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  • Dinner with Jay Z or 500k?

    16 FEB 2024 · The great debate about would you take 500k or dinner with Jay Z rages on. This video is a response to that debate. A simple response for a complex question. Blogsite Website: http://
    5m 8s
  • Analysis of Killers of The Flower Moon_ Wit Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro

    9 FEB 2024 · This podcast talks about Killers of The Flower Mooon. This movie is a must see for those who are into history and culture. The Osage Indians story has been buried for sometime and is now being told by Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCapro and Lilly Gladstone brought a wide range of emotions to tthe screen in this film. This podcast gives some insight into what the movie means to the you.
    3m 14s
  • Explicit

    Process Foods

    7 FEB 2024 · For years we have been eating processed foods, but some how we have managed to survive. The real questio, what should one do to be able to stay healthy while eating processed foods? Everyone has any answer to the health crisis but only a handful of people actually tell you how to survive being sick from an unhealthy diet. This podcast talks briefly, on what one needs to do, to try to stay healthy in an unhealthy food industry. listen and subscribe you can also check us out at
    3m 53s
  • Explicit

    J Lo Ben Affleck - The Superman Concept

    19 JUL 2022 · Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck a few days ago. She is madly in love with Ben Affleck. They were seriously dating some years ago but things went south. As a result J Lo and Ben have been married six times between the two of them. J Lo, who is a badass chick, got her heart broken by her Superman Ben Affleck. Did J Lo stay in pocket until she got her chance c to reclaim her love for Ben? Who knows. In this podcast, Cool Water discusses the Superman concept and how most women if not all look at a white dude like Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and any other, as powerful white alpha males . They are the supreme being, the epitome of all male species. Why didn't Jennifer have this same glow for Diddy, Drake, Alex Rodriguez, or any other man from another culture that she has dated. What is about Superman that got this women and others ready to pull their panties off? Cool Water discusses this and more in this podcast- The Superman Concept. Listen Share Comment and Subscribe Check us out at Blogsite: Homesite:
    15m 52s
  • Brittany Griner A Casualty of War

    19 JUL 2022 · Many of you know Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia for some six to seven months. She recently plead guilty to having and illegal substance, called Hashish oil. This oil is illegal in Russia. Brittney, who is part of the WNBA basketball league goes over to Russia, to play ball, and get paid large sums of money for playing. Brittney just so happened to get in a jam when Ukraine started fighting Russia. This wouldn't be a problem, if the United States wasn't backing Ukraine in its war against Russia. She is no more than a Casualty of War. In this podcast, Cool Water discusses how Brittney has no real value to the United States. And how she, like any other person detained in a foreign country may not make it home any time soon. When your home country is supporting the enemy's rival country you gotta problem jack. Listen Share Comment and Subscribe Check out our blog: Homebase Site:
    9m 36s
  • Explicit

    Inappropriate Behavior of Black Business Owners and Black Consumers

    7 JUN 2022 · This podcast talks about the nature of the Black Consumer in support of the Black Producer. Many products are made by Black Producers, but many a times they lack the close family, friends, and local support to become a successful business. In this podcast, Cool Water talks about his own struggles with a new product that many find to be controversial. As a a result, of getting people to buy into the new product, he is finding that some of his closest relationships are not as supportive as he thought they would be. So, here in lies the struggles of being a black business owner trying to bring a product to market. He discusses his thoughts on the matter and what one needs to do to change the paradigm. Check Us Out.... Checkout the blog: Home Site:
    35m 8s
  • Explicit

    Snoop Dogg Analysis of Acquiring Death Row Records

    17 FEB 2022 · In this podcast, we take a deep look into the so called acquisition of Snoop Dogg acquiring Death Row records. Does Snoop have full control over the label or not? Many have speculated his ownership of the label. Cool Water takes a deep look into what Snoop really owns and what he doesn't own with acquiring Death Row records. He gives a candid look at how the business acquisition may have been handled. This is a serious topic, that discusses, how we look at label ownership on the future. Blog Site: Home Site: share and subscribe
    34m 58s
  • Explicit

    Bosie Badazz :The Death of The Alpha Male

    11 OCT 2021 · Boosie Badazz visited the Breakfast Club. He spoke candidly about his statements about the LGBTQ community and why he speaks the way he does. As the interview progressed, Boosie stood on his square, and told the Breakfast club community his thoughts on many topics which shocked the Club. In this podcast, we discuss The Death of the Alpha Male energy, and the men of old and how Boosie came from that ideology of strong men, and why strong men are being attacked in today's society. Blog site : Home Site:
    19m 26s
  • Explicit

    R Kelly The Death of A Black Rockstar

    8 OCT 2021 · R Kelly has been found guilty. Many speculations arose from the trial like is he really guilty or not. R Kelly's whole music career has been destroyed. We discuss the death of R Kelly and his music career on Bar Room Chats. home site:
    24m 43s
  • Explicit

    Rise of The Asian Death of The African

    16 JUL 2021 · The Asian community is growing in power and strength. Asians movies, tv shows, and social platforms like Tiktok, have been gaining steam over the years. The Rise of the Asians and The Death of The African is a real thing. Africans are being diminished all across the globe. No one is standing up to protect African people. Africans people have to take a broader look into why they are being set for genocide. In this podcast, Cool Water talks about why Asians are are rising in power and taking over America. And why they are becoming the new economic power in America and the world. Also, we discuss why Africans are being set for extermination and the reasons for it. Listen Share Comment and Subscribe Blog: Homesite:
    23m 21s
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