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    S6E01-Talkin Dat Shiznit Once Again

    26 APR 2024 · Your friendly neighborhood foul mouthed podcasters have finally reunited to bring you this clusterfuk of an episode. There was technical difficulties we had to overcome. There was editing which normally we don't do but we had no choice this time. Either way I hope you enjoy it was a lot of fun getting together just to shoot the shit!
    26m 42s
  • Cursory Overload Promo 2024

    21 APR 2024 · This is not an episode just a small promo message if you will letting you know that sometime next week a brand new episode of cursory overload will drop.
  • Explicit

    Update for 2023

    5 JUN 2023 · It's been awhile since we left you without a podcast to listen to. I apologize for the inconvenience we are busy getting our heads out of our asses so that we can continue to bring you quality b******* because you deserve high quality b*******!
    1m 56s
  • Explicit

    Cursory Overload?

    14 MAY 2023 · This is a 3-minute segment reminding you we exist, I think. We haven't recorded any episodes and to be honest not sure if we're going to continue, however I figured I put this out there and see where this goes. I want to thank you for listening for The Last 5 Years it's been an awesome Journey. I am hoping we continue, but if not let's just say it's been an awesome experience!
    3m 49s
  • Explicit

    S515- 5 years, 5 Episodes, & 5 Minutes Glimpses

    23 DEC 2022 · In this episode Friday, Pato's AI assistant takes over Cursory Overload, to give you 5 minute glimpses of the last five seasons/years. This is some high quality nonsense you're being served here. S105-We're Back with Feel Good Flix.... S205- Mary Poppins VS Dr Strange & Dipping... S305-Playing Devil's Advocate...... S505-Cruises, Birthdays, & Ungodly Orgies S506-Old Stories & Landmines
    27m 15s
  • Explicit

    S514-Black Adam, DareDevil & Weed Whackers

    22 OCT 2022 · In this Episode your boys talk shit like it is customary in every episode, and discuss She-Hulk, Black Adam, and more.
    35m 4s
  • Explicit

    S513-Gym,Yoga & She-Hulk Shenanigans

    20 SEP 2022 · In this episode your Friendly Neighborhood Foul Mouthed Podcasters talk She-Hulk and all kinds of warped nonsence.
    48m 51s
  • Explicit

    S512-Thor, The Devil & Stuff

    30 JUL 2022 · In this episode we come back after a short pause, talking movies,TV shows, and just life stuff. Get your drink on and join us!
  • Explicit

    S511-Spoiling Obi Wan Kenobi & Stuff

    3 JUL 2022 · In this episode we talked smack, and spoiled Obi-Wan Kenobi. www,
    1h 4m 6s
  • Explicit

    S510-Obi-Wan, Cocksabers, & Junk

    19 JUN 2022 · In this episode your Friendly Neighborhood Foul Mouthed Podcasters talk a bit about the Obi Wan Kenobi series, and other Junk.
    55m 19s
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