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Boob Tube Boys

  • Ep 143 | Happy Days: "A Date with Fonzie"

    25 APR 2024 · It’s time to put on your coolest leather jacket and join the Boob Tube Boys in the swingin’ 1970s! Err… the 50s rather… whatever, it’s a show about Happy Days That’s right, Happy Days. Not Sad Days, not Favorable Days, not Jocular Days, and certainly not Infuriated Days, it’s Happy Days! That’s show where Henry Winkler plays a young cool guy who says cool things and hangs out in a public bathroom a bunch. Of course it’s not just that, there’s also Ron Howard, a different red-headed guy with a big monster face, Scott Baio before all the weird stuff, and Tom Bosley’s big floppy face! Today’s episode features a cameo from Laverne and Shirley of Laverne and Shirley fame as Fonzie decides to set Ron Howard up on a double date since he’s been struggling to get laid recently only wackiness ensues and some minor issues crop up. Happy Days!
    1h 25m 23s
  • Ep 142 | Family Matters: "Walk on the Wild Side" and 2024 BTB Hall of Fame!

    18 APR 2024 · The BTBs finish talking about Family Matters with an episode chock full of hunks, low-stakes deception, and wholesome parenting. That's not all, though, because it's time for the second annual Boob Tube Boys Hall of Fame Ceremony!  Laura is tired of her friends sassing her for following the rules, so she decides to join the cheerleading team at Club Buff, a male strip club that turns out to be a frequent stop for Mother Winslow. Steve tries to warn Laura she might get caught, while Carl remains secure in his wife's devotion to him Later, Spencer introduces the next show the podcast will tackle. Then the boys reveal the 2024 Boob Tube Boys Hall of Fame nominees, introduce a special new wing, and vote on winners. Put on your finest eveningwear and press play!
    1h 23m 58s
  • Ep 141 | Family Matters: "Born to be Mild"

    11 APR 2024 · It's finally time for the Boob Tube Boys to cover the only sitcom that once had all of America asking, "did I do that?!" Family Matters coverage begins with a bang, as Steve Urkel infiltrates a local gang with a surprisingly talented artist in its midst Brian, Spencer, and Van discuss their childhood hours spent with Family Matters, how Urkel's antics hijacked a show that was supposed to be centered around Reginald Vel Johnson, and what sorts of magazines Mother Winslow was reading in 1991. It's a rare condition, this day and age, for a podcast to be this good!
    1h 5m 43s
  • Ep 140 | Quantum Leap: "The Wrong Stuff"

    4 APR 2024 · Quantum Leap leaps right back into your ears as the BTBs take one more trip into the past alongside hologram man Al and handsome Frankenstein man Sam. This time around Sam finds himself stuck not in the body of a glam rocker, nor in the body of one of those women, nor in the fleshy meat tomb of a gangster or something. No this time around he's in the body of one of man's closest relatives... a chimpanzee! Sam's mission is to save the chimp he's inside of (eww that sounded gross) by making the chimp the best astronaut it can be. And yes, that's the real plot of this episode. So quit monkeying around and listen in!
    1h 27m 26s
  • Ep 139 | Quantum Leap: "Glitter Rock"

    22 MAR 2024 · The story of Quantum Leap is simple, well no it isn't but let's say it is. Sam (Scott Dracula) goes back in time and inhabits the bodies of random people while his friend Al (Dean Stockwell) helps him out using a computer that's real good at probabilities. This time around Sam finds himself inside the body of a guy called Tonic, a 'glitter rocker' in the vein of KISS who is due to be stabbed in a few days if Sam and Al can't figure out who the stabber is The episode includes a whole bunch of awesome fake music, weird guys with largely fake British accents, and of course a sex, drugs and rock and roll* *Note: Scott Dracula is actually not cool like his name implies and is instead very much against the ideas of sex and drugs. Rock and Roll, however, may remain provided it doesn't get too intense
    1h 25m 4s
  • Ep 138 | Batman Beyond: "Eyewitness"

