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  • Disappearing Species - Season 6 Episode 21

    1 OCT 2023 · What is a mass extinction? Are we in one? In this episode, i'm talking about what they are and whether or not we're a part of it.
    22m 6s
  • Climate Changes - Look Back - Season 6 Episode 19

    17 SEP 2023 · I'm back on the Climate bandwagon. This episode talks about worldwide anomalies from April and a few over the summer. Those of you in the know will understand. Those of you who are deniers, well, listen and then let me know if you still think Climate Change is a hoax.
    22m 20s
  • Mass Extinctions - Season 6 Episode 12

    9 APR 2023 · Just how many times has life on Earth been almost wiped out? Well, I'll tell you. You just have to listen.
    16m 31s
  • Great Garbage Patches Update - Season 6 Episode 3

    22 JAN 2023 · What ends up in the street or on the beach ends up in our oceans. Tons and tons of garbage floating and sinking in our oceans. This episode is about an update to the Great Garbage Patches.
    17m 43s
  • Armageddon - Season 5 Episode 23

    18 SEP 2022 · Armageddon. No, this isn't about the movie. It's about asteroids, comets, and what they could do to the Earth.
    17m 5s
  • What are we doing about Plastics - Season 5 Episode 10

    6 MAR 2022 · Why do we contaminate our environment with plastic? This episode talks about what we're doing about plastics in our oceans, rivers, and elsewhere. Learn about how bacteria is being used in the plastics fight.
    20m 50s
  • Earth's Oxygen - Season 5 Episode 9

    27 FEB 2022 · How did we get the oxygen we breathe? This episode will explain a bit about it. I will warn you it is heavy on science.
    41m 56s
  • Trees - Climate Silver Bullet - Season 5 Episode 3

    16 JAN 2022 · Heard the phrase "Trees are climate's Silver Bullet?" Yeah, well don't believe everything you hear. In this episode, I'll talk about whether they are or aren't. What are the solutions to carbon absorption?
    13m 41s
  • La Palma Megatsunami - Season 4 Episode 4

    19 DEC 2021 · While on my holiday break, I thought publishing older episodes would keep you entertained. In light of the recent eruption of Spain's Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, I'm revisiting last season's episode. In it, I talked about the possibility of a collapse of the island causing a tsunami. The recent eruption has reignited (no pun) those rumors.
    23m 24s
  • Megadrought - Climate, not politics - Season 4 Episode 28

    24 OCT 2021 · What is a Megadrought and is one here? I'll talk about it and the history and the future.
    20m 24s
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