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BS With Bob Schmidt

  • E1 David Slain - Sales its that Simple

    3 JAN 2018 · Sales is that simple, it isn't that complex. You have a product or service and someone wants it. That's as simple as sales is. If you think about it, you walk into a grocery store and they sell things to you all the time. You walk out, but you don't know you've been sold, right? So sales is very simple. But what becomes complex is once you throw humans into it and our emotions, so our emotions lead us and tell us so many different things and there's perceived most of the time, like we're afraid someone's not going to like us because maybe we don't speak, write or say the right thing. Maybe we get embarrassed. Our mind isn't open, so now we do screw up even more, or say that something bad happens. The emotions of what happens on both buyer and seller are the ones that can make it complex.
    36m 11s
  • E2 Brian Tippetts social entrepreneurship and recycling

    10 JAN 2018 · Talked about Social Entrepreneurship and Recycling with Brian Tippetts. First of all, most of us don’t think about making money when looking at a recycled product, the product is clearly a resource that has value. Just look at and you just innately know that. And when you find out nobody's doing stuff with it it's like that's wrong and you look at the option as landfilling it that's really wrong it's just it just strikes you as wrong. Before waste was looked at as a waste, now there's a mindset shift that waste really is a low value or overlooked resource. If you waste it that's exactly what you've done you've wasted it. And should you be wasting it. The mindset of not wasting things, but creating things with Social Entrepreneurship and Recycling.
    41m 39s
  • E3 Michael Gelb - The Art of Connection

    17 JAN 2018 · Michael Gelb -The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now By Michael J. Gelb,     When people connect, when they are attuned, in rapport, they are much better at generating, and implementing, new ideas. The Art of Connection is a guide to creating, and maintaining, genuine rapport with others. Connection is the key to building relationships, resolving conflict, and making creative dreams come true. Gelb outlines seven skills distilled from decades of practical experience.   These seven skills are all timeless, but they are also especially timely, and essential for leaders now. Each chapter includes illustrative stories, relevant scientific research, and practical exercises to help readers apply the skills in their life now. His website is @MichaelJGelb
    41m 43s
  • Explicit

    E4 Jackson Jantzen CPR Revolution

    24 JAN 2018 · Jackson Janzen is the creator of CPR Revolution, creating positive ripples revolution. It requires bravery in the face of fear, compassion, and love in the face of anger and hate. It's this desire to create a strong community in support of inspiration, to energize a collection of individuals seeking to make a tangible, positive, impact. Those words there. Jackson says a lot. How can we all create positive ripples and a positive ripple revolution.
    40m 16s
  • E5 Justin Loeber Get Out Your Own Way Guide To Life (10 steps to shift gears, dream big, do it now)

    31 JAN 2018 · What Justin Loeber says about Communication, "it's practically the be-all and end-all of everything we do in life. If you think about it, people get all tied up in a bad pass or an email and it's not real. If you talk to the person, all of the nuances that you think were negative could actually be positive because when you talk with people, you actually hear the tone and the passion in which that person is communicating with you. If you're caught in a text, if you have a text that's more than five words, you better pick up the phone and talk to a person because it's horrible. Nowadays. People break up with others on texts. How helpless is that? How weak is that, Bob? " The book is called "Get Out Of Your Own Way Guide To Life"
    32m 26s
  • E6 Mark L. Walberg -Gambling, TV and Being Married

    8 FEB 2018 · Mark L. Walberg is a Multi-time Emmy nominated television personality and has been a favorite of television audiences all over the world for years. Mark is host of PBS highest rated, prime time original, "Antiques Roadshow". We talked about Game Theory, Playing Poker, when to bet when to fold, the seceret to a happy marriage and how to be successful
    39m 48s
  • E7 Andy Temte from High School dropout to Dr and Philanthropist -President, Kaplan Professional

    14 FEB 2018 · Andy Temte, talks about how you can go from a high school dropout to the president of Kaplan Professional Education, and lead singer and guitar player for The Remainders, a classic rock cover band to a philanthropist . As president of Kaplan Professional Education , Andy oversees and leverages assets, capabilities, and talent across Kaplan’s global footprint. Kaplan Professional Education offers a large portfolio of professional development programs and helps individuals earn industry-recognized licensures, certifications, and designations. Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Kaplan Professional Education maintains operations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In this episode of BS’ing with Bob Schmidt, Andy talks about the importance of family, education, and giving as well as some failures and regrets along the way.
    51m 33s
  • Explicit

    E8 Gary John Bishop UnF Yourself

    21 FEB 2018 · Gary John Bishop on naming the book Unfu*k yourself are you glad that is what you named it? I'm glad, but I think I think that was enough people look at the content of the book is what really got people going. And I know that the name pisses some people off and they don't like it, I appreciate that and I get that. But you know if you can't read a book because the title then you really really need to go on F yourself. I'm I'm not a fan of self-help. I'm a big fan of self growth. I'm a big fan of personal growth and development and I think I think everybody if you're not working on yourself then you've got your eye on the wrong stuff. You work on your Self, you got it. It's ok.
    45m 11s
  • E9 Elaine Pofeldt - The Million Dollar One Person Business

    28 FEB 2018 · Former "Fortune Small Business" editor Elaine Pofeldt talked many successful one person million dollar businesses and wrote the book “The Million-Dollar One-Person Business” Make great money, work the way you like and have the life you want. Find what you like, work hard, make money. Not only has Elaine written about it, but has lived it as well for over 10 years as an entrepreneur.
    37m 49s
  • E10 Megan Smith Gill Give a Shift

    7 MAR 2018 · Megan Smith Gill is a transformational teacher, speaker, author and coach who has reverse engineered happiness and abundance. Megan spent nearly twenty years as a marketing executive and agency owner before discovering her true life’s calling. Outwardly successful, Megan lived a life that lacked deep fulfillment on the inside and she set out on a quest to find meaning in purpose in her life. Along the way she discovered the secrets to living a life with more abundance than she ever dreamed of, and created a 10-step process for herself that she is now sharing with the world called Give A Shift ™: 10 Simple Steps to an Abundant Life. Megan is an avid lover of nature, especially the ocean which she calls her “love potion.” She lives in a small New England town in Connecticut with her husband, Michael, two small daughters, Molly and Maisey, and their white fluffy dog named Pippa. Megan is also the founder of Give A Shift Academy, her online learning community designed to fast track her students on their path towards higher states of consciousness and prosperity. Our conversation includes, how to live the life of your dreams with more abundance than you ever thought possible, and the 10 steps to help you to “Give a Shift”
    39m 21s

Eavesdrop on great conversations with Bob Schmidt Award-winning interviewer Bob Schmidt is a radio industry veteran who has spent the past three decades of his life communicating with listeners. The...

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Eavesdrop on great conversations with Bob Schmidt
Award-winning interviewer Bob Schmidt is a radio industry veteran who has spent the past three decades of his life communicating with listeners. The BS’ing with Bob Schmidt podcast revolves around my guests which include: entertainers, business owners, educators — people from all walks of life, with a wide range of expertise and experiences. My listeners know that when they tune in, they always have a chance to eavesdrop on great conversations. I've had conversations with a United States President, numerous Senators, several Governors, lots of rock stars, and many other “celebrities,” But my favorite interviews, however, are those with business owners, entrepreneurs and authors.

Great conversation with great guests. Finding out the story that is underlying the rest of the story.

New episode published every Wednesday at 1:30pm Central Time
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