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Cry Aloud, Spare Not!

  • Beware of Barnacles!

    16 FEB 2023 · Be mindful of who attaches to you! Some are prospering just because they've linked to you, though they cannot stand on their own. That is NOT discipleship! Too often, when we aren't discerning, we mistake parasites for disciples and carry those parasites until our own calling is threatened.
    8m 56s
  • God Forbid! Letting Go of Sin and Spiritual Dysfunction

    22 MAY 2016 · No more excuses! True born-again believers must learn to deal with temptation and resist sin. In this episode, Dr. Allen discusses Romans 6 and the directive given to God's children. We are empowered to live above reproach, free from sin!
    25m 48s
  • Repentance, Redemption and Reward

    3 APR 2016 · Repentance, redemption and reward. Tune in as Dr. Allen discusses the necessity of repentance and the blessing of a new start as promised by our heavenly Father. Repentance is REQUIRED. While many view it as a negative thing, God's call for His people to be restored is actually the ultimate act of grace, and one that should be embraced with urgency.
    27m 46s
  • Crying Aloud... Don't Die in Training!

    12 JUL 2015 · Training is good, but too many people stay there.  At some point, we must walk in maturity and do the work of the ministry.  Don't die in training!
    29m 35s
  • CRYING ALOUD... Nothing but Love

    28 JUN 2015 · Romans 13:8 declares, "Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law." True disciples of Christ owe love to every man and will be committed to sharing that love.  In our world of prosperity preaching, greed and lust, many Christians find themselves full of bitterness and drowning in debt.  Unforgiveness and disappointment plague our society.  Everyone seems to be seeking for themselves, rather than looking after the best interest of others.  Tune in as Joy Allen provides prophetic insight on achieving balance, by the Holy Spirit.  Love and debt cannot cohabitate.
    25m 22s
  • CRYING ALOUD... The Ministry of Reconciliation

    22 FEB 2015 · Crying Aloud... The Ministry of Reconciliation Have we lost sight of the Great Commission?  In the modern church, many have neglected the core ministry of all believers.  In this segment, Joy discusses the biblical expectations of God's people... the minimum requirement for ministry.
    29m 46s
  • CRYING ALOUD... Respect of Persons

    15 FEB 2015 · CRYING ALOUD... Prejudice and Respect of Persons Prejudice, respect of persons and discrimination are all sins in the eyes of God.  Yet, Christians tend to be some of the most judgmental people on earth!  In this discussion, Dr. Joy Allen examines the danger of unrighteous judgment, which is often expressed as discrimination and prejudice.  We are called into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To complete our Kingdom mandate, it is imperative that God's people learn to seek souls rather than people who are ideal in their own sight.
    28m 59s
  • THE PROPHETIC WORD | The Attitude of Christ

    18 JAN 2015 · THE ATTITUDE OF CHRIST.  As Christians, what types of attitudes should we have toward one another?  Unfortunately, the world has been given a view of Christians that includes pride, harsh speech, entitlement and rudeness.  However, this is not the picture we should portray.  Joy Allen examines guidelines presented in Philippians 2 regarding a Christ-like attitude.
    30m 5s
  • THE PROPHETIC WORD | The Father has Need of You

    11 JAN 2015 · THE FATHER HAS NEED OF YOU!  Many feel that if they are not called to some form of "pulpit" ministry, their calling is insignificant.  In this season, God is looking for people that will GO, TEACH and BAPTIZE, impacting the world... the culture for His glory.  In this broadcast, the topic of outreach ministry is explored.  God has called us to work both inside and outside the local church, with the majority of that work needed outside the church walls.  You DO have purpose!!!
    29m 54s
  • THE PROPHETIC WORD | What Gets Your Wheels Turning?

    4 JAN 2015 · WHAT GETS YOUR WHEELS TURNING?  What motivates you for ministry?  Where do your "great ideas" really come from?  In this episode, Prophet Joy discussing the motives behind ministry and how God's people must operate within pure motives in order to see the fruit of our labor.  Allow God to speak to you, through Ezekiel's vision, about your divine direction and obeying God with the proper motives.
    30m 56s

"Shout out loud! Don’t hold back! Raise your voice like a shofar! Proclaim to my people what rebels they are, to the house of Ya‘akov their sins." (Isaiah 58:1, CJB)....

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"Shout out loud! Don’t hold back! Raise your voice like a shofar! Proclaim to my people what rebels they are, to the house of Ya‘akov their sins." (Isaiah 58:1, CJB).

CRY ALOUD, SPARE NOT, hosted by Dr. Joy Allen, will challenge your religious and traditional thought. We preach a gospel of uncompromising holiness and adherence to the written (logos) and prophetic (rhema) word of God.

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Author Dr. Joy Allen
Categories Religion
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