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CrimeLapse True Crime

  • Introducing: Devil In The Dorm

    30 JAN 2023 · In late 2010, a middle-aged man moved into his daughter's college dorm and created what has all the hallmarks of a cult. Over the decade that followed, he extorted millions of dollars from vulnerable young adults through violence, psychological torture, and forced sex work. Actress and Director Elisabeth Rohm narrates Law&Crime's 6-part investigative series, which draws from thousands of pages of transcripts, exhibits, audio files, and video recordings from a federal trial and explores the actions and motives of Larry Ray. This is Law&Crime’s Devil in the Dorm. You can listen to Law&Crime’s Devil in the Dorm now exclusively on Find Wondery Plus in the Wondery app or on Apple Podcasts.
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  • We Saw The Devil presents: Where Is Irene?

    19 SEP 2022 · Guest episode by We Saw The Devil. Irene Gakwa came from a beautiful and close-knitted family. After moving to the Boise, Idaho suburb of Meridian to be closer to her brothers, and beginning nursing school, it seemed like she was living her life dream. After abruptly moving to Gillette, Wyoming, she seemed to change. After a WhatsApp call with her parents on 2/24, Irene has never been seen or heard from again. What happened? Where is she? And why is her secret boyfriend, Nate Hightman, who was just charged with financial crimes against her AFTER she went missing, not arrested for her murder? Especially considering he made some sinister purchases at Walmart the day of her disappearance... Please listen, share, and raise this case's visibility as you can. We Saw The Devil will post updates to this case as it happens. Where is Irene (Official site made by her family): ------- CrimeLapse will be back soon, thank you for your patience.
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  • Eleven: Jacob Wetterling

    15 JUL 2022 · *Content Warning* It is extremely rare for a child to be abducted by a stranger, and, thanks to the systems in place for child safety like the Amber Alert and laws regarding sexual predators, in most instances the case is resolved within hours. But, in October, 1989, a child was taken from a small community, and it would take 27 years for answers to be found. Special thanks to Evidence of a Crime for research and writing assistance. All sources can be found on our website.
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  • Writing on the wall: The murder of Lauren Griffiths

    30 JUN 2022 · At 6PM on April 30th 2019, a man called 999 and told the operator that he had killed his fiancé by mistake.... They found the victim naked on the floor, the lower half of her body was wrapped in clear plastic and it was apparent she was beyond saving. Next to her were rolls of clingfilm, and a suitcase. There was writing all over the bedroom wall. It said; “I know that I have killed her, this will be my plan, I will keep her away from the outside, keep her in plastic, in 14 hours I’ll be joining you, I loved you to the moon and back x 3.” And “It’s all my fault, this was wrong.” Special thanks to our sponsor for this weeks episode the online marketplace for podcasters and sponsors. This weeks promo is by Whats Up Doc, find the it wherever you listen to podcasts and on social media. All of our sources for this episode can be found at
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  • Brave Souls: Kenyatta Barron & Ron'Niveya ONeal

    6 JUN 2022 · Just before midnight on March 18th, 2018, deputies from the Hillsborough County sheriff's officer responded to a series of 911 calls from Pike Lake Drive, in Riverview, Florida. Moments after a woman had called pleading for help as she had been shot, another call had come from the house, the male caller told the dispatcher; “Hey, I just been attacked by some white demon…inside… Was inside. Keke, Keke, her name is Keke and she tried to kill me and I just killed her stupid ass.” This is... Brave Souls. We are back after an extended break, thank you for your patience! All sources can be found on
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  • Indefensible: The Murder of Sophie Elliot

    13 DEC 2021 · On January 9th 2008, a woman in New Zealand called 111, the emergency services line. While on the call she can be heard desperately trying to open her daughters locked bedroom door. She can hear a rhythmic thumping sound from the room and she is panicking. She manages to open it and screams “He’s killed her!” before the door can be heard slamming shut. The case highlighted the outdated legal defence of provocation, and brought much needed change to the country. Thank you to our sponsors Elfster, the number one secret Santa service! Download the app or visit All of our sources are available on, special thank you to Fern and Emily G Thompson for their help on this episode.
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  • Complicity: The Murder Of Tori Stafford Part 2

    29 NOV 2021 · This episode is intended for a mature audience, and includes graphic descriptions of child abuse and murder. Part 2 of a 2 part case. Please listen to Complicity Part 1 before this episode. All sources can be found on Thank you to our sponsor for this episode Elfster, the best secret santa service there is. Download the app on the apple app store or Google Play.
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  • Complicity: The murder of Tori Stafford part 1

    22 NOV 2021 · On April 8th 2009, the Oxford community police received a report of a missing eight year old girl. Victoria Stafford was last seen leaving Oliver Stephens Public School in Woodstock, Canada. It would take over 100 days for the search to end, and years for some type of justice to be obtained. This is part one of a two part case. Thank you to our sponsor for this episode Elfster. The number one secret santa service that makes gift giving easier. Check out or download the elfster app. Don't forget CrimeCon is coming back to the UK in June 2022, you can get tickets on, if you use our code WINDOW you'll get a discount and we will send you a merch pack.
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  • The Devil: The murder of Natalie Hemming

    8 NOV 2021 · This episode contains information which may be triggering for some listeners, relating to domestic abuse and coersive control, listener discretion is advised. This episode was written and researched in part by Fern from Evidence of a Crime. All sources will be on our website, as will helpline numbers if you need them. If you are in immediate danger please call emergency services. On May 3rd 2016, Margaret Hammond reported her daughter Natalie Hemming as a missing person in a 999 call. She was asked if there was anything that made her concerned and she simply said “him”. This episode is sponsored by the number one secret santa app. Download the app and make gift exchanges easier. Crime Con UK is back in London on June 11/12th 2022. Go to to get your tickets and use the code WINDOW for 10% off.
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  • At Last: Timothy Coggins

    5 JUL 2021 · This episode deals with topics, such as hate crimes and racism, that may be triggering for listeners. Listener discretion is advised. On October 9th 1983, the body of a young man was found in a field off of Minter road, near the small community of Sunnyside, Georgia. Although the man’s killer would confess to different people at least 17 times over the years, the case was not solved until it was reexamined 33 years later. All sources are available on our website Try our sponsor Betterhelp at betterhelp.cpm/crimelapse
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CrimeLapse is hosted by Eileen and Adam. A true crime podcast that is uses primary audio, contemporary research and emotive narration to give you an immersive insight into the darkest...

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CrimeLapse is hosted by Eileen and Adam. A true crime podcast that is uses primary audio, contemporary research and emotive narration to give you an immersive insight into the darkest tales.
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