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Doing Business Right

  • Hiring Challenges Got You Down? Express Employment to the Rescue!

    20 MAY 2024 · Feeling the struggle of hiring challenges for small businesses? You're not alone! Dr. Bryan Raya dives into the nitty-gritty of staffing solutions on this episode of Doing Business Right with Antonia Bush, the #bossbabe of Express Employment Professionals. Say goodbye to endless resumes, ghosting candidates, and the dreaded "bad hire." Antonia spills the tea on how Express Employment Professionals can be your ultimate wingman in the hiring game. Learn how they can help you: * Craft killer job descriptions that attract top talent * Screen candidates like a pro and find the perfect fit * Streamline the hiring process to save you time and money * Avoid those awkward firing conversations (they've got your back!) But wait, there's more! The Bridge Business Media is celebrating its first birthday with a month-long party and a special gift for small businesses. Find out how you can get in on the action and make your marketing dreams a reality. Don't let hiring challenges be a buzzkill for your business. Tune in to this episode of Doing Business Right and get the lowdown on how to build your dream team. Connect with our guests: Antonia Bush: Business Development Manager, Express Employment Professionals Email: Dr. Bryan Raya: Host of Doing Business Right & Owner of DBR Bookkeeping Email: Website:
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  • Incorporating Cybersecurity into Your Small Business Strategy

    11 MAR 2024 · In this informative episode of Doing Business Right, hosted by Dr. Bryan Raya, we delve into the critical world of cybersecurity and IT services for small businesses with special guest Gallico from Apollo IT Services. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Gallico shares his expertise and insights on the importance of protecting your business from cyber threats, no matter the size of your company.Throughout the conversation, Gallico emphasizes that every business, regardless of its size or industry, has valuable information worth protecting. He highlights the common misconceptions small business owners have about their data's value and the potential risks they face. Gallico stresses the significance of strong passwords, using password managers, and implementing proper backup solutions to safeguard critical business data.As the discussion progresses, Gallico shares eye-opening statistics about password usage and the consequences of using the same passwords across multiple platforms. He also sheds light on the limitations of popular cloud-based services like Office 365 and G Suite, emphasizing the need for additional backup measures to ensure data security.Gallico and Dr. Raya explore the critical role of employee education in maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture. Apollo IT Services takes pride in its comprehensive cybersecurity training programs, which include simulated phishing emails and educational videos to help employees identify and respond to potential threats. Gallico also touches on the growing concern of AI-powered cyber attacks and the challenges businesses face in staying ahead of these evolving threats.The episode takes an insightful turn as Gallico discusses the importance of cyber insurance for small businesses. He highlights the potential financial and legal ramifications of a data breach and how cyber insurance can help companies weather the storm and maintain their operations in the face of a cyber attack.As the founder of Apollo IT Services, Gallico explains the benefits of partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) to handle a company's IT needs. He emphasizes the cost-effectiveness and expertise an MSP brings to the table, helping businesses plan for future growth, budget for IT expenditures, and minimize downtime.Throughout the episode, Dr. Raya and Gallico stress the significance of incorporating cybersecurity and IT considerations into a business's overall growth strategy. They discuss the financial planning aspects of scaling a company's IT infrastructure and the importance of allocating a sufficient budget to ensure the security and reliability of a company's technology backbone.Packed with practical advice, eye-opening statistics, and real-world examples, this episode of Doing Business Right is a must-listen for any small business owner or entrepreneur looking to protect their company from cyber threats and ensure the smooth operation of their IT infrastructure.
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  • Episode 1: The Importance of Business Insurance with Jaime Stanley

    19 FEB 2024 · Doing Business Right is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Bryan Raya for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to grow their companies ethically and sustainably. Each episode provides insights and advice from local business experts to help develop strong, efficient small businesses in Northwest Arkansas. In this episode, Dr. Bryan Raya speaks with Jaime Stanley, an insurance agent with American National Insurance, about the value of having proper business insurance. They discuss who needs coverage, how much is enough, and what can happen if you don't have adequate protection. Jaime shares real stories and scenarios to illustrate the risks businesses face and how the right insurance can help sustain companies when the unexpected occurs. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, this conversation highlights what all entrepreneurs need to know about safeguarding their enterprise. #BusinessInsurance, #SmallBusiness, #Entrepreneurship, #RiskManagement, #FinancialPlanning
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Join Dr. Bryan Raya for inspiring conversations about doing business right on this Business RadioX podcast. With over 20 years of experience leading organizations and advising global brands, Bryan brings...

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Join Dr. Bryan Raya for inspiring conversations about doing business right on this Business RadioX podcast. With over 20 years of experience leading organizations and advising global brands, Bryan brings valuable insights and an authentic perspective to discuss entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and business growth strategies.

Tune in as he engages thoughtful leaders, change-makers, and progressive thinkers who are making a true impact through business. Bryan’s no-nonsense style and insightful questioning allow him to extract actionable advice and lessons learned from successful founders, executives, authors, and more.

At the intersection of purpose, innovation, and value creation is where you’ll find the most meaningful conversations and business wisdom on this show. If you want motivation alongside practical tips to build a great culture, lead consciously, and grow sustainably, subscribe to Doing Business Right today!
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