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  • Fluidity: The Art of Letting On-Demand Video Costs Flow Upward

    12 AUG 2021 · It is said that Louis XIV was obsessed with dress codes. He demanded that his court was always appropriately dressed for any occasion. It is also said that this obsession made the noblemen and women play a continuous catch-up game with the latest fashion to assert their position in the court. Those among the chicest, were close to the King. Perhaps King Louis also understood something about politics. While he kept the court busy with concern for dress codes, he felt less worried about conspiracies against him.
    8m 33s
  • Opt-ins: a New low for the Advertising Industry

    5 AUG 2021 · When you thought that the advertising profession could not get any lower, then came the opt-in media buys.
    9m 4s
  • Transparency Vaccine Now Available

    3 MAY 2021 · Unless you have been hiding under a marketing rock for the last years, you know there is a disease spreading in the marketing community. The symptoms are CFO discomfort, feverish battles about auditing rights clauses in contracts, increasing pressure to ‘opt-in’ on inventory deals, and an overall feeling of distrust. You can’t take this disease lightly. It is called lack of transparency. And it has the power to kill your client-agency relationship.
    11m 8s
Welcome to CORTEX CONSIDERATIONS—provocative thoughts about complex media issues made simple for your consideration.
Author Deborah Malone
Categories Marketing
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