISS conversation about the Hawaiian Ahupua'a and indigenous wisdom - finishing at the Seven Miracle Mile and community ocean clean up. This was season one episode 2 in September 2018 and it's still so relevant today: urban gardens, sustainable business practices, nature healing depression and isolation, land management and the future of food, responsibility, sea level rise, urban planning, ocean safety, and ecoliteracy in education. Come Holoholo with Cindie on an EcoVenture now!
    59m 56s
  • S3:E3 AgroEcology, Regenerative Farming and the Shared Economy: Dr. Chip Fletcher, University of Hawaii at Manoa, SOEST

    1 AUG 2019 · Dr. Chip Fletcher, Associate Dean and Professor at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii shares through conversation what he's excited about in recent developments: Jeremy Rifkin's Third Industrial Revolution, the Terra Ton Initiative, solutions to deforestation, impacts of food choice, and inspiration from the bright spot Greta Thunberg. The second half of the show is a conversation with Stanford Scientist Arvin Gouw and CRISPR technology as well as his connection to the ocean and his motivation for taking climate action as the coral in Northern Bali struggles. Land sea connections, smart fun conversations, a deeper dive into human ecology and how everything is connected. Finally, a shout out to Holly Ogata, mystery positive sign maker in Hawaii Kai, a neighborhood in Honolulu, highlighting self-motivated action to create a more positive community in these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity (VUCA). If you would like to suggest a bright spot to interview in your community, or if you have something to share, connect with us at or through the website Mentioned resources: Jeremy Rifkin, Third Industrial Revolution; TerraTon Initiative; Dirt! The Movie; Greta Thunberg; Permaculture and Regenerative Farming
    1h 6s
  • S2:E2_ Rex the Surf Dog, Shellhuntress, Todd Glaser Proximity Exhibit and CBD with Marisa Griffin

    29 MAR 2019 · This EcoVentures takes us across the country with REX THE SURF DOG the Dog with a Blog / Natural Jewelry from Shellhuntress from Pupukea, a revisit to the PROXIMITY exhibit by Todd Glaser at the Pendry Hotel in San Diego, and a brief introduction to understanding CBD and CBG from Marisa Griffin. It's always eclectic and that makes it fun! Land and Sea Connections and Everything's Connected - EcoVentures Radio with your host Cindie. Find us on Instagram@EcoVentures.Radio and also watch for the new YouTube interviews that will be coming out this week!
    59m 19s
  • S2:E1 Getting On With It and Into Life! Becoming Your True Self

    15 MAR 2019 · This episode of EcoVentures Radio delves into more arrt and education while finding out what happens to propel artists and every day people into their true selves after near death experiences. Plus a revisit with Michael "Mike" Chlala. Uber Driver Conversations (Everyday Heroes) and Danielle Zirk, international artist and making waves from Atlantic to Pacific! Take an EcoVenture from San Diego to Pupukea Hawaii with your host Cindie! A hui hou! Find video interviews on YouTube coming out by March 24.
    57m 19s

Welcome to the many hats of Cindie Byers, M. Ed. — Author, Climate Reality Leader, Ecoliteracy Specialist, Investigative Journalist and Artist, Cindie provides key notes, digital courses and content, and...

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Welcome to the many hats of Cindie Byers, M. Ed. — Author, Climate Reality Leader, Ecoliteracy Specialist, Investigative Journalist and Artist, Cindie provides key notes, digital courses and content, and audio and visual programs that highlight bright spots and information to help us live better rather than larger in our cities. Energetic, eclectic, smart and fun - is about conversations.
From Hawai`i, Cindie brings indigenous wisdom, humor to discussions with a wide variety of guests from authors, civic leaders, artists, urban foresters, scientists, wellness specialists, political leaders and musicians on EcoVentures “Everything is Connected” podcasts.  
The purpose of EcoVentures Radio is to air smart,  fun interviews that shine a light on “bright spots” in our community that help people to live better rather than larger.
"Everything is connected", and it’s all about Human Ecology.  
Cindie loves people, and  the planet.

Come aboard! 

Take an EcoVenture! 
To connect with Cindie
Facebook: https;//
Instagram: @Ecoventures.Radio
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