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Dog Talk with Michael J Soler

  • World Pet Expo 1-11-2022 ep69

    12 JAN 2022 · in this episode Michael interviews Eric Udler founder of the Super Pet Expo
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  • interview with Chrissy Joy ep 53 8-31-2021

    1 SEP 2021 · Chrissy Joy is a celebrity dog trainer, live performer, studio canine trainer, educator through demos and workshops through the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. She is the 2018 National Stunt Dog Championship and ranked 2nd for National Dog Trainer of the Year (2019). The Bone-A-Fied Talent group is an ever-growing roster and resource of dogs available through highly accredited animal talent agencies. Some of the jobs include Disney, Chewy, Paramount Pictures, NBC, ABC, HBO, Bravo, LIONSGATE, and so much more. We are so grateful to work with some of the best animal talent agencies of the world. Today, Chrissy Joy travels nationwide teaching workshops and offering demonstrations to inspire other dog trainers and owners to get involved with working their own dogs on set. Many participants have since appeared on film, commercials, TV, and print. When she is not traveling, she teaches a variety of topics for dog owners with BFF Pet Services. BFF Pet Services offers a wide variety of dog training and is compromised of highly accredited professional dog trainers. Check out our virtual classes by clicking here! Booking demos, workshops, performances or learning more about the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group is fully available to your own facility/club/group. You can learn more about BTG at The Bone-A-Fied Talent Group is the talent division of BFF Pet Services.
    Played 35m 10s
  • interview with doggie dan ep 52 8-17-21

    18 AUG 2021 · Doggy Dan is the creator of the 'Dog Calming Code ™' and has helped over 57,000 people successfully train their dogs using the simplest, gentlest, and most logical way to change their dog’s behavior. Dan was the featured celebrity Dog Trainer onThe Real Housewives of Auckland and over 100,000 people from around the world subscribe to his blog. He’s written numerous articles and was the keynote speaker for the SPCA National Conference in New Zealand. In his book ‘What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent’ he shares his insights and tips into how working with dogs has helped him bring up his children. Doggy Dan’s mission is to share his kind, gentle and unique approach to creating and building deep connections between dogs and their owners so we can change the world of dog training, one dog trainer at a time.
    Played 47m 53s
  • interview with Daniel Schulof ep 51 8-10-21

    11 AUG 2021 · Daniel Schulof is the CEO and Founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods, which aspires to be the most substantive, honest, and progressive pet food company in the world. Daniel is an entrepreneur, activist, and science writer with a focus on exposing the conflicts of interest, bad faith, and shoddy science responsible for the chronic disease epidemics killing millions of pets every year. His 2016 book “Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma” has been called “the most rigorous and probing canine nutrition book ever written.”
    Played 53m 28s
  • interview with Russel Norcross ep 50 8-3-21

    4 AUG 2021 · in this episode Michael interviews Russel Norcross the new owner of Blue Line K-9, New Jersey
    Played 35m 47s
  • Interview with Patrick Flynn ep 48 7-27-21

    28 JUL 2021 · In this episode Michael interviews Patrick Flynn of Patricks Pet Care and they get the talking about his business, the industry and so much more.
    Played 54m 7s
  • Bear and the Rat ep 48 7-21-21

    27 JUL 2021 · interview with Matt of Bear and the Rat ice cream for Dogs.
    Played 34m 15s
  • Interview with Robin Bennet ep 47 6-29-2021

    30 JUN 2021 · in this episode michael interview Robin Bennet of the Dog Gurus. They discuss what dog owners need to know and what they will be facing with their dog now that the pandemic is coming to an end.
    Played 56m 4s

Dog Talk is a show taking you with Dog Trainer Michael J. Soler as he travels in search of the best businesses in the pet industry. From Doggie Day Cares,...

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Dog Talk is a show taking you with Dog Trainer Michael J. Soler as he travels in search of the best businesses in the pet industry. From Doggie Day Cares, Boarding Facilities and Pet Resorts, to Groomers, Dog Trainers, and Pet Stores, learn from the most successful people in the industry who have been doing it right for decades.

Each episode focuses on small, independent pet business featuring their unique take on the industry and service they provide to clients.   
Episodes may provide dog training tips, nutrition and more.  
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