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  • How Do You Develop Your Voice as a Writer? [38]

    8 SEP 2019 · Barry and Andy key in on the ways to develop your writing voice. Lotsa' examples. Lotsa' great writers too.
    39m 36s
  • When is Medium Quality Content Just Right? [37]

    2 JUN 2019 · Fun one... In this edition, we challenge the idea that every piece of content has to be off-the-charts outstanding. Maybe it's okay for "okay" to do the trick sometimes?
    23m 1s
  • Business Blogging Trends - 4th Annual Survey [36]

    10 OCT 2018 · Andy and Barry review the results from Orbit Media's Fourth Annual survey of business bloggers and discuss blogging trends.
    32m 53s
  • The Most Common and Costly SEO Mistakes [35]

    15 SEP 2018 · Andy and Barry do a crash course on the common SEO mistakes that are probably robbing you of opportunities to earn high search rankings for your content and web pages.
    38m 43s
  • How to Create and Use Welcome Emails [34]

    12 AUG 2018 · In this episode, Barry and Andy discuss the benefits of creating welcome email and ways to put them to use for your brand.
    28m 49s
  • Are You Leveraging LinkedIn? [33]

    18 MAR 2018 · Barry and Andy pour forth every tip they can come up with for leveraging LinkedIn in a span of less than 30 minutes. inkedIn (and general social media) etiquette. Who do you connect with on LinkedIn?
  • Storytelling — How Much Does it Really Matter? [32]

    18 FEB 2018 · Is it vital to approach blogging as storytelling? Andy and Barry look at both sides of this interesting argument in this edition of Content Matters.
    29m 51s
  • Non-Obvious Ways to Promote Your Content [31]

    20 JAN 2018 · Andy and Barry reveal a long list of ways to promote your content, ideas you don't read in most blogs.
    36m 10s
  • The Road to Recognition with Personal Branding [30]

    24 OCT 2017 · In this episode, Andy and Barry discuss Barry's new book, The Road to Recognition, and share tips from it for developing your personal brand.
    26m 32s
  • Simple Ways to Get Started with Content Marketing Metrics [29]

    2 OCT 2017 · Some companies avoid measuring their content marketing efforts for fear of its complexity. In this episode, Andy and Barry present simple ways to get started with content marketing metrics.
    30m 3s
A talk show about all things content marketing featuring Andy Crestodina and Barry Feldman. Each short episode explores a significant tactic that makes content marketing effective.

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