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    Episode 118 - Update-isode

    3 OCT 2022 · In this special update-isode, Chris and Cody give everyone an update on what's been going on in their lives. Chris is busy as ever being a fancy schmancy director. Cody's been traveling, and his travels have included some fun paranormal stuffs, so he shares stories and info about his friend's haunted house and also Chichen Itza, the wonder of the world where people were sacrificed and their ghosts are said to haunt the place to this day. Tune in to find out what's going on!
    28m 37s
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    Seances R Us

    23 MAY 2022 · We have a very special live episode for you recorded for the Arizona Theatre Matters 2022 Festival. In it, we talk all about seances (as if it wasn’t obvious from our last minisode). First, Cody talks about Helen Duncan, the last woman tried as a witch in Britain for talking to dead soldiers during WW2. Then, Chris discusses Mae West, the Hollywood starlet fascinated by seances. Next, Cody shares the story of a man who sets up a fake seance only to have the real thing thrown in his face. Finally, Chris talks about a crazy seance set up in a haunted Toys R Us…You read that right. Our drinks were whatever the heck we wanted to make for this special. Advisory: 0:00s-0:18s Intro Music: 0:18s-0:46s Topic: 0:46s-7:27m Drinks: 7:27m-10:37m History: 10:37m-20:24m Helen Duncan: 20:24m-32:40m Mae West: 32:40m-41:37m Trailer: 41:37m-42:32m Gross Pointe: 43:32m-51:30m Sylvia Browne: 51:30m-59:23m Ouija: 59:23m-1:04:50h Believer: 1:04:50h-1:07:46h Skeptic: 1:07:46h-1:13:40m Creep of the Week: 1:13:40m-1:15:35m Sign Off: 1:15:35h-1:28:16h Exit Music: 1:28:16h-1:28:33h Original Music: “Halloween Pumpkin” found at To find other strange podcasts, follow our network: Links History-,%22a%20movie%20session%22). Helen Duncan- Mae West- Gross Pointe- Sylvia Browne and the Haunted Toys ‘R Us: Ouija- Believer- Skeptic-
    1h 28m 33s
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    Boos and Spirits

    16 MAY 2022 · Boy do we have a minisode for you! First, Cody tells the story of a freaky Ouija board experience that unleashed a famous demonic force known as Zozo. Then, Chris shares an equally freaky story in which people play what they thought was a harmless “game” only to get more than they bargained for. This may be the easiest guess ever, but you’ll be in for one hell of an episode next week! If you want to watch the very special episode in all its glory (it will be a video episode!), check out the 2022 Arizona Theatre Matters Festival, going on May 19 - 22. You can find all the details at Links-
    14m 2s
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    Important Announcement

    25 APR 2022 · Please check out this important announcement from the hosts of BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast.
    7m 13s
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    Easter Eggtacular

    11 APR 2022 · BSP is blooming into Spring with a new Easter episode. First, Cody talks about Passover and a possible explanation for all the plagues that came with it. Then, Chris tells a creepy story where two little girls hear their names called by a ghost while eating Easter candy. Next, Cody discusses the Lazarus Syndrome, a phenomenon where someone can appear to be dead for hours and then suddenly come back to life. Finally, Chris shares a gruesome true crime story, the Easter Massacre, where one man took the untimely lives of 11 victims. Creep of the week is all about a fun Easter tradition in Norway. This week’s drinks are Strawberry-Cucumber Limeade and Truly Wild Berry. Advisory: 0:00s-0:19s Intro Music: 0:19s-0:46s Topic: 0:46s-4:38m Drinks: 4:38m-7:20m History: 7:20m-13:40m Passover Plagues: 13:40m-21:35m Easter Voices: 21:35m-26:57m Trailer: 26:57m-27:18m Lazarus Syndrome: 27:18m-32:00m Easter Sunday Massacre: 32:00m-38:43m Skeptic: 38:43m-41:37m Believer: 41:37m-43:10m Creep of the Week: 43:10m-44:34m Sign Off: 44:34m-46:24m Outro Music: 46:24m-46:42m Original Music: “Halloween Pumpkin” found at To find other strange podcasts, follow our network: Links- History:,seventh%20and%20early%20eighth%20century. Passover Plagues: Easter Voices: Lazarus Syndrome: Easter Voices: Easter Sunday Massacre: Believer:,or%20in%20a%20dreamlike%20state. Creep of the Week:
    46m 42s
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    Easter On Ice

    29 MAR 2022 · This miniside is (sorta) all about Easter. Well, half Easter, half you-gotta-wanna-see-it. First, Chris tells the amazing story of Steven Kubacki, who was thought to be dead, only to reappear 15 months later. Then, Cody shares some fun and interesting Easter traditions from around the world, including one that turns into a massive water fight. Help us decide next week’s topic :) Links Steven Kubacki- Easter Traditions-
    17m 20s
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    Eucharistic Miracles

