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Divorce Doesn't Suck

  • Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola, Coercive Control Educator & Survivor / Host of the Perfect Prey podcast

    23 APR 2024 · Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola, DSW, LCSW is a Coercive Control Educator, Researcher, and Survivor. Host of the Perfect Prey podcast, she’s been an advocate since the age of 19, passionate about protecting children from abuse. Yet, even as a therapist, she didn't see the signs in her own relationship. How do we, as protective parents, support our children harmed by the coercive controller (aka Narcissistic Abuser)? Dr. Cocchiola’s expertise provides the framework for supporting protective parents as they navigate parenting children harmed by the coercive controller. Protective parents can show their children a path to freedom. Connect with Dr. Cocchiola for guidance for parents about navigating the process of healing their children from coercive control. Web: IG: @dr.cocchiola_coercivecontrol YT: Dr. Christina Cocchiola
    38m 16s
  • Mark Kozminski, Blue Mind Approach  

    16 APR 2024 · Mark is the father of twin boys and a serial entrepreneur who has always learned and grown by doing. He’s driven by a vision to ignite the true identity of a billion people. After going through the pain and uncertainty of his own divorce in 2018, Mark, after years of struggling with a gambling addiction and safety behaviors, Mark committed to living a life of personal growth and self-discovery. Simply, he couldn't understand the 'why' behind his behaviors and felt deep down that he wasn't performing as the truest version of himself. Now, Mark uses his innovative BlueMind approach to coach men through divorce, separation, and self-sabotaging behaviors. He works with men who are committed, willing, and open to exploring a more authentic and healthier version of themselves. Connect with Mark for inspiration and insight about driving positive behavioral change. IG: @bluemindapproach IG: @markkozminski FB: Blue Mind
    46m 51s
  • Dianne Shumway, Founder of Move Forward Capital

    9 APR 2024 · Dianne Shumway is the founder of Move Forward Capital, specializing in divorce coaching and retirement plan services. She’s a twice-divorced mom of six and an abuse survivor. She helps clients navigate the changes that divorce brings to a family and works with clients’ divorce teams to reduce time and legal fees. Dianne helps people get through the immediate changes and plan long-term budgeting and goals.  Whether you're contemplating divorce or in the middle of it, this podcast provides valuable guidance, empowering you to make informed financial decisions and secure your financial future.  For practical tips, strategic advice, and a roadmap to financial independence post-divorce, connect with 
    44m 26s
  • Catherine Shanahan & Karen Chellew, My Divorce Solution and Divorce U, #3

    2 APR 2024 · Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew are financial experts. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about your finances—before and after you get married—so you can protect yourself and your assets. They have 30 years of experience in the financial and legal industries, they’re the founders of My Divorce Solution and Divorce U, and the hosts of the We Chat Divorce podcast. They make sure women navigate their divorce with financial clarity, not fear. How? By making sure they have all the information they need to make the most well-informed decisions, shaping the future for them and their family. Connect with Catherine and Karen for insights and advice about how to prepare for divorce, protect your assets, and secure your wealth.  Web: FB: My Divorce Solution IG: @mydivorcesolution LI: My Divorce Solution YT: We Chat Divorce X: @MyDivorceSolution Pinterest: @mydivorcesolution
    41m 51s
  • Olivia Howell, Fresh Starts Registry

    26 MAR 2024 · Olivia Howell is the co-founder and CEO of Fresh Starts Registry, the first and only platform for everything you need to begin again, including after divorce or breakup, moving, career changes, stepping into your truth, or starting again after grief. After her own divorce in 2019, Olivia had an 'aha moment' when she realized that we celebrate weddings and babies with a registry, but in the moments we really need to restock our lives, we need support. That support comes in the form of both items for our homes as well as the experts who become our hype team. That’s how Fresh Starts Registry was born (and it’s been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal)! Olivia knew that if we could shift the narrative to celebrate and support people through brave life decisions, it would empower them on their fresh start journey. She believes that when you change the things around you, the things around you change. Olivia is a certified life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP. She is also the co-host, producer, and editor of A Fresh Story. Connect with Olivia for inspiration, tips, and advice about beginning again. IG: @freshstartregistry FB: Fresh Start Registry LI: Fresh Starts Registry X: @FreshStartsHere
    33m 17s
  • Erin Schaden, Divorce Coach & Mediator

