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Coffee With Conrad

  • From Witchcraft to Worship - Alexandria Butler's Radical Transformation

    15 JUN 2024 · Discover how a divine encounter on Interstate 35 radically transformed Alexandria Butler's life, leading her from a past of witchcraft and darkness into the glorious light of Jesus Christ.In this powerful episode of Coffee with Conrad, Alexandria Butler shares her incredible testimony of being delivered from a life of witchcraft and darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. Her story of redemption and transformation will inspire and encourage you to believe in the transformative power of the gospel and the necessity of the Holy Spirit's infilling for a victorious Christian life. Bullet Points: - Growing up surrounded by witchcraft and tarot cards, Alexandria was consumed by bitterness, anger, and negativity; - A supernatural intervention while delivering drugs changed everything, as God's presence filled her car through the radio; - Surrendering her life to Jesus was just the beginning of a journey towards complete transformation and deliverance; - Alexandria's pursuit of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, despite opposition, led to a powerful infilling that empowered her for ministry; - Miraculous healings, demonic deliverances, and bold evangelism became a regular part of her life as she stepped out in faith; - The importance of grandparents and relatives sowing seeds of faith into children's lives, even when they don't seem to be listening; LINKS:  Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! My Books: Music by Suno
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  • From Brokenness to Impact - Richard's Story

    1 JUN 2024 · Discover how God dramatically transformed one man's brokenness into a powerful ministry of impact.   - Mischievous childhood rooted in church; - Sexual abuse left deep scars; - Tragic losses turned heart cold; - Jennifer: the persistent pursuer ordained; - Marriage became a ministry cornerstone; - Positive Impact: empowering at-risk youth; - Suicidal past overcome by grace; - Supporting others is life-saving; - God redeems all for His glory; LINKS: Real Talk Interactive Facebook Page: Richard on Facebook: Youtube Video Interview: Coffee with Conrad podcast: Open Your Eyes - book: Testimonies Label: Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Readwise free trial My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
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  • Radical Discipleship: Jesus vs. Modern Christianity

    11 MAY 2024 · What Did Jesus Really Mean by "Make Disciples"? Contrasting 1st Century vs. Modern Discipleship Key Points: In 1st century Israel, discipleship under a rabbi was a significant multi-year commitment involving close daily relational living and imitation of the rabbi. The goal was to become like the rabbi in character, behavior and lifestyle. Jesus' call to "make disciples" meant perpetuating this intense rabbi-disciple relationship model, with disciples becoming teachers themselves. It involved deep sacrifice, leaving everything to follow the rabbi. In contrast, modern western discipleship often: Emphasizes comfort and personal fulfillment over sacrifice Uses classroom-style teaching vs. relational immersion Makes disciple-making a side ministry vs. the core mission Sees persecution as failure vs. a privilege of sharing in Christ's sufferings Focuses on information transfer vs. transformational lifestyle To align with Jesus' intent, the modern church needs to recapture the early church's model of sacrificial, relational, every-believer disciple-making as the driving mission, even if it means embracing discomfort and suffering for Christ. The goal is Christlike transformation, not just knowledge transfer. Links: Book: ""  YouTube: "" from Walking the Text channel  Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Readwise free trial My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
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  • Discerning True Prophecy - Lessons from Biblical Examples and Failed Predictions

    13 APR 2024 · Are you tired of being bombarded by doomsday prophecies that never come to pass? In this episode, we're going to explore the critical differences between genuine biblical prophecy and the failed predictions that have plagued the modern church. Show Notes: Title: Discerning True Prophecy: Lessons from Biblical Examples and Failed Predictions Introduction: The hype surrounding the recent solar eclipse and the need for discernment 2. Conrad’s background in the prophetic community and the differences between Old and New Testament standards 3. Examination of false prophecies:     - The "Mystery of the Shemitah" by Jonathan Cahn     - The "Four Blood Moons" by John Hagee     - The failed rapture predictions of Harold Camping 4. Contrasting false prophecies with genuine biblical examples:     - Gideon's confirmation through fleece and dream interpretation     - Jeremiah's prophetic land purchase as a sign of hope     - Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush     - The confirmation of Samuel's prophetic word to Eli 5. Common logical fallacies behind false prophecies:     - The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy     - Prophecy by hindsight     - Fishing for fulfillment 6. The importance of avoiding an unhealthy preoccupation with end times speculation Key Topics: - Distinguishing genuine prophetic words from false prophecies and hype - Analyzing the logical fallacies behind failed end times predictions - Learning from biblical examples of authentic prophetic experiences - Developing spiritual discernment to navigate the prophetic realm Outline: Links:  Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise free trial My Books: T-Shirts PayPal: Keywords: Prophetic, discernment, false prophecies, biblical prophecy, end times, Shemitah, Four Blood Moons, rapture, Gideon, Jeremiah, Moses, Samuel, logical fallacies, Texas Sharpshooter, hindsight bias, spiritual maturity, Christian living.
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  • America's Prophetic Wake Up Call - Lessons from the UN Abstention and the Bridge Collapse

