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  • Enabling AI on Enormous Financial Datasets at FINRA

    31 MAY 2024 · How do you enable AI, data science and analytics on petabyte-scale data, with extremely stringent privacy and security requirements? This episode comes to you from the RevX-New York conference where we had a fireside chat with - Director in charge of ML, AI, and analytics platforms at the US financial services regulator  Join us as we discuss: - The challenges of enabling AI on massive, rapidly growing financial datasets - Talent strategies to support the rapidly changing AI ecosystem - The importance of AI governance and reproducibility - Managing cloud costs To see all of the sessions at the RevX conferences or to find information about attending upcoming ones go to
    27m 17s
  • Developing a Strategy for AI Transformation at Zendesk

    16 MAY 2024 · How do you craft and implement a strategy to transform an organization with AI? Not just to build a growing portfolio of successful AI projects, but to fundamentally re-engineer the organization’s core processes, to radically increase productivity, to overhaul the company’s tech stack, and to prepare it for a future of AI-driven competition. In this episode,, who leads the AI efforts for Operations at joins us to discuss the mandate and toolkit of the AI transformation leader, the importance of strategy for AI impact, the AI transformation efforts at Zendesk, and their successes to date.  Join us as we discuss: - The AI transformation leader: mandate and skillset  - Strategy: the misunderstood and frequently forgotten key to AI impact - GenAI: the transformation leader’s new best tool for rapid impact  - Process transformation: the goal of AI transformation
    37m 42s
  • Surviving and Thriving as an AI Leader in a GenAI World

    2 MAY 2024 · AI leaders. Why do we need them? How do you become one? And above all, how do you keep your job as one? In this episode, we are joined by guest speaker, VP and Principal Analyst at and we unpack the opportunities, pitfalls, and best practices of the AI leader role. He shares the pivotal role of AI leaders in catalyzing organizational transformation, their unique skill set that must encompass data science, business acumen, and software engineering, their importance in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding AI, and the need for platforms to facilitate rigorous auditing and compliance measures to foster trust and transparency. Join us as we discuss: - The strategic imperative for AI leaders to curate a diversified portfolio of AI initiatives  - The multifaceted nature of AI risk management, spanning legal, ethical, and societal dimensions - The formidable challenges inherent in navigating and enforcing AI-centric regulations amidst rapid technological advancement
    43m 41s
  • Unlocking the Disruptive Potential of Generative AI: A VC Perspective

    10 APR 2024 · GenAI is evolving at a breakneck pace, matched only by the startups that are looking to commercialize it. So what better way to understand the latest GenAI trends than to ask a venture capitalist specializing in AI?  In this episode, we speak with, partner at, about the state of GenAI – where it is delivering value today – and the challenges preventing firms from moving from incremental GenAI-driven productivity gains, to truly disruptive GenAI use cases. Along the way, we cover the problem of treating GenAI like software development, the rapidly changing economics of GenAI, and the key to success with all types of AI which is – as always – understanding people.  Join us as we discuss: - The cultural challenges preventing companies from unlocking the disruptive potential of GenAI - Why developers don’t get data-powered applications (and why data scientists need product thinking)  - How GenAI can change our engagement with technology (by killing the GUI)
    28m 48s
  • Overcoming the Data Challenges of AI-driven Drug Discovery

    27 MAR 2024 · A human being consists of billions of cells, each with the same genetic code but interacting in a myriad ways that can eventually translate into disease. Understanding and treating that disease is, in essence, a data problem. But how do you unlock that data and how do you change an organization to systematically use that data to improve decision-making and accelerate drug discovery?  In this episode, we speak with, Director of Scientific Engagement and Data Science Team Lead at, about best practices for overcoming the data challenges for AI-driven drug discovery and combining scientific expertise with data science for augmented intelligence in the life sciences.  Join us as we discuss: - The challenges in discerning correlation from causation and integrating domain expertise - How bridging expertise gaps and merging data silos in pharmaceutical companies radically improves drug-discovery processes  - The promise AI holds for swifter and more effective responses to future pandemics
    36m 49s
  • AI Will Plan Your Next Vacation: GenAI at Tripadvisor

    13 MAR 2024 · Trip planning may well be the perfect AI use case. Too much information, too many combinations, and too little time —for humans, but not for AI Trips. In this episode, VP Head of Data and AI, shares the secrets to building a trusted GenAI solution at internet scale and discusses the similarities and differences between data leadership roles at digitally native companies and more traditional enterprises. Join us as we discuss: - How to use GenAI to unlock first party data - The ideal GenAI development team - The evolving role of data and AI leaders
    30m 11s
  • From the Archive: A Hybrid Approach to Accelerating the Model Lifecycle

    28 FEB 2024 · Wouldn’t it be great if there was a commonly agreed-upon framework for executing all AI projects successfully? Well, there isn’t one. However, there is CRISP-DM, the antediluvian “Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining”, but you need to expand, modernize and adapt this framework for success at your organization. In this episode from the archive, Dave Cole interviews, former Head of AI at Volkswagen of America, about how they integrated CRISP-DM into an Agile process to drive more rapid iteration and, ultimately, more successful AI projects.
    23m 34s
  • Unlocking AI in the Public Sector

    19 FEB 2024 · What’s just as important as the government keeping us safe from AI? Government leveraging AI to keep us safe! In this episode, we interview – former head of strategy at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the person who drove the creation of the DHS AI Task Force. Joel shares how they identified key areas where they could apply AI to improve national safety and security, such as combating fentanyl and child sexual exploitation and abuse, and the steps that the federal government is taking to build AI capabilities across the public sector. Join us as we discuss: - Key areas where US government agencies are looking to leverage AI to improve mission effectiveness - The people, process, and technology steps that government agencies are implementing to scale AI and how they apply to the private sector - The importance and value of Responsible AI in public sector use cases and beyond
    30m 58s
  • Disrupting Drug Discovery and Development With AI

    14 FEB 2024 · There is no such thing as an AI drug, but AI and ML-models are driving the next wave of new treatments. In this episode,, Chief Data Officer at and serial entrepreneur at the intersection of ML and Biopharma, shares his insights on how AI is disrupting the traditional process of drug discovery and development. Join us as we discuss: - Why AI is so powerful for drug discovery - What data science needs to learn from engineering - How drug discovery processes need to be rebuilt with AI models at their core
    38m 12s
  • Mastering the Rare Art of ML Deployment

    31 JAN 2024 · What’s the biggest problem in AI today? It’s that far too few projects make it to deployment. In this episode,, founder of the long-running conference and creator of the first (and perhaps only), tells us about his new book, and the bizML framework for aligning stakeholders and maximizing the chance for deployment and impact. Join us as we discuss: - Causes behind the high rates of AI project failure - Critical project steps for ensuring deployment - Humor as a means to bridge the gap in AI understanding And check out: - - The entire music video. You won’t regret it. - June 4-7, 2024
    35m 35s

Data Science Leaders: The premiere podcast for executives tackling the world’s most important challenges with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Join host, Dr. Kjell Carlsson, for Season...

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Data Science Leaders: The premiere podcast for executives tackling the world’s most important challenges with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Join host, Dr. Kjell Carlsson, for Season 2 as we interview pioneering data science leaders and industry watchers to unearth the secrets to driving transformative business outcomes—and avoiding a myriad of pitfalls—with the latest ML & AI technologies. Our conversations are full of real stories, breakthrough strategies, and unique insights—to help you build your own model for enterprise data science success.
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