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    Ep. 447 | Hallmark movie or porn | Forget the diet it’s the holidays | Is Aaron Rodgers a fraud

    16 NOV 2023 · Would you send your ashes and DNA to the Moon after you die? Well, that’s a thing, and it’s not as expensive as you’d think. A company called BloomsyBox will pay someone $2,000 to watch 12 Hallmark movies. I think there needs to be more of an incentive.Also, we play around with the Hallmark movie names, and rename them if they were porns. About three quarters of Americans are planning on blowing off their diet for the rest of the year. Is it a Thanksgiving “no-no” to bring instant mashed potatoes to the holiday meal? I give you my list of shows I used to watch as a kid: TMNT ThunderCats Alf X-men Ducktales Ghostbusters GI Joe Inspector Gadget Care Bears Would Lightning McQueen have car insurance or life insurance? And is Aaron Rodgers’ injury recovery timeline filled with lies?
    41m 44s
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    Ep. 446 | Most stressful video game | Five Nights at Freddy's effect | Horse on a plane

    15 NOV 2023 · Chuck E. Cheese removes all of their animatronics. Possibly in response to Five Nights At Freddies. A recent study found that Mario Kart is the most stressful video game out there. A study found that the more people swear, the more honest they are. Patrick Mahomes spoke with Peyton and Eli Manning about his superstition of wearing red underwear. And horse got loose on a cargo plane and forced the plane to turn around. I played the audio from the Air traffic control and the pilot.
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    Ep. 445 | Here come the Broncos | Sex, food, and gospel singing on a plane

    14 NOV 2023 · Chicken Ranch brothel workers, Addison Gray and Alice Little, are giving Formula 1 drivers free romps. Plus, F1 fans will be getting 50%... why is this grossing me out so much? Gospel singer Bobbi Storm disrupted her Delta flight by bragging about her Grammy nominations and trying to force everyone to listen to her sing. The flight crew was not having it. Pizza Hut in Hong Kong teamed up with a restaurant named Ser Wong Fun to make a snake meat pizza.The pizza has shredded snake meat, black mushrooms, and Chinese dried ham… and I’d love to try it! The Denver Broncos beat the Buffalo Bills on Monday night Football. What does that mean for the Broncos moving forward? And why are so many Broncos fans down on the team, despite them winning three in a row? ** Sugarfire Thanksgiving orders - or (720) 639-4903
    39m 19s
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    Ep. 444 | Plane was missing windows | Lion on the loose | Space mistake stirs the pot

    13 NOV 2023 · A plane took off with 2 melted windows!! Once it reached about 15,000 feet, the crew realized the issue, then immediately turned back around. But the reason for the melted and missing windows is a bit odd. A lion was on the loose in a city near Rome, and the circus that it escaped from had no sense of concern for the citizens safety. What not to do if you win a major award via Jelly Roll and his CMA. I've helped win awards, but never received an actual physical award. What a bunch of B.S.! What not to do when doing a spacewalk - don’t lose a $100,000 bag of tools. The all female space crew is inviting sexist jokes - and I’m encouraging ladies to beat them to the punch. Send them in: The influencer who said she tattooed her boyfriend Kevin’s name on her forehead, finally comes clean. And the time I clogged the toilet at my in-laws, and why this is a PSA for the holiday season. Sugarfire in Westminster - Thanksgiving meal info: or (720) 639-4903
    35m 29s
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    ICYMI | Female frogs play dead to avoid sex

    12 NOV 2023 · According to a recent study, female frogs have been known to fake being dead in order to avoid having intercourse with males. I wonder what Kerment thinks about this?
    3m 38s
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    Ep. 443 | Broncos eyeing the playoffs | Putting decorations up early | Don't grab snakes

    9 NOV 2023 · A dad in New South Wales, Australia went for a hike and found what he thought was a harmless snake, a Diamond Python, and brought it home…. but it was actually a poisonous broad-headed snake. As of March of 2025, we won’t be able to see Saturn’s rings. But there’s no reason to panic. A man bought a $1 million lottery ticket one day after his wedding. A recent study says people who put up Christmas decorations early, tend to be happier. DoorDash drivers are less likely to deliver your food in a timely manner if you don’t tip. Can the Denver Broncos beat the Buffalo Bills? If they do, expect to see a different Broncos team going forward. They could be knocking on the door of the playoffs. Contact Sugarfire about their Thanksgiving menu: or (720) 639-4903
    40m 59s
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    Ep. 442 | The sensual episode - crocs, elephants, Patrick Dempsey, tattoos, and beer

