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  • Bridges (32) The Bridge to Freedom

    1 MAY 2019 · The Bridge to Freedom Human Rights:The Right To Life Dr Paul W Dyer And Co-Host Hope A Dyer talked about the trauma we are dealing with in recent times. How it is effecting our judgment and raising our children. Special guest Rudy (Rude Dog ) Reyes who is a radio host of Rude Dog Radio. R Indy has been doing radio, television, blog talk, podcast and developed a market program for individuals looking to expand their reach on different media platforms. We had Weekly contributor Ashley Johnson who is CEO of JusBu Magazine. Dr Paul W Dyer says don’t let trauma run your life. It takes work to understand and to embrace.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (31) The Jacques Cartier Bridge

    23 APR 2019 · The Jacques Cartier Bridge Human Rights: No Discrimination Dr Paul W Dyer and Hope Dyer talk about how the lines are drawn to separate and cause discrimination amongst individuals. Tonight guest was Jeff who Is Drag Queen and celebrity Impersonator. Justntyme Diva is Jeff stage name. Jeff is always raising money in his shoes to support cancer. We have so much discrimination in this world from people minimizing each other and drawing lines of separation. I hope this show helps you open your eyes and try new things.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (30) The Bear Mountain Bridge

    16 APR 2019 · The Bear Mountain Bridge Human Rights:We Are All Born Free And Equal Dr Paul W Dyer and Co Host Hope Dyer talk about on tonight's show on Bridges the topic is family, communication, relationships. I hope you take from the conversation three things. Be safe and free to speak what is in your heart. Be safe and free to develop love not live in fear. Be safe and free to evolve and cherish all relationships, but first you must start with yourself. Ask yourself to be better and go learn, share , love, train, practice in every breath of life.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (29) Brigantine Bridge

    9 APR 2019 · Brigantine Bridge Human Rights: The Right to public assembly Dr Paul W Dyer has brought on a new addition to the show. His Daughter Hope Ann Dyer. Hope has been a champion on building a better life for other people. Tonight show was movie night, starting with Icon Warrington Hudlin is the founding president of BFF (aka the Black Filmmaker Foundation), Hudlin has been a pioneering organizer of the black film movement for four decades. Hudlin organized NYC's first ever annual black film festival (1979) and the first ever National Conference of Black Filmmakers (1980). Kathrina Miccio is a cancer survivor and a 20 x Award Winning Actress. Best Actress in A TV Series NYCIFF Best TV Series NYCIFF Best Written Comedy Script AOF Hollywood Dreamz She won Best Woman FilmMaker LAIFFA 2018, Winner for Short Comedy St. Joseph HIMPFF Best Actress in a Short The Brightside Film Festival to name a few.Rodney Nobles who is a martial artist and writer of an Urban Hero book the Drifter. Rodney has been changing the lives of young men for decades. We may watch , read and enjoy our entertainment but remember the story are making difference
  • Bridges (28) Hell Gate Bridge

    2 APR 2019 · Hell Gate Bridge Show International Human Right : We are all equal . Dr Paul show was the developement of the woman and how she grows through trauma. The trauma and the relationship wither mother. Author and Healer Jennifer Arnie's was a guest on the show talking how to heal from trauma. David Coleman who is a author was also a guest on the show talking about his book Birth of a Queen. Hope Dyer one of Dr Paul's daughters was a guest host on tonight's show. We need to have more dialogue if we are to heal ourselves.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (27) The Penobscot Narrows Bridge

    28 MAR 2019 · The Penobscot Narrows Bridge Human Rights United Charter: Copy Right protection Dr Paul had Alex PoeticSoul Johnson she is the founder and leader of Spoken Word Organization. Alex has changed people lives by teaching them to express and explore their voice. We also had on weekly contributor Miss Ashley Johnson CEO of Jusbu magazine out of Houston. Learn to live and release yourself.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (26) Manaus-Iranduba Bridge

    19 MAR 2019 · Manaus-Iranduba Bridge The Human Rights charter 26:We all have a right to education. Tonight on Bridges Dr Paul went through the big question and quest. Dr Paul asked if we knew and understood Peace and Love? Dr Paul also broke down the intake into mind. Dr Paul says " if we understand what, who, where we are as sentient beings the we can be better.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (25) John S. Roebling

    14 MAR 2019 · John S. Roebling Universal Declaration Of Human Rights: No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights. Dr Paul guest last night was Founder and Excutive director of Males Place Inc. Reggie Singleton. The Males Place inc. Focus on Health Education, Fatherhood,Social Justice, Youthful Developement, and Agriculture Education for young black boys. Mr Reggie started this program in 1993. Dr Paul and Reggie talked a hard talk on the why black boys are lost and losing. Together we make a difference if "each on can teach on" May we get over the separation.
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (24) Christopher s Bond Bridge

    5 MAR 2019 · The Bridge: Christopher s Bond Bridge Human Rights: The Right To A Fair Free World Dr Paul on tonight show was about education. Talking with a director of a charter school in Brooklyn and Assist Regent director. We had incredible Bridges show on education. Natasha Campbell director of The Summit Academy Charter School and Dr Alexandria Connally Assistant to NYS Board of Regent. Getting understanding will give you reasons to make a action. So many say education is a future but so few understand what is going on in there area schools. DrPaul holistic
    57m 59s
  • Bridges (23) I -35 W Mississippi River Bridge

    28 FEB 2019 · I -35 W Mississippi River Bridge Human Rights= We Are All Innocent Until Proven Guilty Dr Paul does not often have three guest. Tonight show was about three amazing women who are touching lives through movies,education, coaching. Mrs Anabelle Munro is the t CEO of Blue Boots Entertaiment. Sherry Smith Executive Assistant at the Department of Labor. Raychelle LaBlanc a certified coach and reki master. If you can take any answers from Bridges is to make a difference in your life and others, Take responsibility of your actions, Learn to be still to clear away your troubles.
    57m 59s

Dr Paul has devoted over 40 years to exploration of the whole living sciences. From the studies of traditional and alternative methods in martial arts, natural sciences, to further his...

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Dr Paul has devoted over 40 years to exploration of the whole living
sciences. From the studies of traditional and alternative methods in martial
arts, natural sciences, to further his knowledge of the holistic sciences.
He is an advocate and constant student of quantum consciousness and natural
healing. Dr.Paul holds three Ph.ds and three masters. He is a Hall of fame
Inductee in The United States Martial arts and several others International
Hall of fames. He has been inducted as a Grandmaster into the Whos Who
martial arts ledgend Book. He has been recognized as a Top Naturalpathioc
doctor of new york. He is also an ambassador of the human rights coalition.

Dr. Paul has written several self- help books on how to develop your whole
life. Through the world of pain and sorrow the feeling of safety and love
shall be first. Through the Emotional Reaction Training Dr. Paul teaches
and ,educates copratation and individuals how to achieve this.
Dr. Paul show Bridges will give you the science of understanding. Bringing
your practice of living and emotions self to full intergration. As life
long dedicated martial science student Dr. Paul has learn the accient
teaching that has been pass on down for thousands of years.
The health, wellness, and medical practice can be overwhelming, even for
those in the medical field. We’re torn between our own feelings, what
others say, and even lab results. Dr. Paul helps promote clarity and
understanding, to help facilitate making informed decisions. You learn to
trust yourself, opening you up to a new world of connection, relationships,
and care. Intended for the layperson and teachers alike, explore new ways
to care for yourself and others, in order to create a healthier more
vibrant community and world.
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