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  • Source Consciousness vs. The Lie: Planetary Wisdom Series 1

    19 AUG 2021 · Join Chiraya and the Star Wisdom Elders in this transmission around who we are as Source Conscious beings, how we create, and how that informs us in our current planetary situation. What is the trajectory for Awakening Humanity? How do we become Planetary Stewards? What are the advanced levels of this vs. the baby steps, and how does this Source Reality differ from "The Lie" of control systems that dictate in an attempt to control? Really great stuff. :)
    25m 29s

    6 MAR 2021 · Chiraya shares wisdom and insight from the Lineages of Light around the intricacies of creating our own realities, how they intersect with other co-creators, and achieving our next level of 5D awareness in our ability to know we are creating our own realities. Co-creating with others adds another level of complexity as we retain our own creational sphere in integrity with our inner alignment. And it is a fantastic impetus for growth of understanding around who we are, how we create, and that we do not need to manipulate others to get what we want. Instead, we can learn to lean on the Source Within to create our way into the realities of our choosing.
    13m 37s
  • Release of The Redemption Codes, Part 1

    10 JAN 2021 · Greetings everyone, this is my first pass at translating the information about The Redemption Codes. I will be continually expressing this and refining the expression. Allow the transmission to wash over you and let the words simply be the constructs that help you hold your focus as you receive the codes directly which is how it works. Our understanding will continue to expand, merging many concepts and comprehensions back into a cohesive whole. Much love and Godspeed on your journey! This is an inside job :) everybody goes home.
    24m 3s
  • Into The Quantum!

    13 AUG 2020 · Our abilities to change the direction of our lives including improving health, finances, and relationships is but a quanta away... We are multi-dimensional beings and reality shifters. This knowledge and it's practice is probably the most important thing we can be focusing on at this crazy crazy crazy time on the planet. And beyond! Come on people what are you doing Find out more on this show about our quantum, multi-dimensional, eternal beingness and the skills and tools for healing that go along with this.
    14m 51s
  • New Earth Conversations III: Crafting Our World

    2 JUL 2020 · Join Chiraya and guests for a lively conversation about how we wish to experience our world. Leveraging the power of manifesting, reality creation and higher consciousness wisdom, we go down the rabbit hole of truth and come out the other side with fresh vision. Feel it as real!
    1h 5m 40s
  • New Earth Conversations 2: Dreaming In A New Reality Together

    25 JUN 2020 · Join us for a New Earth Conversation where we blend reality creation and manifesting with positive visions for our world in a conversational style podast experience.
    55m 29s
  • [SOLSTICE SPECIAL] New Earth Reality Creation Rant

    18 JUN 2020 · Join Chiraya Dharma for a dip into visions of New Earth Realities - the waters are fine! Imagine with me a world of harmony, love and peace. ... When we focus our consciousness on these preferred realities together, the fairy dust particles of the universe begin to coalesce around these visions to make them real. Make it so #1!
    1h 27m 51s
  • Creating Everything Anew From The Heart Of Creation In You

    4 JUN 2020 · now is a good time to align with what we truly value. Where have we been stuck? Where have we given up what we really desire for what we think we ought to do, be, or have? Do you have a craving to return to a more natural way of life on a beautiful planet? Examine the seeming obstacles that have kept you from taking steps towards this, if there are any. join me this week in a return to the mother, through the heart in the source alignment. Mother nature, mother earth, will care for us and guide us in our Earth walk if we allow her to. We're going to share a 7-Day simple Earth hard reconnection challenge in this episode.
    11m 58s
  • The Timely Significance Of Your Inner Being

    28 MAY 2020 · connecting with your inner being and your inner power has never been more important. Now is the time to truly comprehend who you are and how you create. This is next level mastery stuff. when there is a lot of contrast it might seem harder to focus your mind and feelings in a different direction but it's exactly what we need to practice and master now.
    23m 11s
  • Your Power Of Discernment

    14 MAY 2020 · Wow are we ever getting a lesson in discernment these days! Let's talk about the spiritual value of discernment and some tips for being a good discerner.
    13m 28s

Divine Love Wisdom Experience with Chiraya Dharma is a transmission of love to help you comprehend more deeply your innate divinity, how powerful you are, how you create, and why...

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Divine Love Wisdom Experience with Chiraya Dharma is a transmission of love to help you comprehend more deeply your innate divinity, how powerful you are, how you create, and why things the way they are on the planet right now.

You will learn to step into your mastery as a conscious creator with life, and finally realize why Law of Attraction seems to work sometimes, and not others.

Learn of long held secrets of reality creation and manifesting that awakening humanity is only beginning to comprehend.
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