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  • Rodney Bingenheimer, Rock Radio Host Suffers Nervous Breakdown In Nursing Home

    11 JUN 2024 · Feb 22, 2024 Rodney Bingenheimer was a long running host on radio station KROQ in Los Angeles. He currently hosts a Sunday night show on XM radio, for the Garage Rock channel Photo of Eric Brenner and Rodney Bingenheimer on Sunset Blvd during 2022. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News: 2/21/2024 From Deadline December 11, 2023 By Greg Evans In a bombshell Rolling Stone article, Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin says she was sexually molested at age 15 by Rodney Bingenheimer, the SiriusXM radio host once dubbed “The Mayor of the Sunset Strip” in large part due to his ownership in the influential 1970s rock ‘n’ roll hotspot the English Disco. Wiedlin is one of five women who tell Deadline’s sister publication they were sexually assaulted or molested by Bingenheimer when they were minors in the 1970s and ’80s. The allegations come about eight months after Kari Krome, the songwriter for the ’70s all-female band the Runaways, sued Bingenheimer and the estate of the late Runaways producer Kim Fowley for sexual assault when she was a minor. For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Tawl Ross Rhythm Guitarist with Rock Band Funkadelic Dead #TawlRoss #GeorgeClinton

    11 JUN 2024 · Jan 3, 2024 Tawl Ross played Rhythm Guitar alongside Eddie Hazel for three legendary albums. He left the music business during nineteen seventy one, retiring in North Carolina. Tawl Ross was also part of the Osmium album released in nineteen seventy, under the group name Parliament. Correction: Tawl Ross appeared alongside Ray Monet (and Dennis Coffey, including Eddie Hazel of course) on the self titled Funkadelic album, as well as Ruth Copeland's debut album Self Portrait. Ray Monet was not part of Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow. Tawl Ross co- wrote the song Your Love Been So Good To Me, also appearing on Copeland's debut recording. Tawl Ross is lead vocalist on the classic song Funky Dollar Bill. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News: 1/3/2023 From George Clinton's Facebook page: Rest in eternal and total peace, Parliament-Funkadelic rhythm guitarist Lucius Tal (Tawl) Ross (October 5th, 1948-January 3rd, 2024)! Bring forth the Eulogy and Light! Fly On! For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Matthew Katz, Polarizing Manager of Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane Dead at 93

    11 JUN 2024 · Nov 28, 2023 Mathew Katz became one of the music business most notorious litigators, taking most of his former bands to court. He was at one time an influential member of the West Coast rock scene. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News: 11/28/2023 Mathew Katz Facebook page on 11/27/2023 Pamela Ann Katz-Alston 1d · My Father’s twin brother Matthew Katz died on September 30, 2023 at 11:55 PM. Born on December 20, 1929, he was 93 years old. Despite the fact that my uncle called me a few minutes after I buried my father upon returning to the hotel in Lynn, MA and asking if he was in the Will asking for money that wasn’t there and blaming me for how he thought l buried his brother improperly, and then suing me and my family In Federal court, I am not like other people in the Katz family that hold a grudge against a family member for not living up to their expectations. For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Breaking News: Doug Ingle, Keyboardist of Rock Band Iron Butterfly Dead at 78

    11 JUN 2024 · May 25, 2024 May 25, 2024 • INDIAN WELLS Doug Ingle founded Iron Butterfly with Danny Weiss in 1966. Ingle wrote the band's iconic song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", which was first released in 1968 CORRECTIONS: The album Metamorphosis was released in 1970 not 1971. Metamorphosis contained the fan favorite Butterfly Bleu. Doug Ingle rejoined Iron Butterfly in 1978. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News: 5/25/2024 From Best Classic Bands: Doug Ingle, the singer and organist for the American rock band, Iron Butterfly, and the composer of their epic 1968 song, “In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida,” died last night (May 24, 2024). News of his passing at age 78, was shared by his son, Doug Ingle Jr. Neither the cause nor place of death was indicated, though his son wrote that his father “passed away peacefully… in the presence of his family.” For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Breaking News: Jeffrey Blackburn, Neil Young Bandmate in The Ducks Dead

    11 JUN 2024 · Jan 7, 2023 Guitarist Jeffrey Blackburn co-wrote My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) with Neil Young in 1978. He was also a member of the folk rock duo Blackburn and Snow with singer Sherry Snow. Jeff Blackburn died at age 77. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News:  From Mike Somavilla FB page: Mike Somavilla January 7, 2023 - I just heard the very sad news that my friend the wonderful singer, songwriter Jeffrey Blackburn passed away yesterday. He was a great man who wrote beautiful music. I booked him to open the Chet Helms Tribal Stomp in Golden Gates Park on October 30, 2005. We will all miss you Jeff, R.I.P. my friend, Thanks for the music and the memories. Your music will live forever. For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Breaking News: Actor and Comedian Bill Saluga aka "Ray Jay Johnson" Dead at 85

    11 JUN 2024 · May 7, 2023 Bill Saluga was a founding member of the Ace Trucking Company comedy troupe. Photo of Bill Saluga and Eric Brenner taken by King Biscuit Flower Hour radio host Bill Minkin during twenty sixteen, at Saluga's Burbank California home. Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News: From the Tribune Chronicle: LOS ANGELES — William Saluga, 85, aka “Ray Jay Johnson,” died Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Born in Youngstown, he was a comedian who appeared on several television shows, including “Seinfeld,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Red Foxx” and “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” He was a founding member of The Ace Trucking Company, one of the most innovative comedy troupes of the 1960s and 1970s, which included George Memmoli, Michael Mislove, Bill Saluga, Patti Deutsch and Fred Willard. William was best known for his cigar-smoking, zoot-suit-wearing television character, Raymond J. Johnson Jr. His “You can call me…” shtick was referenced by Bob Dylan in his 1979 hit, “Gotta Serve Somebody.” For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Breaking News: Gloria Singer James Sohns Dead at 75

    31 JUL 2022 · Eric Brenner Reports Breaking News For more on Eric Brenner:
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  • Breaking News: Carlos Santana Postpones Six Shows After Collapsing On Stage In Michigan

    26 JUL 2022 · Carlos Santana has postponed six shows as a result of collapsing on stage at a show in Michigan.
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  • Breaking News: Parliament Funkadelic Guitarist Tony "Strat" Thomas Dead

    26 JUL 2022 · Tony "Strat" Thomas who played on Atomic Dog and other big George Clinton Produced hits, has passed away. Thomas who was part of the legendary Electric Spanking Of War Babies sessions with Sly Stone, was found dead on a couch at band practice
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  • Breaking News: Rock Singer, Jimi Hendrix Luminary Rosa Lee Brooks Dead

    30 DEC 2021 · Rosa Lee Brooks met Jimi Hendrix at the Wilcox Hotel in 1965. Rosa invited Jimi to play on her new song, written by Arthur Lee of Love. Hendrix played guitar on two of Rosa Lee Brook's songs
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