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  • Organizing a Hybrid Meeting – Behind the Curtain

    25 APR 2024 · The article discusses the importance of effective management for hybrid meetings, which combine onsite and online participation, emphasizing the need for constant team communication, reliable internet, and proper equipment setup. It recommends using Zoom's advanced features to facilitate smoother interactions and maintain engagement among participants. The piece also notes that these practices are trusted by prominent organizations like the UN and EU and offers further assistance for those interested in organizing hybrid meetings.
    3m 10s
  • Navigating the Future: The Indispensable Role of Translators in Dragoman's AI-Enhanced Workflow

    16 JAN 2024 · In the AI-driven era, the translation industry is evolving rapidly. Dragoman stands at the forefront of this evolution, integrating advanced AI tools with the unparalleled expertise of human translators, copy-editors and proofreaders.
    3m 54s
  • Hybrid meetings: Best practises

    10 DEC 2023 · A hybrid meeting involves both online and onsite participants. Use seperate computers for audio, video, presentations and languages. Do not rely on just one computer to connect your meeting room to an online audience. The post Hybrid meetings: Best practises appeared first on Dragoman Language Solutions.
    4m 59s
  • What is a certified translation?

    18 SEP 2023 · Dragoman offices can provide certified, notarized and apostilled translations in many regions and languages of the world. However, many government and private institutions prefer the translations to be performed or reviewed by translators holding either an ITI or CIOL certification.
    5m 8s
  • Interpreting at the UN Week

    6 SEP 2023 · The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opens every year on the third Tuesday of September. If you are attending or organizing an event in New York during the UN week, make sure to book your interpreters and interpreting equipment well on advance.
    1m 55s
  • Translation for Dummies

    27 JAN 2023 · Whenever I tell people that I’m a translator, I always get ‘oh how they envy me’ because my job is so easy. There will always be something that you’ve yet to learn, and there will always be that one thing that no matter what you do, goes right over your head (I’m looking right at ya, finance).
    4m 32s
  • I Am Professional, But Am I Detached?

    21 NOV 2022 · Every now and then, we receive a translation content that sends us down the emotional roller-coaster. Like I said, a good professional is to be able to detach from the content and simply do their job.
    2m 5s
  • Four Tips for Navigating the Immigration Process

    26 OCT 2022 · Immigrating to a new country is a major undertaking. You’ll have to go through an extensive legal process in order to earn the right to work and live in the country of your choice. These tips will help you overcome common obstacles for new immigrants. Dragoman Language Solutions offers expert translation services tailored to your needs at every step of your immigration journey.
    3m 49s
  • How to add sign language interpreters to Zoom

    16 OCT 2022 · In September 2022, Zoom released a new update for sign language interpretation. It is possible to assign multiple sign language interpreters during the same Zoom meeting. Watch our YouTube tutorial to understand how to enable sign language interpretation on Zoom, make it default option and assign interpreters.
    3m 3s
  • How Dragoman Localizes Your Website Content

    6 OCT 2022 · In the post-pandemic world, going digital goes beyond country borders. A big part of expanding a business internationally is to ensure that you are understood other markets and cultures. Website localization includes many levels of adaptation from content and graphics to navigation and compatibility. In this post, I will focus on content transcreation, which [...]
    7m 58s

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These podcasts are for everyone who want to improve their spoken and written English. It will benefit business communicators, students, academics as well as translators and interpreters. We are experimenting...

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These podcasts are for everyone who want to improve their spoken and written English. It will benefit business communicators, students, academics as well as translators and interpreters. We are experimenting with voices, ideas, AI and having lots of fun. Please share our posts and help us reach a greater audience.
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