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Day Drinking With Dog

  • Brooke Finally comes back on!

    19 JUN 2024 · Brooke Bauer rejoins me to talk all things Trump, Celtics, Belichick, Douche of the week and much more!!
    Played 1h 8m 13s
  • INK Joins the show

    13 JUN 2024 · Sal, Steve and Rich join me to talk about their band, music life and whats next!
    Played 1h 21m 5s
  • Russ Davis rejoijns the show with a special guest!

    5 JUN 2024 · We talk Crypto, bitcoin, his meeting with JFJ Jr, Celtics, WNBA and so much more
    Played 1h 25m 9s
  • Katie Hayes rejoins the show!

    23 MAY 2024 · We talk Mental health awareness month, dealing with anxiety, lack of sleep, coping mechanisms and so much more!
    Played 1h 10m 12s
  • Kyle Phillips joins the show!

    15 MAY 2024 · We talk about his experience at the Route 91 festival in 2017 in Las Vegas, how he survived the shooting, and the NY Jets prospects this year!
    Played 1h 16m 39s
  • Allen Grealish joins the show!

    8 MAY 2024 · We talk the IHS golf tourney on May 20th, my cruise experience, His Irish wedding, Dont drink poland spring and much more!
    Played 1h 17m 49s
  • Rich Coppola and Kevin Morrison joins the show!

    1 MAY 2024 · We talk kevins long life in hockey, his accomplishments of life in the minors and his time in the NHL, Rich's career in tv from ESPN to FOX 61 and NEWS8!
    Played 2h 21m 8s
  • Chris and Justin join the show

    16 APR 2024 · We talk about the NFL draft, the WNBA draft, John Wayne Bobbitt and much, much more!
    Played 1h 6m 48s
  • Chris from the Drive Home Podcast!

    12 APR 2024 · We do a dual show, we talk NFL draft, Red sox, Celtics, OJ's death and Ohtani didnt know??
    Played 1h 27m 44s
  • Sophie Sancho joins the show!

    10 APR 2024 · Booking producer of the "Steve Wilkos Show" joins. me to talk all about how she started there, how she finds guests, some crazy stories and her future!
    Played 1h 6m 43s
Sports and current events and drinking with friends and guests to get the truth!

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