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Dedicated to the Craft

  • Kyle Carpenter

    11 NOV 2022 · What would we do if we had a second chance to LIVE? How far would you go to protect the ones you care for? What sounds like a movie trailer is a preamble to a true hero’s journey. Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter had his life turned upside down on November 21, 2010, when he valiantly jumped on a live grenade to shield the blast from one of his brothers in arms. He defied the odds of survival (like, all the odds) and embarked on a recovery journey that would put his life on a whole new trajectory. In 2014, he received the nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his selfless actions. His unrelenting optimism and contagious energy have made him an example of what we can accomplish when we put a positive spin on everything that happens to us, good or bad. Life is how you craft it. Stay motivated. Call your mom.
    Played 1h 1m 34s
  • Protector Brewery

    28 SEP 2022 · Sean Haggerty has made it a life mission to protect. He has put everything on the line serving our country and is committed to doing the same for San Diego’s iconic craft beer industry. Protector is San Diego’s first certified organic brewery (no easy feat) and on this episode, Sean explains why taking the extra steps and the extra risk are non-negotiables. We don’t just chat beer either; Sean and Jeff have an insightful conversation about entrepreneurship and mental resiliency. Tune in to find out why Protector is the next tasting room on your hit list.
    Played 1h 25s
  • Eppig Brewing

    2 SEP 2022 · Truly soaked with ambition, Eppig is a cold crashing powerhouse who’s coming in hot. In a very short amount of time since our last chat, they have opened a new tasting room, secured distribution & have added to their amazing team of beer slingers. With a forever fermenting portfolio and a slew of festivals coming down the pipe, Our Favorite lagerbrau joins us on Dedicated To The Craft to give us all the details on everything his team is knocking out. Did we mention he brought gifts? Cold. Tasty. Gifts.
    Played 1h 54s
  • Homebrew Summer

    11 AUG 2022 · “Fostering the relationship between homebrewer and pro brewer.” That’s what Homebrew Summer is all about, according to Brandon Hernandez from San Diego Beer News. It’s an opportunity to bring both together and play off each other’s strengths. Mo Nuspl from Deft Brewing and award-winning homebrewer Jared Rowley join us to chat about the 2nd annual HBS: what it is, why it’s cool, and what it’s done to forge a better relationship in our brewing community. For an industry founded on collaboration, this is next level. Be sure to check out all the participants, and see how you can be a part of next year’s roster.
    Played 54m 48s
  • Lost Cause Meadery

    8 JUN 2022 · From bone dry to decadent sweet, mead can do it all. This week, we sit down with Billy Beltz and Magie Brennan from Lost Cause Meadery to chat about this delicious brew. Their medal winning meads are as craft as it gets. Though a lot of knowledge has been lost over time, the industry is experimenting and figuring it out together. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and tune in to learn about this honey-based goodness.
    Played 59m 46s
  • The Longhairs

    17 MAY 2022 · Guys need hair ties too. This eureka moment led a couple of lusciously locked entrepreneurs to a successful pitch on Shark Tank, breaking a Guinness world record, launching a product line, and helping men all over the world embrace their inner Thor. The Longhairs company was born to fill a void in the marketplace and now founders El Rubio and El Moreno are on a crusade to bring “hair whips and high fives” to every man on the planet. They swung by Home Brew Mart to share their incredible story over a couple of beers and the best thing is: you don’t need long hair to enjoy. Let it ride!
    Played 1h 11m 14s
  • San Diego Legion

    10 MAY 2022 · We are Legion! A declaration that Executive General Manager David Haigh and Team Manager Andre “Bo” Bosier of the San Diego Legion know will become a household mantra. As our hometown, star-studded rugby team continues to grow, so do the fans. On this episode, we touch on David’s history as a player turned manager, Andre’s military experience in team building, and how these experiences have helped forge unity and accountability throughout the organization. Along with Andre's history, we chat about the importance of supporting our military brothers and sisters and the 5/15 Military Appreciation home game, where they'll be honored for their contributions to our country. Rugby is an evolving sport here in San Diego. Who doesn’t want to want to watch a fast paced, high-octane battle that always ends with mutual respect and a few rounds at the pub? We sure do! A very special thank you to our armed forces for continuing to fight for our freedom to do what we believe in.
    Played 51m 18s
  • Megan Olivi

    3 MAY 2022 · Megan Olivi is in the storytelling business, and she is marvelously suited for her job. What does it take to become one of the most notable broadcasters for one of the biggest sports in the world? A dynamic personality helps but Megan believes it all boils down to having a genuine interest in people. Week after week she is able to take millions of viewers into the lives and mindset of world class athletes, peeling back the layers and helping them tell their amazing stories. In this episode, Megan shares some of HER stories and lets us in on what makes her so passionate about her craft. Her energy and positivity make for good listening. Cheers!
    Played 59m 28s
  • El Gran Tocayo

    1 APR 2022 · Juan Marante has a style rooted in coastal city culture. His art is so authentically his own that if you see his work on a shirt, poster, beer can or mural, you can instantly tell it’s a El Gran Tocayo illustration. Inspired by surfboards, sunshine and suds, he has built an amazing career creating colorful and detailed doodles for some of the most recognized brands in the world. Comic strips and a love for hops have inspired a multitude of beautifully colored labels for some of your favorite breweries and we are stoked share his story and his passion.
    Played 1h 18m 6s
  • 3 Punk Ales

    22 MAR 2022 · Familia, Cerveza, Música y Fiesta. These are the core values behind Chula Vista's own 3 Punk Ales. A true testament to the neighborhood philosophy of "doing good in the hood", they have pushed against the odds and used their brewery as a seed from which local charity and foundations have sprouted. A place where people can go to enjoy great beer and company, 3PA is fostering an environment where all walks of life can feel at home. El Shamps, Levi Lewis and glasses join us to talk through their story, their mission and some of the ventures they are embarking on. Listen. Laugh. Salud!
    Played 57m 8s

Dedicated to the Craft is a celebration of loving what you do every day. In this space, we will talk to everyone from breweries to artists and musicians. There's nothing...

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Dedicated to the Craft is a celebration of loving what you do every day. In this space, we will talk to everyone from breweries to artists and musicians. There's nothing we love more than raising a glass with guests who are as passionate about their craft as we are about beer. Join us as we share brewing tips, stories, and lots of laughs – all over a few of our favorite brews.
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