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  • New Noize 8 - Ep390

    21 JAN 2020 · We return this week to discuss all the latest happenings in the rock world with New Noize 8! The past couple weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for many rock fans. We start things off on a somber note with a discussion on the recent passing of drum god Neil Peart. We share our thoughts on Rush, Neil's legacy, and some of our favorite songs from the legendary Canadian trio. David Lee Roth recently made news with a sad note about Eddie Van Halen as well as a controversial opening to his Las Vegas residency. We give our feelings on both of these stories and you might not like what we have to say. You've been warned. Ozzy recently released another song from his upcoming album Ordinary Man. This time he's joined by Elton John for the title track. What did we think of this tune? Listen and find out. Additionally, we cover stories involving Dee Snider, Glen Danzig, KK Downing, and Robin McAuley. It's all the news that's fit to spit with New Noize 8! Please SHARE with your friends and leave your comments below!
    1h 5m 45s
  • Album Anticipation 2020 - Ep389

    13 JAN 2020 · With 2019 now in the rear view mirror, we’re back this week to share our Album Anticipation for 2020. Several great artists are planning new releases in the coming year. This week we’re spinning some of our favorite tracks by these artists while speculating on what these releases may hold. Some of the releases are still in the rumor stage but you’ll still get a health dose of great tunes! Artists featured include AC/DC, Black Swan, Weezer, Ace Frehley, Ozzy Osbourne, Anthrax, Armored Saint and more! We hope you enjoy Album Anticipation 2020 and SHARE with a friend! Be sure to leave YOUR feedback including what albums you are looking forward to in 2020! Listen NOW at
    1h 28m 19s
  • Best of 2019 - Ep388

    6 JAN 2020 · Decibel Geek breaks into the New Year with a look at the past one as we count down our Best of 2019! As we march into a new decade, we're reminded again that rock is far from dead. In this episode, Chris and Aaron count down their top 10 songs of the year from rock and metal. In this music filled episode you'll get tracks from The Darkness, Tora Tora, Pretty Maids, Ron Keel Band, Roxy Blue, Michael Sweet, Starbreaker, Tygers of Pan Tang, Flotsam and Jetsam, D-A-D, and tons more! What topped their lists? What albums, surprisingly, didn't make their lists? You'll have to listen to find out! Best of 2019 We hope you enjoy Best of 2019 and SHARE with a friend! Be sure to leave YOUR Top 10 for 2019 in the comments section! Happy New Year from Chris, Aaron, and the entire Decibel Geek staff! Let's make 2020 Rock!
    2h 39m 49s
  • Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls - Ep387

    27 DEC 2019 · We're giving you a KISSmas miracle with yet another Vinnie Vincent-themed episode. This time we're covering the recent Merry Metal Christmas show. Chris and Aaron had lunch with several attendees before the event and got a few of them on mic to share their KISStories and their expectations of what was to come. You'll hear from Kruisefest promoter Neil Davis, podcaster Mike Brunn and Vincent Larussa, Rosie Luck and her son Aleister and frequent KISSFAQ board poster Rip Rokken. Vinnie Shredd After the lunch interviews Chris chats with another attendee about his experience at the Merry Metal Christmas event from start to finish. Today's guest Rick (aka Shecky, Poserboy71 online) has been a VV fan since the 80's, witnessed the Invasion play live in 1988, and is very well versed on Vinnie's playing and gear over the past 30+ years. He's also a trusted friend of Chris and Aaron. With so much speculation on Vinnie's playing ability due to a shroud of secrecy surrounding these events, we'll get Rick's take on what went down at S.I.R. So, Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls? You'll have to listen to find out! Please SHARE this episode with your friends on social media. Merry KISSmas from Chris and Aaron and everyone at Decibel Geek!
    1h 18m 34s
  • Top 5 80's Aerosmith Songs - Ep385

    7 DEC 2019 · This week we dive into a time of great change as we pick our Top 5 80's Aerosmith Songs! To describe the decade of the 80's when it comes to the bad boys from Boston is tough. Perhaps, it's best to lean on the reverse of an old analogy of 'in like a lamb, out like a lion.' Although hugely successful in the early to mid 70's, Aerosmith entered the 80's with a thud. The decade-closing 'Night in the Ruts' did little to gain chart position and resulted in Joe Perry's exit from the group. By 1982, even Brad Whitford had had enough and exited the band early in the sessions for 'Rock in a Hard Place' leaving replacement guitarist Jimmy Crespo to shoulder the load. Top 5 80's Aerosmith After finally reuniting in 1985, the band issued 'Done with Mirrors' to another tepid response. However, the fuse was lit for the explosion that would take place in 1986 when genres crossed. Upstart rappers Run DMC collaborated with the band for a cover of Walk this Way that took the world by storm. 1987's 'Permanent Vacation' and 1989's 'Pump' would solidify arguably the biggest comeback story in music history.  This week Aaron and Chris each pick their favorite 5 songs from the 80's Aerosmith catalog. Be sure to tell us YOUR Top 5 in the comments section!
    1h 31m 19s
  • Fresh Blood 8 - Ep384

