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Dark and Stormy Book Club

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  • A Special Announcement

    13 FEB 2024 · We need to step away for about a month our beloved Ann Dark needs to take some time to heal. She can't wait to return to the podcast. Please join her family and freinds in wishing her well. We will be posting further updates on here or our facebook page. Thank you for your continue support and understanding.
    1m 29s
  • Recommendations for your TBR list

    6 FEB 2024 · Recommendations For Your TBR Show Notes On today's episode, we feature six books that we recommend for our listener's TBR. These are books that have been sent to us for review. There is no way we can read every book but we want to make sure they are highlighted in some way. Ann reported on Good Girls Don't Die by Christina Henry (Berkeley 11/23). This is the story of three woman with one way out. Tracey reported on The Repurposed Spy by Oliver Dowson (self 3/22) A modern spy novel filled with humor and intrigue. Misty had Miss Blaine, The Prefect & the Weird Sisters by Olga Wojtas (Felony & Mayhem Press 3/23) A prefect who time travels to help people. Ann's second book is The Murder of Andrew Johnson by Burt Solomon (Forge Books 10/23) An inspector looks to see if the president was killed in his home state of Tennessee Tracey 's second book is Anna-O by Matthew Blake (Harper 1/24) The story of a woman who commits two murders while sleepwalking and then never wakes up again. Misty's second book is The Lies I tell by Julie Clark (Source books 12/22) The story of a con woman who becomes what her mark needs her to be. Tracey is currently reading “the Carrow Haunt” by Darcie Coates and the “Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern Ann is currently reading “The Deepest Kill” by Lisa Black, “The Waxworks Man” by J.C. Briggs, and “The Huntress” by Kate Quinn. Misty is currently working on her new mystery series based on a diner with dead people.
    19m 11s
  • What We Are Reading January 2024

    30 JAN 2024 · 1-24 WWAR New Beginnings Show Notes For our first WWAR for 2024, we discussed three books that feature new beginnings for the protagonist or storyl Misty reported on her book “Poison Ivy” by Misty Simon. This is the first book she had published in 2004. It has been re-released two more times since then and has just been again re-released. She says the book is still a lot of fun to read. Tracey reported on her book “What Waits In the Woods.” by Kieran Scott It features a ballerina who has to begin over when she damages her leg and has to give up her dream of ballet. On the day she arrives back in her hometown in rural Pennsylvania, a body is found behind her father's house. Ann reported on “Conflicting Loyalties: My Life As A Mob Enforcer turned DOJ Informant” by Aiden Gabor. It is a true story of a teenager who is forced to become an informant for the Justice Department in order to stay out of jail. He remained an informant for almost 20 years when he got out. He then has to start his life over a second time when he was diagnosed with ALS. We also reported on the books we are currrently reading. Misty is reading “Writing A Cozy Mystery” by Nancy J. Cohen, and says she reads it often to make sure she is including everything in her books. Tracey is reading “A Good House For Children” by Kate Collins Ann is currently reading “Seed” by Anya Allborne and “Calico” by Lee Goldberg.
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  • Who to Believe - Edwin Hill Interview

    23 JAN 2024 · Edwin Hill Show Notes Today we talk with Edwin Hill about his book Who To Believe. It will release today from Kensington Books. Monreith, Massachusetts, was once a small community of whalers and farmers. These days it’s a well-to-do town filled with commuters drawn to its rugged coastline and country roads. A peaceful, predictable place— until popular restaurateur Laurel Thibodeau is found brutally murdered in her own home. Suspicion naturally falls on Laurel’s husband, Simon, who had gambling debts that only her life insurance policy could fix. But there are other rumors too . . . Among the group of six friends gathered for Alice Stone’s fortieth birthday, theories abound concerning Laurel’s death. Max Barbosa, police chief, has heard plenty of them, as has his longtime friend, Unitarian minister Georgia Fitzhugh. Local psychiatrist Farley Drake is privy to even more, gleaning snippets of gossip and information from his patients while closely guarding his own past. But maybe everyone in Monreith has something to hide. Because before this late-summer evening has come to a close, one of these six will be dead. And as jealousy, revenge, adultery, and greed converge, the question becomes not who among these friends might be capable of such a thing, but—who isn’t?
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  • Dark & Stormy's Top 5 Books of 2023