    30 MAR 2024 · Dive into a thought-provoking analysis of America's spiritual state, as a pivotal incident sparks profound reflections on the nation's relationship with Israel, the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and the prophetic implications behind the "Dali." Buckle up for a journey that challenges complacency and calls for repentance. Show Notes: America's abstention at UN Symbolic ship collision Francis Scott Key Bridge Dali's Prophetic Paintings of America Moral decline in America Call for spiritual renewal Links:  Live video - Social:
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  • Sowing the Word - Bearing Kingdom Fruit

    16 MAR 2024 · Exploring the concept of sowing the Word of God and reaping a perpetual harvest. **Main Points** - The Word of God is a seed from heaven. - - We are co-laborers with God in spreading the gospel. - - There are two aspects of God's word: Rhema (spoken word) and Logos (written word). - - Our role is to faithfully sow the seed and trust the Holy Spirit to bring about growth. - - The parable of the sower teaches us that the seed may fall on different types of soil, representing the different ways people respond to the word of God. - - We should be mindful of the fruit we are producing in our lives. - - Making disciples is more than just sowing seeds, it's about nurturing them and helping them to reproduce. - - The parable of the talents teaches us that we are given gifts and talents by God, and that we're expected to use them to make a difference in the world. Links -  - - Social Media: Freebies for Listeners!  My Books: Team Jesus Shirts! PayPal:
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  • From Spinning Plates to Sowing Seeds - Be fruitful for the Kingdom not just busy

    2 MAR 2024 · Become a more fruitful disciple-maker by shifting away from busyness to investing in people. Main Points - The "spinning plates" mentality gives an illusion of control and busyness but doesn't produce lasting fruit - We should shift to a "sowing seeds" mentality focused on fruitfulness for God's kingdom - Focus on activities that bring you closer to God and serve others - Prioritize tasks based on spiritual impact and kingdom goals, not just urgency - Be patient - growth takes time like a farmer waiting for harvest - Sowing the word involves investing in people, not just spreading information - Build relationships and create space for spiritual growth - Make disciples who can then disciple others - multiplication Action Steps - Evaluate how your activities contribute to God's kingdom - Distinguish urgent tasks from important long-term goals - Find receptive hearts to sow gospel seeds into - Nurture new believers like Paul did with Timothy - Create a safe space for spiritual conversations LINKS Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise My Books: T-Shirts PayPal:
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  • Reach God Through the Storm - Tap into the Spirit Realm

    13 JAN 2024 · Hear God's voice above the storm Learn the secret to tapping into the spirit realm during prayer for guidance and miracles. Are your prayers being drowned out by the chaos in your mind? Today's podcast reveals the crucial difference between intellect-driven prayer and Spirit-led prayer, so you can breakthrough and clearly hear God's voice, discern His will, and experience more miracles. Show Notes: - The problem with praying from intellect; - Why we must get out of carnal mind; - The power of praying in the Spirit; - How to know you have connected; - Tapping into the spirit realm; - Developing spiritual discernment; - Personal examples of breakthrough; LINKS: Social Media: Freebies for Listeners! My Books: PayPal:
    Played 36m 33s
  • Speaking to your Mountain - Bold Declarations of Faith

    30 DEC 2023 · In this faith-building message, we look at the power of our words and declaring bold statements of faith just like David did when he spoke to his mountain, Goliath. Learn to speak God's promises over your obstacles! The new agers get the law of attraction from passages like this in the bible. I dig deeper and show you the kingdom keys of this passage in Mark 11:21-26 Bullet Points: - Jesus curses fig tree; - Tree withers days later; - Speak to mountains in faith; - Heart and mind alignment key; - God gives right desires; - Forgiveness removes blocks; - Declarations bring breakthroughs; Links: Book - Social Media: - - - - Freebies for Listeners! AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL Two Free Months Scribd Trial Readwise free trial T-Shirts PayPal:
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  • Destiny Awaits - Step into Your Prophetic Purpose

    2 DEC 2023 · Struggling to step out in your prophetic gifting because of fear or insecurity? This podcast helps you break through doubt, operate in courage, and unleash your supernatural talents for Kingdom impact! Show Notes: Overcoming fear of embracing prophetic call; Reasons for fear: inaccuracy, pride, rejection. Push through fears.; Parable of talents - don't bury gifts. Multiplying talents rewarded.; Cultivate courage and step out in faith when using gifts, even if unsure at first.; Growth through practice.; Fear caused by lack of trusting God. More experiences of God build faith.; God gave spirit of power, love and discipline - not fear (2 Timothy 1:7).; Have mentors who model successfully operating in gifts. Community helps overcome fear.; Links: Freebies for Listeners! My Books:
    Played 42m 31s
I talk about walking after the spirit and maturing in the prophetic. I have a passion for revival in America and uniting the body of Christ.

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