    21 MAR 2022 · In this episode, we talk about crazy miracles surrounding the Catholic Eucharist. First, Cody talks about the Miracle in Santarem, Portugal, where a woman who “stole” her Communion wafer witnessed it bleeding. Then, Chris shares the story of the first known Eucaristic Miracle where a doubting monk watched the Eucharist turn to literal flesh and blood. Next, Cody discusses an incident in Siena, Italy where stolen Communion wafers never perished after three hundred years. Finally, Chris talks about Marthe Robin, a woman who lived off Communion and nothing else for fifty years. This week’s drinks are Fre Red Blend and Barefoot Pink Moscato. Advisory: 0:00s-0:20s Intro Music: 0:20s-0:46s Topic: 0:46s-3:05m Drinks: 3:05m-4:59m History: 4:59m-10:40m The Miracle in Santarem: 10:40m-17:07m The Miracle of Lanciano: 17:07m-23:56m Trailer: 23:56m-24:37m The Miracle of Siena: 24:37m-31:23m Marthe Robin: 31:23m-39:05m Skeptic: 39:05m-41:00m Believer: 41:00m-44:14m Creep of the Week: 44:14m-46:03m Sign Off: 46:03m-46:51m Outro Music: 46:51m-47:09m Original Music: “Halloween Pumpkin” found at To find other strange podcasts, follow our network: Links- History: The Miracle in Santarem: The Miracle of Lanciano: The Miracle of Siena: Debunk: Believer:,a%20serious%20illness%20or%20injury.
    47m 9s
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    Patron Saints & Nunsense

    14 MAR 2022 · In this minisode, we get a little holy and talk about saints and nuns. First, Cody plays a guessing game where Chris guesses saints’ patronages after being told of their lives. Then, Chris tells the tragic true account of a group of 16 Carmelite nuns who met a tragic end after refusing to denounce their faith during the French Revolution. Can you guess our next topic? Links- Patron Saints- Carmelite Nuns-
    18m 49s
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    Phoenix Lights: 25 Years Later

    8 MAR 2022 · In this episode, we discuss a very special, local topic we’ve been dying to do: The Phoenix Lights, which is celebrating 25 years. First, Cody discusses a conspiracy theory involving flares, balloons, and a man named Mail-o. Then, Chris talks about Dr. Lynne Kitei, a retired healthcare professional, who has given the world the best video recording of the incident. Next, Cody shares a more current sighting - in 2019 - that is just as unexplained, and one which some have claimed to be associated with The Phoenix Lights. Finally, Chris talks about two very different eyewitness encounters, one who saw it all from the ground, and a pilot who saw it from the air. This week's drinks are Papago Cherry Blossom and Coca Cola Starlight. Advisory: 0:00s-0:20s Intro Music: 0:20s-:45s Topic: 0:45s-2:52m Drinks: 2:52m-4:38m History: 4:38m-9:53m Flares and Balloons: 9:53m-16:07m Dr. Lynne Kitei: 16:07m-22:35m Trailer: 22:35m-23:12m 2019 Sightings: 23:12m-28:10m By Air and By Land: 28:10m-33:20m Skeptic: 33:20m-36:32m Believer: 36:32m-38:55m Creep of the Week: 38:55m-41:05m Sign Off: 41:05m-42:24m Original Music: “Halloween Pumpkin” found at To find other strange podcasts, follow our network: Links History Flares and Balloons: Lynne Kitei- 2019 Sightings: By Land and Air- Skeptic- Creep of the Week-
    42m 24s
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    Parks and Wrecks

    1 MAR 2022 · In this (late) minisode, we have two local stories about aliens and ghosts. First, Chris shares a surprising - and not all that well known - alleged incident that happened at Dreamy Draw Recreational Park in 1947. Despite the cover-up, the area is supposedly the cause of a mysterious hum. Then, Cody talks about Jefferson Park in Mesa, where a violent incident occurred that may have resulted in a scared ghost girl. If you listened to our last episode, we gave some pretty obvious clues…can you guess next week’s topic? Links- Dreamy Draw: Jefferson Park:
    18m 22s

BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast is a podcast that delves into strange and humorous phenomena including simulacra (seeing Jesus on your toast), supernatural sightings, crypto-zoology, and so much more. Cody and...

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BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast is a podcast that delves into strange and humorous phenomena including simulacra (seeing Jesus on your toast), supernatural sightings, crypto-zoology, and so much more. Cody and Chris have created a platform on which they discuss both sides of the phenomena (real or bulls**t) while sipping on booze and spirits that represent their chosen topic. They hope to entertain, enlighten, and maybe even educate you on all things fun and weird. Whose side will you be on? Are you a believer or a skeptic?
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