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Eagle Harp

  • Phyllis Hyman 4:28:24 4.52 PM

    28 APR 2024 · Intro music and vocals: Gail Nobles Story by: Gail Nobles Photo: (C) John Mathew Smith Usage: Wikipedia Some people say Phyllis Hyman died not knowing how much she was loved. It is said she fought hard to overcome her demons. I don't think Phyllis Hyman was just fighting her demons if she had any demons at all. I think she was fighting demons coming from elsewhere. When the music business is hard, sometimes you can't be yourself. You can't show the world the self you want the world to see.  I think it's time that we start recognizing Phyllis Hyman more. She was trying to tell us things that were very important. If you have heard and seen Phyllis Hyman speak, you know that she had very good knowledge about things. Hyman is best known for her music during the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Some of her most notable songs were "You Know How to Love Me" (1979), "Living All Alone" (1986) and "Don't Wanna Change the World" (1991).  Phyllis Harmon was a very talented singer. She suffered from bipolar disorder and depression for years. She died by suicide. So many talented people in the music business died like that. It's always something with the mental health or they get killed.  Phyllis Hyman is a singer we want to remember; we need to remember. She had great music like her fourth album “You Know How to Love Me” and her single with the same name. Phyllis was a great soul singer and her fourth album was released in 1979. It was her most successful album, but she made other albums too.  You're listening to Eagle Harp.  I am your host Gail Nobles.
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  • JB-Hardest Working Man 1:18:24 1.04 AM

    18 JAN 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Intro by: Gail Nobles The hardest working man James Brown. His songs made hits and now they are beyond hits. His songs are still being played. There is music in his name as I speak it. I can still sense the sound of him. It’s hard to say that his songs are oldies because everybody keeps on listening. They keep on listening to that sound of James Brown. I can still hear the cheering crowd. There are still people that imitate the man behind the microphone stand. There is still great love coming from his fans wanting more of his voice and loving his band. The band and the backup singers. James Brown, Godfather of Soul. Some call him Mr. dynamite. I call him gold. He could dance, slide, glide, and move. His music was funk. It had bass and horn in the groove. He's a legacy, and there is nothing left to prove. James Brown, his music still survives. DJ’s still spin his records like he's alive. You're listening to the sound of Eagle Harp. In the window of his wings, the instrumental sound remembering James Brown. I'm Gail Nobles.
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  • Yah Mo Be There - James Ingram 11:29:23 4.41 PM

    29 NOV 2023 · Photo: - Usage: Wikipedia Story by: Gail Nobles James Ingram - I heard James Ingram say that he came up in the word of God and in gospel music. He said he was a musician and started playing around 12 years old. James and Michael McDonald wrote the song Yah Mo B There. I heard James say that a lot of people to this day didn't know that they were talking about God. Rod Temperton and producer Quincy Jones also were involved in writing the song. The song originally appeared on Ingram’s 1983 album It's Your Night. The song peaked in 1984 at number 19 on the U.S. Hot 100 chart. The performance earned the duo in 1985 Grammy or Grammy award for Best R&B Performance by Duo or Group with Vocals. When I heard the song Yah Mo B There, I figured it was about God from the way the song was written. It is a contemporary R&B song, but I heard the message as a gospel. It's good that the song was written. I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to Eagle Harp.
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  • The Isley Brothers 8:30:23 7.28 PM