    26 NOV 2019 · We're bringing you an infusion of up and coming rock this week with Fresh Blood 8! It's an hour-plus of pure evidence proving the continued existence of rock music! Aaron brings some great selections to the table including Midnite City, The Laidbacks, Tokyo Taboo, Revival Black, and Black Smoke Trigger. Additionally, Chris shares some great rock from Edge Of Paradise, Silverthorne, Dirty Honey, Bombus, and Like Machines! We hope you enjoy Fresh Blood 8 and SHARE with a friend!
    1h 3m 35s
  • New Noize 7 - Ep383

    21 NOV 2019 · We've got a lot to cover and brought along special guests this week to do it for New Noize 7! Broacaster Bay Ragni and record industry veteran Dave Tedder join us this week to go over a ton of recent rock and metal news! Stories covered this week include Eddie Van Halen cancer rumors, KISS' trio performance for sealife, Bob Kulick exploding on the entire KISS family, and Motley Crue reunion rumors (this was recorded days before the big annoucement so see who got it right and who was dead wrong). Other topics covered include a new song and tour from Ozzy, a Black Crowes cash grab, Bang Tango reuniting, a Sabbath re-release and more! We hope you enjoy New Noize 7 and SHARE with a friend!
    1h 24m 51s
  • 16 in America - Ep382

    15 NOV 2019 · It stands to reason that many of us come into our "most rocking" phase of life around the age of 16. That would include our favorite rock stars. So, with that in mind, we take a spin through the Billboard charts to see what was possibly influencing some of our favorite rockers; or repelling them. We touch on members of KISS, Metallica, and many other American rock bands as well as Alice Cooper, Paul Gilbert, Blackie Lawless, and a ton more! We wrap things up with a look at what was on the charts when Chris & Aaron turned 16. Be sure to leave what was on the charts when YOU were 16 on the Decibel Geek facebook page in the comments section for this post! We hope you enjoy 16 in America and SHARE with a friend!
    1h 8m 38s
  • Conversation with Anthony Esposito - Ep381

    7 NOV 2019 · Bassist Anthony Esposito joins us this week for an enlightening conversation on his work with three guitar gods. Anthony's musical history makes for a great conversation and, while talking to us, he didn't hold back. In this episode, Anthony discusses the formation and beginnings of Lynch Mob. Founded by original Dokken guitarist George Lynch, the band wowed music fans with 1990's Wicked Sensation album. The partnership of Anthony, Lynch, drummer Mick Brown and singer Oni Logan resulted in a gem of an album from a very transitional time in music. Anthony talks about his audition for the band, his current thoughts on George, and the odds of a Wicked Sensation lineup reunion in 2020. Another guitar great that Anthony worked with is Ace Frehley. When Ace was putting together his comeback album 'Anomaly,' he enlisted Anthony to help with song ideas and production. His role grew from there. You won't believe what happened during the recording of this album as well as the reasons for losing his position in the band. It's a 'what could have been' story to the nth degree. Most recently, Anthony was brought on as bassist for Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel. His solid pocket during the tour for the first album helped hold things together and was a welcome addition on last year's 'Patina' album. In this episode Anthony touches on road stories from the RDC tour, recording conditions for the latest album, working with Jake and Max Norman, as well as the odds of Red Dragon Cartel continuing. We want to thank Anthony Esposito for a fun, candid discussion this week. We hope he'll join us again. We hope you enjoy Conversation with Anthony Esposito and SHARE with a friend!
    1h 10m 32s
  • The Greatest Show on Earth - Ep380

    31 OCT 2019 · Andrew Sgambati joins us this week to discuss his creation of The Greatest Show on Earth and we watch it! In last 50 years, there hasn’t been a more visually exciting band than KISS. Blasting on to the scene in the early 1970’s KISS’ mix of rock, pop and cartoon theatrics made them a household name. By 1977, the people has spoken. KISS was the most popular band in America according to a then recent Gallup Poll. Led Zeppelin had one. The Who had theirs in 1979. Alice Cooper, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones all had In Concert films that graced the silver screen...but not KISS. The Greatest Show on Earth takes you back to 1977 and answers the question, what would a 1970’s KISS film look like? In this episode we watch The Greatest Show on Earth and provide our live commentary. You can check out the movie yourself and watch along with us on Vimeo! Once we finish the watch-along, Andrew joins us to talk about the basis for creating the movie, the revisions/additions that were made for the Encore edition as well as his plans for another KISS-based movie. Stream The Greatest Show on Earth on Vimeo at Watch-Along starts at 07:09:00 Director Interview with Andrew Sgambati starts at 01:17:44
    1h 56m 46s

In existence since 2011, Decibel Geek Podcast has been delivering great hard rock and classic metal audio goodness to listeners from across the globe. Hosts Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro...

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In existence since 2011, Decibel Geek Podcast has been delivering great hard rock and classic metal audio goodness to listeners from across the globe. Hosts Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro present a variety of themes covering the rock and metal genres. In-depth conversations, Albums Unleashed episodes, Radio Sucks music-based episodes, Fresh Blood (newer bands), Year in Review episodes, and many more! We hope you enjoy! Home base is and the podcast is found there, iTunes, Spreaker, and many other places that podcasts are sold. Radio Sucks! Podcasts Rule!
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