    8 NOV 2023 · Fire up the helicopter… It's mating season. Scientists discover the sound of a helicopter gets crocodiles in the mood. Thanks to Channel 10 in Queesnland, Australia for the audio. People Magazine announced their sexiest man for 2023… shockingly it wasn’t me. But instead it was Patrick Dempsey. A Polish beer made from human fluids. Yep, it’s made from vaginal yeast. You drinking it? An influencer misleads followers by pretending to get her boyfriend’s name, Kevin, tattooed on her forehead. And the side gig that Denver zoo has going on with their elephants. Sugarfire Thanksgiving contact info: or (720) 639-4903
    26m 54s
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    Ep. 441 | Jokic is better than LeBron | NFL fined Broncos players for soft reason

    7 NOV 2023 · Thieves who stole a very expensive golden toilet, were sentenced earlier this week. Robbers had to give up on their plan due to them not knowing how to drive manuel transmission. A Las Vegas Strip Club, (Crazy Horse 3) is offering free lap dances to veterans for Veterans Day. Nikola Jokic is now 4th all-time in career triple doubles - passing LeBron James. And he did that in 813 less games!! He's so much better than LeBron! Peyton Manning had his impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger evaluated by Arnold himself. And the NFL is getting softer. The NFL fined Broncos Josey Jewell and Zach Allen $13,659 each for their finger gun celebrations against the Chiefs. Let Sugarfire do all the work for thanksgiving! or (720) 639-4903
    32m 4s
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    Ep. 440 | Big mistake before Nuggets game | The Swiss can't drive | Adam Lambert after Queen

    6 NOV 2023 · What happens to Adam Lambert’s career when Queen decides to stop touring? Tourists from Switzerland caused a nasty accident in Death Valley when they slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting a tarantula. A mystery billionaire is offering a lucky couple $185,000 to spend a year living on a private island in the Caribbean. Prior to the Denver Nuggets / Dallas Mavericks in-season tournament game, they realized that the three-point line was a tad too far back. A Kansas city manager has been suspended — and is expected to be fired — after staffers were sent an email showing him cranking one out on a couch. But oddly enough the employees could be in trouble for this as well. A pod of killer whales brutally sank a Polish yacht off the coast of Morocco in what seems could be an act of retaliation. Have Sugarfire help you or someone you know this Thanksgiving - or (720) 639-4903
    35m 42s
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    Ep. 439 | I have room in all the right places

    2 NOV 2023 · I may be punishing myself while I sleep, if running into door knobs qualifies for that. A man in Utah ordered Chick-fil-A via GrubHub, and when he drank his milkshake, it was actually urine. Britney Spears’ memoir has sold a ton of copies. Basically, people want to read a trainwreck. Magic Johnson and Taylor Swift have more money than you and I combined. Someone asked me a medical question, so naturally I gave a medical answer. My love of delicious bacon. Matthew Perry passed away, but some news outlets seem to crave stories like this. Did the Raiders get better firing McDaniels and benching Garappolo? Dmac is back on the air as he joins Tyler Polumbus and Scott Hastings on Altitude 92.5 here in Denver. The battle between 104.3 The Fan ( and Altitude 92.5, is great for Colorado sports talk listeners.
    41m 16s

Scott DeHuff is unfiltered and hilarious. This Colorado guy talks crazy and funny news from around the world. Plus, some Denver sports icons swing by from time to time. DeHuff...

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Scott DeHuff is unfiltered and hilarious.

This Colorado guy talks crazy and funny news from around the world.

Plus, some Denver sports icons swing by from time to time.

DeHuff is the former comedy man of 104.3 The Fan in Denver. Also, he was the producer of Mark Schlereth's #1 ranked talk show.

He lives by the motto, "Success is built upon failure". Probably because he fails a lot.
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