    19 MAR 2024 · Erin Schaden is the CEO and Founder of Erin Schaden Coaching & Mediation. She’s also an attorney, with twenty-eight years’ experience in family law. She’s always been dedicated to providing her clients with the support and guidance they need to move forward in their lives. As a Divorce Coach and Mediator, Erin helps clients navigate from who and where they are before and during their divorce, to who and where they want to be after. Erin has been a committed and energetic presence throughout her career, she remains so today by seeking balance for herself as well as others as they navigate through the difficulties of relationships in flux. Connect with Erin for divorce, mediation, and co-parenting information, advice, and support that will save you time and money (and sanity). Web: IG: @erineschaden TikTok: @erineschaden
    48m 4s
  • Tara Seals, The Bossy Educator

    12 MAR 2024 · Tara Seals is The Bossy Educator. She’s an educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and 3x best-selling author. She creates education solutions for schools, students, families, and communities through consulting, workshops, keynote, and advocacy. Her work teaching young people around the world earned her a spot on the Atlanta Black 40 Under 40 list, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and Atlanta’s Businesswoman of the Year Award. Tara is an international author of 10 books, including the best-seller Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors. Her newest book, Divorce: The Unspoken Childhood Trauma is now a best seller, too! In the book, Tara shares the story from her 8-year old self, and how she was affected by the dismantling of her family. Her goal is to give a voice to the children of divorce. Connect with Tara for proven strategies to improve education, leadership, your communities, and yourself. Website: Spotify: The Talk Tank Podcast IG: @thebossyeducator
    39m 57s
  • Kevin Brown, Divorce Attorney | Needle Cuda - Season 2, Ep. 1

    5 MAR 2024 · We’re thrilled to begin Season 2 of our partnership with Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law. Episode 1 of the new season, Mapping Your New Path Forward, explores the complicated issues surrounding control of and access to frozen embryos in divorce disputes. Attorney Kevin Brown of Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law joins us to walk us through this newly developing area of the law. Attorney Brown also explains how state courts have approached the adjudication of disputes and begun to establish case law and guidance with respect to the rights to access frozen embryos for implantation or destruction post-divorce. He’ll also highlight the challenges divorcing couples face, over time, with frozen embryos storage contracts. For the expert advice and informed guidance you need to protect yourself, your children, and your assets, call Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law. Web: LI: Needle Cuda Divorce & Family Law
    34m 58s
  • Steph Leis, Author of Parable of a Broken Heart

    27 FEB 2024 · Steph Leis is a dog mom, outdoor enthusiast, event producer, public speaker, and author. Her book, Parable of a Broken Heart, is a passion project stemming from a life-shattering divorce that completely changed the trajectory of her life. Having to rebuild from the ground up, Steph has created a life more beautiful and authentic than she could have ever dreamed. She shares the tools and insights that made it possible in her book. Get it now at Steph shares the story of her life-changing divorce—and the resources that helped her along her healing journey—to empower and inspire others on a similar path. Connect with Steph for tools and techniques that will help you through separation and divorce: IG: @parableofabrokenheartbook IG: @steph_leis Website:
    32m 7s
  • Bela Gandhi, Dating expert for Good Morning America and the Today show

    20 FEB 2024 · Bela Gandhi is the dating expert for Good Morning America and the Today show. She’s the founder of and host of the Smart Dating Academy podcast. A lifelong matchmaker, with countless happy relationships to her credit, Bela wants to put more love in your life and more life into your love! Connect with Bela for uplifting advice and wisdom about dating and relationships: Website: IG: @smartdatingacademy FB: @smartdatingacademy YT: @smartdatingacademy X: @BelaGandhiLove
    32m 25s

Divorce Doesn’t Suck is a different kind of divorce podcast. Wendy Lowy Sloane is a former TV Producer and the Host and Executive Producer of the What’s Up with Wendy...

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Divorce Doesn’t Suck is a different kind of divorce podcast.

Wendy Lowy Sloane is a former TV Producer and the Host and Executive Producer of the What’s Up with Wendy Celebrity radio show and podcast. Now, she’s bringing her own story and experience to Divorce Doesn’t Suck, and focusing on the happily ever after…after divorce. It’s a podcast that highlights the possibilities and opportunities—the chance to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The popular podcast explores every aspect of divorce, including kids, finances, dating, sex, starting over, and more. Wendy and her guests share their personal stories, their challenges, and their successes. They talk about new perspectives and how they were able to move forward and focus on the future—how to restart with a new blank canvas.

Guests include real people’s stories, experts in divorce and family law, finance, dating, relationships, health, wellness, and much more.

Divorce Doesn’t Suck appeals to a wide audience of listeners at every stage of their divorce journey, from deciding if divorce really is the right decision to post-divorce relationships, dating, and remarrying.
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