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  • 14. Critical Thinking in 21st Century

    23 JAN 2023 · Ryan Kenedy is a professor at a community college in Southern California and has been teaching a course on critical thinking for over 20 years. Although he teaches critical thinking for both fiction and non-fiction analyses, the topic for today's discussion is on non-fiction and more applicable to real world situations. Critical thinking is a necessary life skill that Ryan believes can be taught as early as elementary school and needed in all professions as well as in your personal life to make well informed decisions and protect yourself from being scammed. E-mail:
    42m 9s
  • 13. Holiday Tradition

    23 NOV 2022 · Holiday traditions may sound mediocre, but it can be a time of excitement and family bonding as the activities bring everyone together. It can be putting up Christmas lights, watching a Christmas movie, having a special meal etc. Edwin and Barkha talk about holiday traditions while growing up that reflects Indian and Chinese cultures as well as traditions we participate as a family. E-mail:
    27m 45s
  • 12. From Stay At Home Mom to Full Time Nurse Part 2: Status Update

    26 JUL 2022 · Barkha Chiang shares an update about her experience working as a full-time nurse at the 6 month mark including successes and challenges she has faced. E-mail:
    37m 7s
  • 11. Dad Hacks: Tips and Tricks from an Entrepreneur

    11 JUL 2022 · Dads nowadays share more responsibilities in childrearing compared to previous generations, which is a privilege, amazing and fun. Eric Bahn is the founder of Beat the GMAT and General Partner and co-Founder of Hustle Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in early stage founders. He has two beautiful children (7 years old and 4 years old), and he shares how he tackles common parenting struggles as a dad in this age group. You can connect with Eric via Twitter below: Twitter: @ericbahn Please send any question, comments, or feedback to the e-mail below:
    44m 28s
  • 10. What is Synthesis?

    30 JUN 2022 · In this episode, Edwin talks about the extracurricular activity Synthesis, that was originally developed by Josh Dahn and Elon Musk to start an experimental school for children of parents who worked at Space X. The same principles and concept were used in Synthesis. Edwin shares how his daughter's experience is after participating for the past 2 months. For more information on Synthesis, please visit If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail below: Email:
    19m 27s
  • 09. Healthy Marriage with Kids

    11 MAY 2022 · Jason and Melina Tabor are the unofficial marriage counselors at Foothill Vineyard Church in San Dimas, California. They have been married for over 20 years and have four amazing children, and they share their wisdom in maintaining a healthy marriage while enduring the challenges of raising children, working, and life. Resources mentioned in this podcast includes: 1. Vertical Marriage from Family Life 2. The Marriage Course 3. Art of Marriage from Family Life 4. The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile 5. Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman E-mail:
    1h 4m 48s
  • 08. Exploring the Great Outdoors with Kids

    11 APR 2022 · Jenny Anderson, founder of Girl of 10,000 Lakes, is an outdoor adventure seeker, author of 1-2-3- Ice Fishing and is prolific on Instragram, sharing her passion for outdoor activities especially ice fishing to the world. She shares her insight on how she's able to include her two toddlers in her love for the outdoor while ensuring everyone has a good time. Jenny can be reached at the following: 1. Instagram: (very fun to follow) 2. Twitter: 3. Facebook: 4. Youtube: 5. Blog: 6. Ice Fishing Book: Use promo code CHIANGTALK to get 10% off! E-mail:
    23m 30s
  • 07. West End London Musical, Dancing and Parent Life.

    30 MAR 2022 · Winnie Su is a former dancer in West End, the London version of New York's Broadway musical industry. She describes her journey leading up to joining West End and current life as a wife and mother of two young boys. Her husband, Brian, joins her in this episode and talks about how he helps support her so she can continue to dance as a hobby. E-mail:
    50m 41s
  • 06. Enter the Workforce: From Stay At Home Mom to Full-time Nurse

    15 MAR 2022 · Barkha Chiang graduated from nursing school in 2014 and delayed entering the workforce for 7 years. She was a stay at home mom raising two beautiful children until now. Barkha describes her experience going from stay at home mom to full-time employee after first month on the job. E-mail:
  • 05. Parenting and Ultramarathon Running

    23 FEB 2022 · Michael Bailey is a youth pastor at Foothill Vineyard Church, fitness coach and is a passionate ultramarathon runner. He describes his journey into running 30+mile races and how he's able to juggle training, work and being a father of his 1 year old son. Michael can be reached on Instagram @michael_a_bailey or via e-mail E-mail:
    1h 2m 24s

Becoming parents does not mean giving up everything you loved before having kids. Chiang Talk features inspirational stories focused on the process of achieving personal goals while being busy parents;...

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Becoming parents does not mean giving up everything you loved before having kids. Chiang Talk features inspirational stories focused on the process of achieving personal goals while being busy parents; having healthy relationship between parents; and any other stories relevant to parenting.
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