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Divided States

  • Biden vs Putin: Is the Ukraine crisis one big bluff?

    28 JAN 2022 · The headlines over the past month have been dominated by one issue: Ukraine. In this episode of Divided States, Sky News US Correspondent Mark Stone talks to the great-granddaughter of one of Vladimir Putin’s predecessors. Now a professor in New York, Nina Khrushcheva says the West continues to misunderstand the Russian psyche. And democratic strategist Mark Mellman defends President Biden against claims he’s botching another foreign policy challenge.
    28m 10s
  • A trial that divided America: How Kyle Rittenhouse walked free

    23 NOV 2021 · 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial for murder - in August 2020 he’d shot and killed two men and wounded a third in racial unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Last week he was acquitted on five counts. It's a trial that has divided America - the right are heralding him as a hero, while the left are condemning a justice system they say is flawed. In this episode, US Correspondent Mark Stone explains how Kyle Rittenhouse walked free, and chats to Robin Givhan, senior critic-at-large at the Washington Post, about what the case says about America.
    22m 26s
  • Abortion in America: Texas' 'heartbeat bill' and beyond

    8 OCT 2021 · This week a Texas judge halted the so-called ‘heartbeat bill’ which bans abortions after 6 weeks, calling it “flagrantly unconstitutional”. But the ruling is temporary, and Texas has already appealed it. It’s already testing the landmark Roe v Wade decision made by the Supreme Court in 1973. After recently going to Texas to report on the abortion restrictions in effect, the Sky News US team sit down to explain what’s happening with the ‘heartbeat bill’, and what’s next for abortion rights across the States.
    28m 7s
  • Abandoning Afghanistan: Biden's darkest hour?

    20 AUG 2021 · It's been the most extraordinary week for Afghanistan, for Joe Biden and for America’s allies. Why was there such chaos in Kabul? How will this Taliban takeover play out - on the ground and in the White House? Can President Biden recover from this? In this episode, Sky News' new US Correspondent Mark Stone speaks to Charity Wallace - former Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush - about the potentially catastrophic impact the US withdrawal will have on Afghanistan's women and girls. He also chats to Charles Lister, counter terrorism and foreign policy expert at the Middle East institute, about the impact Biden's decision making is having in the US and across the world.
    34m 24s
  • Toxic air, dirty water: Erin Brockovich on solving America's climate crisis

    20 APR 2021 · In a corner of southwest Detroit, there's a community that's spent years grappling with the air they're breathing in. The 48217 district has become known as Michigan's "most polluted zip code". There are more than two dozen pollutant-producing facilities owned by multiple companies scattered in and around the area, and residents say it's severely harming their health. The story of the 48217 district bears the hallmarks of many poor communities of colour in the US. Joe Biden has touted an extremely ambitious plan to help tackle climate change and environmental pollution. His challenge, though, will be balancing his big green ideas with big job generation. US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch speaks to renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich about the situation in Detroit, and how the climate crisis at large should be tackled.
    27m 17s
  • Racist America: Will we see change?

    19 MAR 2021 · Racism is persistent and pervasive in America's history and present, but what about its future? US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch reflects on whether the US has reached a true turning point, with promises of institutional reform starting to come into effect, and the upcoming trial of Derek Chauvin throwing George Floyd's tragic killing into the spotlight once more. All this in the context of Oprah's explosive Harry and Meghan interview where allegations of racism within the British royal family caused waves on both sides of the Atlantic.
    29m 24s
  • What now for QAnon?

    5 MAR 2021 · QAnon has gone from fringe conspiracy theory to mainstream news. The latest prophecy of the group was that Donald Trump would be inaugurated again on 4th March 2021. Of course, that didn't come to fruition. So, what now? In the first deep-dive episode of a new Divided States series, US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch interviews former Q followers to understand its devastating impact, and talks to conspiracy expert Mike Rothschild about where it all goes from here.
    30m 28s
  • 46th President with 99+ problems

    22 JAN 2021 · Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, and his VP pick Kamala Harris made history as the first black woman to hold such high office. Does a new administration mean a new era? US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown discuss the many problems facing the new team - not least a pandemic that's still raging. This week they're joined by former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman to gauge what Donald Trump may do next.
    33m 57s
  • Insurrection, impeachment, inauguration

    15 JAN 2021 · In the first fortnight of 2021 we have seen extraordinary events in the United States. After a violent pro-Trump mob stormed the United States Capitol, Donald Trump has become the only US President to be impeached twice. The security threat in Washington DC and other state capitals is at an all-time high as the country prepares to inaugurate President-elect Joe Biden.  US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown reflect on a crazy couple of weeks. 
    27m 58s
  • 2020 reflections: How pandemic politics changed America

    10 DEC 2020 · It might be a year we'd all like to forget, but 2020 will need chapters upon chapters of history books written about it. Trump on trial, pandemic politics and a racial reckoning - all themes of an extraordinary 12 months. US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown reflect upon the moments that stuck out, with the help of Washington Post Senior Correspondent and author of 'Trump on Trial: The Investigation, Impeachment, Acquittal and Aftermath' Kevin Sullivan. Divided States will be back in the new year.
    40m 10s
Divided States is the American politics podcast from Sky News looking at all the issues that divide the most powerful country on the planet.

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