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Book Talk with Corbin

  • Elijah Muhammad: An Original Man

    16 JAN 2024 · One of the most intriguing figures in North American history is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, formerly Elijah Poole, leader fo the Nation of Islam.
    6m 32s
  • Chess puzzle...Can you solve it?

    14 JAN 2024 · Let us know if you can solve the puzzle.
    1m 46s
  • Dr. Gay, Harvard and HBCU's

    10 JAN 2024 · Dr. Gay should be encouraged to repent, apologize and do something for HBCU's.
    1h 24m 11s

    30 DEC 2023 · SJS Radio....all talk, all day, and twice on Sundays
    5m 14s
  • Hamas and the KKK: same coin, different sides

    21 DEC 2023 · Facebook page: Book Talk with Corbin You Tube: Book Talk with Corbin Please like, follow and subscribe
  • Book Talk with Corbin

    16 DEC 2023 · Facebook page: Book Talk with Corbin
    6m 30s
  • Jewish Hatred at IVY League Schools

    13 DEC 2023 · Please follow our Facebook page: Book Talk with Corbin
    11m 19s
  • Brother Shahid Muhammad

    6 JUL 2023 · All throughout the USA Black youth, in particular Black males are almost criminally underserved by the public school system. How so? Their math proficiency scores are horrible to say the least! Some urban areas are reporting less than 30% of Black youth as grade level proficient, all grade levels, in math. Math is the queen of all sciences. If you are not math proficient there is little to no chance of your ability to do well on STEM areas and STEM careers and STEM businesses. Shahid Muhammad, the math doctor, and accomplished speaker and author, knows how to successfully teach Black youth math. Please share this interview with at least 4 Black parents, and ask those four to share this interview with three Black parents, and so on and so forth. This is a problem we can overcome. This is a problem we must overcome. Buy his material, as I have done, from his web site, and please give thoughtful consideration to having Shahid Muhammad, the math doctor, give a presentation in your town, city or community.
    28m 9s
  • Uncle MeShorn

    16 JUN 2023 · This local author welcomes controversy! Check out what he has to say, and find out where you can purchase his latest book.
    18m 2s
  • Matt Singleton

    13 JUN 2023 · A local Christian apologist, and author, Matt Singleton cuts into the tired old arguments against the Christian faith and the authority of the Scriptures.
    20m 21s
Book Talk with Corbin is a podcast committed to giving voice to America's Black conservatives, and their allies.

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