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    Minisode: Jinxdate/Lawlu?

    27 MAR 2024 · What it says on the tin. Truly I don't know what this is.  Trigger Warning: Noncon. Because Jinx. 
    11m 42s
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    Thailand: Episode 7: Secret Crush on You

    27 MAR 2024 · Yell-O! Today we're talking about Secret Crush on You(2022)! Origionally Titled Stalker! By Darin. Trigger warnings: Stalking suprise surprise  Link To Episode 1: I prmise this will actually be a weekly show at some point... probably... maybe
    30m 45s
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    The Valentines Day Special!!!

    14 FEB 2024 · Hey guys enjoy this rambling mess about frankly too many things. I go over my favorite types of couples in BL and recomment a few to read. Spoilers for: Mo dao zus shi, Zero Hunting To Trap a Werewolf, Komatta Toki Ni Wa Hoshi Kike, My father in law in is my wife, Super Sons, Lego Monkei Kid, Pixuis Eatery, SCI Mystery, and more! Based on this list you can see how out of hand and drunk I got.Seriously skip this if you want, i'm insane. XOXO Gossip Girl
    1h 8m 17s
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    Episode 6: S. Korea: Youjin x The Jinx Rant (YInx Rantview)

    4 DEC 2023 · It's a double feature! Today Yellow will be discussing the Manwha Youjin and ranting about Jinx. Lets talk about S*x BABY! Some spoilers for the Danmei "Eighteens Bed". You can read both of these on Lehzin: Trigger Warning: Abuse, Assault, R*pe, Domestic Violence, Gaslighting and Victim blaming Seriously Jinx is bad you guys Correction: I kept saying Perfect Education. I meant to say Physical Education. Those are two different BL. Truly I've read too much.
    59m 46s
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    Rant Episode #1: MDZS,MXTX, Priest, LMW and a lil Jinx

    19 NOV 2023 · I'm just ranting about Bl Bullshit. I'm trying to settle an enternal debate i've been having for years and you guys get to hear it! With a special guest apperance!
    35m 36s
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    Episode 5: Japan: My Little Inferno

    19 NOV 2023 · I Live! Today we're talking about the manga My Little Inferno. Written by Nemui Asada, published on September 25 2017. This is one of my favorite BL manga and I hope I can do it justice! Trigger Warnings: Assault -extremelybriefly- There currently isn't anywhere to legally read this but if you can find it and you can afford it, you should get it.
    41m 26s
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    Episode 4: China: Advance Bravely

    18 SEP 2023 · This time we're takling about the Chinese Drama and Danmei Advance Bravely. Join Yellow in the strange and delightful world of chinese BL and Cenosorship. You can find the link to read it here: You can watch the show on Viki Little Inferno. Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assualt Abuse, Homophobia
    1h 11m 6s
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    Episode 3- Thailand SOTUS

    30 AUG 2023 · I made it rught on time! This superon time episode is about SOTUS (2016). Today were talking about hazing, romance and the past not living up the to present. Also theres a Manga!? Next Week (days) episode will be taking us to China and its hardcore body gaurd scene! We're talking Advanced Bravely. Trigger warnings: No trigger warnings this week! Waaaa. Dont get used to it ! This is BL Country!
    57m 15s
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    Episode 2 South Korea: False Memories

    13 AUG 2023 · Guess who got the second episode out at a decent time? We made it to South Korea this week! Yellow is talking about False Memories The 2018 S.Korean BL by Lee Gpiee. WE're also learning about the one of the many BL parodaxes that Yellow swears should be in a scientific journal somewhere. .Read False Memories here: Trigger Warnings: Discussions of Assult, Abuse (Verbal and Physical), Neglect and Dubcon. Next week we're headed to Thailand to watch SOTUS and see if it still holds up for Yellow as one of the first Thai BL she ever saw. Why do i write these in thrid person? Who knows!
    28m 30s
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    Episode 1 Japan: Fangs

    7 AUG 2023 · In this episode Yellow will be talking at you about the 2022 BL Manga Fangs. Fangs follow En as he learns more about what it means to be a Vampire in the modern world. Meet loveable characters like Ichii, Masaki and best boi Suga. This is a surprisingly introspective one yall. Next week we're headed to South Korea to talk about False Memories and learning about one of Yellows many BL Paradoxes and Theorems. Trigger Warning: Suicide, Implied Domestic Abuse Where To Read
    31m 31s

BLL Is a podcast about all things BL. Your host, Yellow will be taking you through BL stories from Thailand, Korea, Japan, and China. Danmei, Manga, Thai BL, Manhwa, Manhua,...

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BLL Is a podcast about all things BL. Your host, Yellow will be taking you through BL stories from Thailand, Korea, Japan, and China. Danmei, Manga, Thai BL, Manhwa, Manhua, and more. Each week Yellow will give an in-depth rundown of what the story is about and her opinions on it. There might even be guests! If she can get her friends to watch or read any of it. Episodes will be uploaded every Sunday. My goal is simple, I love BL and I want to share that love with literally anyone willing to listen. This podcast is great for long-time BL fans and those who are just starting out on their depraved and wholesome journey. So check out Boys Laugh Love and fall in love with BL with me.
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