    30 AUG 2023 · Music intro: By Gail Nobles This Podcast features music created using Drum Pad Machine. Available on the App Store, Today's topic is the Isley Brothers. I'm Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Eagle Harp. Celebrity and music news. I'm going to talk to you today about a family musical group originally from Cincinnati, Ohio that began as a vocal trio consisting of brothers O'Kelly Isley Junior, Rudolph Isley, and Ronald Isley. Do you remember the Isley Brothers popular song Shout? For a long time I didn't know they were the same group that I heard in 1985 singing Caravan of Love. Shout was a popular song written and originally recorded by American vocal group the Isley Brothers. In 1959, the Isley Brothers had a different sound and style back then. Shout was the fourth single which became the first single to chart on the Billboard hot 100 and sold over 1 million copies. In the 1960s, the group recorded songs for a variety of labels including the top 20 single Twist and Shout and Motown single This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) before recording and releasing the Grammy Award winning hit Its Your Thing on their own label T Neck Records. Today those records are still spinning. Radio Stations are still playing those songs. And what about the Isley Brothers in the 1970s? Do you remember the Top 10 hit single "That Lady" and a UK Top 10 cover of "Summer Breeze?” What about hits like “Fight the Power” and “For the Love of You?” Before music videos in the 80s, I only remembered hearing all those songs from radio, and I never knew what the Isley Brothers really looked like. When the 80s came along, I became interested in watching music videos and began to see more of the faces of music. But before seeing the Isley Brothers on video I first heard Caravan of Love from radio in 1985. It was a 1985 R&B hit originally recorded by Isley-Jasper-Isley. After breaking away from the family group, the group (notably Chris Jasper) wrote and produced this single intended to reach audiences by presenting Christian believes in his music. The song became the trios biggest hit going to number one on the billboard R&B singles chart and number 51 on the Billboard pop chart in 1985. The Isley brothers has a long career in music. In 1985, the original Iskeys trio of O’Kelly, Rudy, and Ronnie signed with Warner Bros. Recirds and recorded and released the album masterpiece. Shortly a year after its release Kelly Isley died from a heart attack while battling cancer in March 1986. The remaining duo of Ron and Rudy release the Angela Winbush-produce albums Smooth Sailing in 1987 and Spend the Night in 1989. And do you remember Ron Isley in the 1990s he recorded solo material he gained popularity as video villain Frank Biggs (or Mr. Biggs) in the music video for R. Kelly's hit "Down Low”. There was a lot of past members of the Isley Brothers. Rudolph, O’Kelly, Vernon, Marvin, and Chris Jasper. The members now are Ronald and Ernie Isley. Well I hope you have enjoyed today's topic. To find out more about the group and what they are doing today go to
    5m 38s
  • Redd Foxx 3:31:23 5.01 PM

    31 MAR 2023 · Music: Passion HiFi Usage: Free Giant Wings Flapping: Usage: Free Photo: Wikipedia Public Domain Voice Actor: Gail Nobles Hello! I’m Gail Nobles. I’m going to take you into Retro News. Today’s topic: Redd Foxx. A stand up comedian & actor who left us at age 68. Voice actor: I’m 65! You remember Comedian Red Foxx who played a crabby junk man on the 1970’s television series “Sanford and Son”. He died after suffering a heart attack on the set of his show. Let’s go back to when he was alive. On stage, Redd Foxx was kind of X-Rated. But I knew him mostly from the television series “ Sanford and Son” playing as the junk man. Voice actor: I’m Fred! Redd Foxx was born John Elroy Sanford. On Sanford and Son, he portrayed Fred G. Sanford and starred in The Red Fox Show & The Royal Family. His film projects included All the Fine Cannibals (1960), Cotton comes to Harlem (1970), Norman .. Is That You 1976), and Harlem Nights (1989). It is said that Redd Foxx was shy, sensitive, a writer, and poet. Della Reese, his friend who also left us and co- starred on The Royal Family said that not everyone knew he was a poet. He wrote beautiful music and was a loving man. I’m sure his friends & family knew him best. It was sad news to find out that Redd Foxx had passed away. I knew the television Red Foxx when he was clowning and joking. Watching him taught me a little bit about comedy, & he gave me the medicine of laughter. I found out that Redd Foxx had financial and tax problems. Even at the time of his death he owed taxes. But now he doesn’t have to worry about that world anymore. That means no more heart breaks for Redd Foxx. You’re listening to Eagle Harp. I’m your host Gail Nobles.
    3m 33s
  • How Eagle Harp Got It’s Name 3:20:23 6.42 PM

    20 MAR 2023 · Hello! I’m Gail Nobles & I want to talk to you today about how this podcast, “Eagle Harp”, got its name. The podcast name has the name Eagle Harp because it’s a podcast about music. But there’s a bird called the Harpy Eagle. It is a very large eagle. A bird that is as tall as a person. When I first saw the Harpy Eagle in pictures, I had to look very closely to see if the bird was really real. Well, the bird is real and also beautiful. I’ve never seen a bird like it in all my life. The claw and beak is bigger than a normal size bird. It’s a bird I don’t think I want to see in my backyard. To tell you the truth, the bird almost looks like a person in a costume because it’s head is large and the height of the bird is just amazing. So seeing the Harpy Eagle is what inspired me to name my podcast Eagle Harp. If you visit Pinterest, you’ll see all kinds of pictures of the Harpy Eagle, and also in Google images. If you just type in “Harpy Eagle”, in the Google search engine, you’ll find info about the bird ….
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  • Andy Gibb - … Be Your Everything 3:14:23 7.45 PM

