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Culture Architects

  • Episode 21 | Part Two: Jim Derry

    13 MAY 2024 · David and Jim continue their conversation on the culture-building journey at Field Fastener. Jim shares his favorite Fieldamentals, visions for the future of the company culture under different leadership, and the easiest and hardest parts about culture-building in a family business.
    28m 44s
  • Episode 21 | Part One: Jim Derry

    6 MAY 2024 · In this episode, David is joined by Jim Derry, the CEO of Field Fastener. Since their acquisition in 1990, Jim and his brother Bill have grown the company into one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America, providing solutions for various C-class items and serving over 35 countries to date. The key to their success is their culture — and in this episode, Jim explains why culture is the “single most important investment” they’ve ever made.
    26m 34s
  • Episode 20 | Part Two: Kevin Schnieders

    15 APR 2024 · In this second part, Kevin Schnieders fills in the details of his culture-building experiences at EDSI, and unpacks the title of ‘Chief Servant Leader.’ He and David discuss what it means to be recognized as a “cool place to work.”
    26m 36s
  • Episode 20 | Part One: Kevin Schnieders

    8 APR 2024 · In this episode, David welcomes Kevin Schnieders of Educational Data Services, Inc. Kevin started as a training consultant in 1994, working his way up to eventually become CEO in 2007 — or Chief Servant Leader, as he calls it. Under his care, today EDSI is not only a growing organization and provider of customized training and workforce development solutions, but also a top workplace. In part one, Kevin shares his journey into the leadership position, and his experiences in introducing intentional systems of culture in the company.
    29m 52s
  • Episode 19 | Part Two: Saul Blinkoff

    18 MAR 2024 · David continues his conversation with Saul Blinkoff. In this second part, Saul shares more leadership and culture-building experiences across different studios and projects, as well as his biggest learning about culture from his decades-long career in animation.
    33m 5s
  • Episode 19 | Part One: Saul Blinkoff

    11 MAR 2024 · Here at Culture Architects, we also take time to explore culture from the perspective of other disciplines. For over 20 years, Saul Blinkoff — animator, director, producer, and life coach — has worked with some of the biggest names in media and entertainment. In this episode, he and David sit down to talk about what culture-building is like with creatives.
    27m 53s
  • Episode 18 | Part Two: Adam House

    19 FEB 2024 · David continues his conversation with Adam House Sr. In this second part, Adam shares his take on the importance of culture in a growing organization, as well as his culture-building plans for future entrepreneurial ventures.
    22m 12s
  • Episode 18 | Part One: Adam House

    12 FEB 2024 · In this episode, David welcomes serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and professional growth expert Adam House Sr. With over 20 years of experience in launching and scaling companies, Adam's journey towards becoming a serial entrepreneur has taken him across multiple industries — including professional basketball at one point. With each industry and each company comes some new insight into culture-building.
    22m 30s
  • Episode 17 | Part Two: Peter Docker

    18 DEC 2023 · In the second half of their conversation, David and Peter Docker examine Jumpseat Leadership within the context of culture and culture-building. Peter weighs in on how to build an organizational culture that encourages leading from the jumpseat.
    24m 34s
  • Episode 17 | Part One: Peter Docker

    11 DEC 2023 · Today’s episode features Peter Docker, former Royal Air Force pilot, leadership consultant, and executive coach. In this first half of the conversation, he and David break down the meaning of “Leading from the Jumpseat” — both within and outside the organization setting — and Peter shares the experiences from his 25-year career in aviation that came to shape this outlook.
    21m 43s

Most leaders know that a strong culture is a foundation for building a great organization, but great cultures don't just happen on their own. Rather, they're designed and built systematically,...

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Most leaders know that a strong culture is a foundation for building a great organization, but great cultures don't just happen on their own. Rather, they're designed and built systematically, brick by brick.  Each week, join David J. Friedman, the best-selling author of Culture by Design, as he speaks with extraordinary leaders, from all walks of life, and they share their biggest successes, failures, and lessons learned on their culture journeys.  If you're searching for the best insights on building a high-performing culture, then Culture Architects, a production of ForbesBooks, is for you.
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