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DataKnightmare (English Version)

  • DK_en 2x06 - Thoughts for the summer break

    27 JUL 2023 · As an end-of season treat, a bunch of questions that we'll meet again, as good as new, after the break. Good summer from Dataknightmare!
    21m 36s
  • DK_en 2x05 - The Italian Garante and chatGPT

    3 APR 2023 · TL; DR: there is no "AI", only bullshit generators, and therein lies the rub. what the Italian Garante really decided (no, it did NOT block chatGPT, that was openAI's strong-arming choice), refutation of the most common objections and a few opinions as a bonus.
    37m 38s
  • DK en_2x04 - Bullshit Generators

    6 MAR 2023 · Generative AI may be all the rage right now, but it's just a marketing name. A more appropriate name? Bullshit generators.
    20m 52s
  • DK_en 2x03 - GDPR 2.0? NoThanks.

    29 JAN 2023 · "Dear EU, please change the GDPR because it does not suit our business models. XOXO, the US"
    29m 5s
  • DK_En - 2x02 Algojerks Towards the Thousand-Year Reich

    24 DEC 2022 · Lonmgtermism is a Nazi cult disguised as fashionable scientism for the megarich. Merry Christmas!
    27m 28s
  • DK 2x01 - Are there alternatives to Office365?

    2 DEC 2022 · DataKnightmare is back. And, following on the german DSK investigation report, has his own opinion on the age-old question: are there alternatives to Office365?
    21m 9s
  • DK 1x06en - Lenin in Silicon Valley

    1 JUN 2018 · First it was Project Maven, then Google Duplex, and now the Selfish Ledger. Google has become the Church of the Algojerks, and it is now clear that Silicon Valley is pursuing a fundamentally Leninist project.
    25m 15s
  • DK_en 1x05 - Attack of the Algojerks

    22 NOV 2017 · Do you, like me, have the impression that things are somehow accelerating? As if we were on a car careening downhill with no brakes --and no driver either? Seems to me, the brazenness with which Silicon Valley is churning out its "solutions" (often to nobody's problems) is fast reaching its slobness. Am I overreacting? Facebook wants our nude pics in advance, to better protect us against revenge porn; the industry (industry!) of workplace surveillance is out of control; and Google preemptively censors us if an algorithm decides one of *our* Google Docs may be violating the law. How do you call all this? John Naughton on the Guardian very Britishly wrote of a half-educated digital elite. I call it the attack of the algojerks.
    35m 30s
  • DK_en 1x04 - Twilight Of The Gods

    27 OCT 2017 · The DataKnightmare has issues with the ongoing deification of disruption stars. Will our future really have the intellectually unencumbered face of a Mark Zuckerberg? Are Uber, AirBnB, Google really all that innovation is about? Are these kings of disruption really the gods of our times. No. We are already witnessing their twilight of these gods and of their childish, simplistic worldview. The future is still ours to dream --and build.
    21m 42s
  • DK_en 1x03 - The Mother Of All Datagrabs

    6 OCT 2017 · You thought the DeepMind/Royal Free NHS case was bad? Well, Italy has promised IBM the sum total of its 60 million citizens' health data for Watson health to train on. With no oversight, no guarantees, no financial return, and no defined goals. Welcome to the mother of all datagrabs.
    18m 20s
Investigating the untold biases behind Big Data, policy-by-algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. Because The Algorithmic is Political

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