    16 JAN 2024 · Top Five Rundown Show notes On today's episode we review our top 5 books we read over the past year.\ 5 Ann – The Last Orphan by Greg Hurwitz Tracey – The Devil's Chew Toy by Rob Osler 4 Ann - Last Known Port by Sue Anger Tracey - Bone Rattler by Elliot Pattison 3 Ann – The Hunter by Jennifer Herera Tracey – The Camp by Nancy Bush 2 Ann – Malibu Burning by Lee Goldberg Tracey – Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey 1 Ann – The Bones of Birka by Cynthia Surrisi Tracey – Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby We had a few honorable mentions of books that we did not cover on the program but were so good they deserve a mention Ann's list The Girl in the Eagle's Talons by Karen Schmirnoff The Road To Station X by Sarah Baring Holly by Stephen King Tracey's list The Only One Left by Riley Sager Verity by Coleen Hoover Carrie by Stephen King TRIVIA Last week's question Which mystery author has a span of 29 years between the publishing of one of her mysteries? a. Mary Roberts Reinhart b. Ruth Rendell c. Mildred Davis d. Amanda Cross The answer is c. Mildred Davis. She wrote 18 mystery novels between the years 1948 and 1977. She didn't publish another until 2006 when she began the Murder in Maine mystery series with her daughter Katherine Roome. This week's question is: Author Robert Barnard wrote over 40 mysteries. He wrote 4 mysteries under the name Bernard Bastable. Who was his famous protagonist? a. Wolfgang Mozart b. Thomas Wolfe c. Agatha Christie d. Robert Barnard
    20m 27s
  • David Simmons Interview - Ghosts of East Baltimore

    9 JAN 2024 · David Simmons Ghosts of E#ast Baltimore Show Notes On the first official episode of 2024, we talked with David Simmons about his book “Ghosts of East Baltimore.: David was delightful. Worm, fresh out of jail, tries to make a little money to get back on his feet, and make it back to the halfway house before his 9 pm curfew. But what should be a simple drop-off, spirals into a nightmare. Worm is faced with a number of obstacles like Greek gangsters, gimps, mecha suits, wild drugs, and more. This feels like the perfect cross-genre book written for me especially with the clone conspiracy theory sprinkled in. Ghosts of East Baltimore is a wild ride and the perfect mix of elegant yet literary cosmic hood horror with textured prose that not many could pull off. Rich with history, and a deep-seated love for Baltimore, this is a fantastic crime fiction debut. TRIVIA Author Gary Phillips has edited several anthologies over the years. One that won particular accolades was one that paid homage to a past president. Which one? a. Nixon b. Bush c. Washington d. Obama Phillips has edited a number of anthologies including Orange County Noir and The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir, with the latter receiving the 2018 Anthony Award for Best Anthology. The Obama Inheritance was inspired by the many conspiracy theories generated about President Barack Obama. Each story in the anthology focused on one conspiracy theory as a means to "Riff on it, take it apart and turn it on its head, and give the reader a thrill ride of weirdo, noirish, pulpy goodness Which mystery author has a span of 29 years between the publishing of one of her mysteries? a. Mary Roberts Reinhart b. Ruth Rendell c. Mildred Davis d. Amanda Cross
    31m 18s
  • St Nicholas -Short Story by Bruce Robert Coffin

    2 JAN 2024 · In the last of our Holiday Break short stories We read a story that Bruce Robert Coffin sent to us. It is a perfect story to end this season of giving and caring. Please enjoy!! Tune in next week for our regularly scheduled episodes.
    13m 44s
  • The Noir Before Christmas by Ang Pompano

    26 DEC 2023 · The Noir before Christmas written and read by Ang Pompano
    28m 48s
  • Disappear by Sue Anger

    19 DEC 2023 · The second in our Holiday Vacation series, Disappear is written and performed by the author, Sue Angejr. It tells the story of a sister's love and loss over the holidays.
    33m 28s

Looking for a weekly podcast that's as fun as it is informative? Look no further than the Dark & Stormy Book Club Podcast! Our hosts, Ann Dark, Tracey Stormy, Kathy...

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Looking for a weekly podcast that's as fun as it is informative? Look no further than the Dark & Stormy Book Club Podcast! Our hosts, Ann Dark, Tracey Stormy, Kathy Night, and Misty Night, are passionate about books and love nothing more than sharing their thoughts on the latest literary releases. Tune in each week to hear our in-depth book reviews, fascinating author interviews, and predictions on what books are going to be the next big thing. With the Dark & Stormy Book Club Podcast, you'll never find yourself at a loss for what to read next! Life would be boring without a little mystery!!
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