    14 MAR 2023 · Music intro: by Gail Nobles All vocals by: Gail Nobles Song: I Just Want To Be Your Everything Song by: Andy Gibb I Just Want To Be Your EVerything is a song recorded by Andy Gibb released in 1977. It reached number 1 on the for three weeks, starting on the week ending 30 July 1977, and again for the week ending 17 September 1977. It was Gibb's first single released in the and “I Just Want to Be Your Everything" was written by in as well as "" with Andy Gibb credited as co-writer on the latter. Andy Gibb was such a cool, young, & handsome singer. He was the younger brother of Barry, Robin, and Maurice who went on to form The Bee Gees. Gibb came to prominence in the late 1970s through the early 1980s with eight singles reaching the Top 20 of the US Hot 100, three of which went to number-one: "" (1977), "" (1977), and "" (1978). In the early 1980s, he co-hosted the American music television series ..
    3m 14s
  • Sugar Hill Records Topic 12:6:22 3.52 PM

    6 DEC 2022 · Music: Usage: standard license Hi! I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to Eagle Harp. Today’s topic is Sugar Hill Records. The Hip Hop Label founded in 1979 by Sylvia Robinson. The label's first record was "Rapper's Delight" (1979) by The Sugarhill Gang, which was also the first top 40 hip hop single. The Sequence was the first female hip-hop trio signed to the Sugar Hill Records label in the late 1970s and Early 1980s. I remember Cheryl The Pearl, Blondie, & Angie B. And there was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Treacherous Three just to name a few. Sylvia Robinson produced several music videos & a young Spike Lee making his first music video for the song “ White Lines” (performed by Mille Mel and the Furious Five). The label closed down in 1986. A long time ago, a film about the Sugar Hill Records co-found Sylvia Robinson had been announced by Warner Bros. according to a news site. Paula Wagner, who was acquired the rights to Robinson’s life story will be working on the script. I hope the movie will be made. I’ve been waiting a long time to see it. I haven’t heard or seen any updates about the movie. Well, that’s all for today. Im going to wrap it up. Tune in again next time. Thank you for listening.
    2m 27s
  • Michael Jackson - Jam 11:15:22 6.43 PM

    16 NOV 2022 · Song: Jam Song by: Michael Jackson Photo credit: Luiz Fernando Reis Usage: CC BY 2.0 Podcast vocals: Gail Nobles Music by: Gail Nobles Jam is a single by singer-songwriter Michael Jackson. The song is the fourth single from his 1991 album Dangerous, where it is the opening track. It also appears as the second track on his 2009 This Is It compilation album. "Jam" is a new jack swing song whose bridge features a rap verse performed by Heavy D. The music video of the song featured NBA basketball legend Michael Jordan. The song was also featured on the Chicago Bulls 1992 NBA Championship video "Untouchabulls" and was also used in many promotional ads of the NBA. The single peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song re-entered the UK Singles Chart in 2006, reaching number 22. I thought the music video was hilarious. The music video for "Jam" takes place within an abandoned indoor basketball court, where Michael Jackson teaches basketball legend Michael Jordan how to dance, and in return, Jordan teaches Jackson how to play basketball. You’re listening to Eagle Harp. I’m you’re host Gail Nobles.
  • The Jackson Five - Ready or Not 10:21:22 2.28 PM

    21 OCT 2022 · Song: Ready or Not Song by: The Jackson Five Music by: Usage: Standard license Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Piano and Hard Rock Guitar Vocals: Gail Nobles Photo credit: Brownpatricks - Own work Usage: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 Today’s topic: The Jackson Five. Ready or Not Hear I Come ( Can’t Hide From Love). It’s one of The Jackson 5 songs in the album, Third Album. It’s a cover of one of the songs from Delfonics. It was written by Thom Bell and William Hart and was produced by Hal Davis. The Jackson Five’s The Third Album was released in 1970. I was a baby when I heard songs from the album and Ready or Not was one of them. I don’t know what it was about the songs that made me sit quietly to listen. It was the background singing that stayed in my mind the most when I wasn’t hearing the record. Over and over again, I was hearing Michael sing background with his brothers for the chorus. I was at the age I couldn’t talk & I don’t remember singing with the record, but I do remember hearing. I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to Eagle Harp. Today’s Topic: The Jackson Five: Ready or Not.
    2m 15s
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