    14 MAR 2024 · Batman Begins is on the docket once more as Spencer guides Van and Brian through the mean streets of Gotham City. This time around there's a mad bomber who is way cooler than Batman, but problems arise when instead of just stopping the villain Batman bludgeons him to death with a nuclear bomb The guys talk their new love Mad Stan and Brian quizzes the other two about other Batman villains!
    1h 2m 45s
  • Ep 137 | Batman Beyond: "Meltdown"

    8 MAR 2024 · It's a cold day in Gotham as the Boob Tube Boys arrive just in time to see a sexy sultry voiced doctor show up and do some quasi-necromancy to give noted Batman villain Mr. Freeze a new lease on life! The BTBs show up to watch a show that all three thought was beneath them when it came out in the late 90s. Also there's mention of a Batman villain called Dr. Phosphorus? It turns out he was actually the inspiration for this show's big bad- Blight. A glowy skeleton man whose name is far less interesting than 'Dr. Phosphorus'
    1h 6m 11s
  • Ep 136 | True Detective: "Night Country: Part 2"

    1 MAR 2024 · The BTBs are back to talk more about True Detective: Night Country, a show about Jodie Foster yelling at her loved ones, Kali Reis whooping ass, and John Hawkes having a cool face The fellas last left their Alaskan character friends at the outset of a grotesque crime scene, but things are about to get even creepier. Brian, Spencer, and Van talk about fun character interactions, the intermingling of ambitious storylines, and hanging out with ghosts. Spencer steers the podcast in a very different direction with his next show choice And don't forget to follow us on Patreon! All bonus content is available for free, and coming soon will be a full True Detective season 4 review so keep an eye out for that!
    1h 7m 9s
  • Ep 135 | True Detective: "Night Country: Part 1"

    23 FEB 2024 · The frozen expanse of the podcasting universe holds many secrets, but don't worry, the Boob Tube Boys are here to guide you across the icy ground. It's time to talk True Detective: Night Country, the latest installment in HBO's long-running anthology series! Jodie Foster and Kali Reis are detectives tasked with solving an impossible and terrifying mystery in Alaska's dark season, and they might even be up against forces bigger than they imagine. Brian picked this one due to his fondness for True Detective's landmark first season, but will Issa Lopez's iteration hold up? Spencer offers his thoughts as a longtime fan, while Van experiences the show's universe for the first time
    1h 26m 3s
  • Ep 134 | Beef: "The Rapture of Being Alive"

    9 FEB 2024 · Where's the Beef? Right here you dumb old lady! That's right the Boob Tube Boys have returned to the spiteful world of Netflix' Beef where Steven Yeun as Danny pees all over the place and Ali Wong as Amy plots her revenge. We're picking back up right where we left off last week and despite being given the opportunity to take the high road Amy has chosen instead... for vengeance The tubers marvel at some of the background jokes in the show as well as all of the actor's performances. They take a moment to appreciate the truly human stories being told, and of course finish off the episode discussing their favorite meats, which may surprise you Don't forget to follow our FREE Patreon feed where we'll be discussing the entire season of Beef as a whole - The intro/outro/bumper music is Gimme More by BEEF, a song I've heard a billion times thanks to this but still enjoy! Check them out here: After listening to our Beef episodes head over ot where the boys put together their thoughts on the series as a whole in a full bonus show! It's all free so what are you waiting for? Get to downloading!
    1h 18m 38s

Boob Tube Boys is a comedy podcast where three friends talk about TV shows from days past. Each week, Van Lee, Spencer Hendricks, and Brian Vaughan tackle a different episode...

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Boob Tube Boys is a comedy podcast where three friends talk about TV shows from days past. Each week, Van Lee, Spencer Hendricks, and Brian Vaughan tackle a different episode of an old show, offering insight and inanity along the way. If you're into abject silliness, television tropes, and joking around with your friends, you've come to the right place!
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