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Classic Kidd Kraddick Flashbacks

  • J-Si's Short-Lived World Record Win (2018)

    12 MAY 2022 · ​J-Si always wanted to break a world record and he did on a very public stage.. just to have his record shattered and stolen immediately! From 2018.
    16m 20s
  • You're Putting Too Much Weight On The Chip! (2013)

    28 APR 2022 · Kidd Kraddick had a very peculiar reason why he wanted to avoid Mexican restaurants… He has a serious problem with how people eat chips and salsa! From 5/9/13.
    6m 27s
  • Big Al's Easter Song (2011)

    14 APR 2022 · He had one job... Finish the Easter lyrics. Sure, there was a rocky start but Big Al derailed everyone with his lyrics! From 2011.
    3m 19s
  • Big Al Ruins A Bathroom... Bit (2000)

    7 APR 2022 · Big Al was sent out to a restaurant to pull a stunt… and he ruined it! But don’t worry.. Kidd Kraddick was on the phone with him and told him to go in an entirely different direction! Were they able to pull together as a team and save the bit? And were they smart to call it quits when Kellie Rasberry said that they had gone too far? From 2000.
    10m 47s
  • Kidd's Bad Hair Dye (2013)

    24 MAR 2022 · Kidd Kraddick told his hairdresser to dye his hair his natural color... This was NOT what he meant at all! How does everyone react when Kidd walks in with jet black hair? By making lots of jokes of course! From 2013.
    3m 43s
  • KKMS Weather Challenge (2010)

    10 MAR 2022 · These days you get to hear our KKMS News Update but many years ago, we did it a little different. Kidd Kraddick assigned everyone on the show to be a meteorologist and give a weather report! As expected, Big Al was creepy.. How did everyone else do with their delivery? And who is the one person that didn’t understand the bit? From 3/29/10.
    16m 54s
  • The Perfect Day (2012)

    3 MAR 2022 · Kidd Kraddick wanted to do a contest where we could give a listener a perfect day.. but what would our perfect day be? Most people understood the bit and named a completely doable day.. like maybe a pedi and lunch with girlfriends. Big Al was the only one that went wayyyy too far.. or as Kellie Rasberry put it, did it wrong. From 7/12/12.
    8m 1s
  • Kellie Foot In Mouth With Jason Derulo (2015)

    24 FEB 2022 · Rosie O'Donnell isn't the only one who has suffered through an embarrassing interaction with a celebrity! Back in 2015, Jason Derulo called the show to talk about So You Think You Can Dance.. and Kellie accidentally had a foot-in-mouth moment. The guys were shocked when she said it but waited a full day to call her out on it. In the meantime, she had to wait and wonder what it was that she said so bad. Here's the moment in question.. How bad do you think it is? From 6/9/15.
    4m 29s
  • J-Si's Poop Tooth (2011)

    10 FEB 2022 · Poor Part-Time Justin has to get his wisdom teeth taken out, and that can't help but remind of the time that J-Si was having a different kind of tooth problem. From 2011.
    8m 36s
  • Part-Time Justin Doesn't Want To Be Like Big Al (2019)

    27 JAN 2022 · Part-Time Justin likes to kick off the new year in a big way. This year he’s doing dry January but a few years ago, he did Whole 30 for the entire month.. How did he feel after whole month of healthy? And how did this end up taking a turn on Big Al? From 2019.
    10m 33s
Remember that moment from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning a few years ago that just made you laugh out loud?!
Check out some of the classic moments here!

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