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Did We Go Too Far?

  • (Bonus Episode) Host Talk Ep.6

    26 MAY 2021 · In this bonus episode, our hosts leave everything on the table! As they wrap up the first season of the podcast DWGTF, Tre and Layel have a free flowing conversation and discuss astrology, returning to ancestral practices, their friendship, how they feel about the podcast and COVID. Overall some yummy chisme.
    1h 4m 53s
  • 'I Love That’: An Episode On Queer Ecology + Fashion, Ep 5

    20 APR 2021 · What does queer ecology, fierce fashion and our relationship to the living world have in common? On this episode, we will have you saying ‘I Love That’ when you hear and explore with us the intricate details of how our world got to be so fucked up and complex yet stay so amazingly gay. We’ll hear from our guests how queer and trans communities have been a consistent force in pushing the margins in the fashion world and beyond. We’ll get into how pushing margins in relationship to binaries and boxes also connects to our responsibility to liberation for frontlines communities and the Earth (divesting from exploitative industries, sweatshops, ecological impacts of waste, shifting cultures of body policing & Euro-centric beauty standards) and that above all else expression and identity are essential to our liberation. Guests: Deseree Fontenot, Curly V & Zero Waste Daniel Transcript:
    1h 7m 47s
  • Liberated Communities: You Want In! Ep 4

    6 APR 2021 · What is possible in liberated neighborhoods? How have similar movements throughout time been created and governed? We’ll take a look at the hxstory of liberated zones and re-matriated land in the Bay and what is necessary to sustain these places, how to contest for power in right relationship with Indigenous communities and how this all connects to transformative justice. Hosts Tré Vasquez and Layel Camargo are joined in dialogue by Morning Star Gali and Karissa Lewis. Episode transcript:
    49m 6s
  • Black Land and Liberation, Ep 3

    23 MAR 2021 · How are Ecological Justice, Black Liberation and Land Reparations symbiotic and interdependent? In this episode you’ll hear about the history, the complexities, and the powerful work happening now to liberate land, labor, and livelihoods towards Black liberation with a special hosts takeover from Movement Generation collective members Crosby & Quinton. Listen to hosts and guests, Leah Penniman & Akua Smith as they sit with thought, laughter and possibility. Episode transcript:
    43m 6s
  • Radical Parenting in a Pandemic, Ep 2

    9 MAR 2021 · In this episode we discuss the realities and spectrum of parenting in COVID times, from two badass, brilliant, radical mamas. How has this moment in all of its complexity opened up powerful opportunities for families and parents? COVID has taken off the veil and made what isn’t working more clear - especially its impacts on young people and those who raise and educate them. Our guests share with us their experiences holding the roles of parenting, working, transforming, organizing and just being present (which is in and of itself so much!) We also take a look at MG’s framework on Permanently Organized Communities and its relationship to people raising children and the critical presence of caregiving with guests Michelle Mascarenas-Bell and Jen Rivera-Bell. Full Episode Transcript:
    44m 17s
  • Pilot: All The Things We Don't Have Answers To, Ep 1

    23 FEB 2021 · In this pilot episode we’re gonna talk about all the things we don’t have answers to... or feel we don’t have answers to?!! Like why are we in a pandemic? What are we most confused about? As we hold the complexities and contradictions in this moment, let us find power in asking the questions that emerge as we sit in the realities of uncertainty. Join your hosts Tré Vasquez & Layel Camargo as they discuss all that is unknown with Charlene Carruthers and Gopal Dayaneni. Full Episode Transcript:
    59m 12s

Amidst extraordinarily uncertain times, many of us wonder: what futures are we moving toward? What realities are we creating? Movement Generation’s new podcast Did We Go Too Far? takes on...

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Amidst extraordinarily uncertain times, many of us wonder: what futures are we moving toward? What realities are we creating? Movement Generation’s new podcast Did We Go Too Far? takes on presidents, parenting in a pandemic, and offers perspectives on queer ecology, black land & liberation, and being okay with the unknown. Hosts Tré & Layel speak with a spectrum of guests – including Leah Penniman, Morning Star Gali, Gopal Dayaneni, Charlene Carruthers, Daniel Silverstein, Curly V – with humor and lightness as well as the realness and depth we need to survive and thrive through this deeply transformational time, a.k.a. The Apocalypse.
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