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Chocolate & Joy

  • C&J Episode 3 - Mother's Day

    3 MAY 2021 · It's Mother's Day in the Holler and, as usual, charm and craziness are afoot! Jack has a special invitation for Charley while Evie is left to manage Betsy's extra-special level of intensity as she puts on the Magnificent Mamapalooza at Charley's bakery. Through it all, though, the gang is reminded that motherhood is all its forms. Chocolate & Joy 3 - Mother's Day features the vocal talents of Katie Ricketts, Katelyn Covington, Taylor J. Clark, Tyshawn Young, Matthew K. Gunn, Madison Graves, and Barbara Melvin. This story is written, produced, and directed by Rebeca Seitz. Editing and sound design provided by Sicher, LLC. Featuring original music "Rituals" by Jiovanni Daniel and "Northern Lights" by Jack van Cleaf. Recorded at the 1C Story Network Studios in Naples, FL. Find your next great story at
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  • Chocolate & Joy - episode 2 - Valentine's Day

    11 FEB 2021 ·   It's Valentine's Day in Jane's Holler! As Charley and Jack look forward to their date on National Singles Awareness Day (what?!), Betsy (the town party planner) takes over Charley's family bakery to put on the "Cupid Crush" and Evie tries to stop her from totally upending her perfect window displays. Meanwhile, "Con John" finds himself suddenly alone on the holiday - him, of all people! - but a realization may set him up for real love at last.  This episode was recorded on location at Serenity Castle in Georgia. To see behind-the-scenes pics and meet the cast, visit  Enjoy the story!
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  • Valentine's Preview

    16 JAN 2021 · Valentine's Day is coming to Jane's Holler! The full episode releases on February 10. Subscribe to "Chocolate and Joy" now so you don't miss it. PLUS: U.S. listeners can ORDER NOW to get a Valentine's box of goodies - the exact same ones from the show - delivered to your door by February 14. On Valentine's Day, escape to another fun, funny, feel-good Jane's Holler story while you munch delicious, organic treats sourced from female-owned businesses. Go to for info and ordering. 
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  • Chocolate & Joy - episode 1 - Christmas

    2 DEC 2020 · It's holiday time in Jane's Holler, Tennessee! Sadly, Charlotte "Charley" Miller and Jackson "Jack" Douglas aren't feeling it. Tragedies in Christmases past have turned them off of the holiday merriment.    But best friends Evie and Connor aren't letting Charley and Jack off the hook this year. Will the pair find the Christmas spirit again...together?   This free, hour-long scripted podcast drama is available on all major podcast platforms and is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!   Want to fully indulge in the Chocolate & Joy experience? Click on "Get my C&J PodPair" below. We'll send you a Christmas box full of the very goodies Charley, Evie, Jack, and Connor enjoy during the show! (Also makes for an incredibly unique Christmas gift.)   rb6zTLQEHUmcIH0n7jbL
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Follow along on the journeys of discovery, romance, and growth with the young crew from Jane's Holler as they live life together.

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