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Blind Spot - The Eye Doctor's Podcast

  • 24. Toric Intraocular Lenses (Dr. Rosa Braga-Mele)

    21 MAY 2024 · The toric intraocular lenses (IOL) is a mainstay in the treatment of astigmatism during cataract surgery.  Many people have different thresholds, however, for when they would consider a toric IOL.  What is the appropriate amount of astigmatism that warrants treatment with a toric lens?  Does the threshold vary if a premium lens is being used?  What lens implantation techniques can be implemented to achieve the best possible results with a toric lens?   This episode is sponsored by Sun Pharma Canada -
    37m 31s
  • 23. Is SMILE better than LASIK? (Dr. Walter Sekundo)

    7 MAY 2024 · LASIK has been the procedure of choice in refractive surgery for many years now.  But over the last decade, the development of SMILE has changed the landscape in refractive surgery.  Especially popular in Europe and China, many ophthalmologists are offering their patients SMILE in place of LASIK.  So what exactly is SMILE, and why do many view it as a superior alternative to LASIK?  Dr. Walter Sekundo, the developer of the SMILE procedure, joins the podcast. 
    36m 58s
  • 22. Solar Eclipse (Dr. Tina Felfeli)

    4 APR 2024 · As excitement grows regarding the upcoming solar eclipse, anxiety is also increasing amongst patients.  How should we be counseling concerned patients regarding the solar eclipse and what precautions they should be taking to protect their eyes? Dr. Tina Felfeli joins the podcast. 
    27m 40s
  • 21. Cataract Post-Op Checks (Dr. Uday Devgan)

    27 MAR 2024 · Traditionally, most of us were taught that after cataract surgery, a patient should be assessed on day one, week one, and month one.  But what are these recommendations based on?  Practically speaking, does our typical survellance of post-operative cataract surgery patients make sense, or are we overly dogmatic in our approach? Dr. Uday Devgan, aka 'The Cataract Coach', joins the podcast. 
    23m 12s
  • 20. Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma (Dr. Ike Ahmed)

    28 FEB 2024 · The traditional paradigm is that when a patient presents with acute angle closure due to pupil block, a peripheral iridotomy (PI) must be performed immediately. But in reality, is this always the best approach? Is it safe to treat medically for a period of time before the PI? In which situations might a PI actually exacerbate the acute angle closure? Dr. Ike Ahmed joins the podcast.
    27m 38s
  • 19. Keratoconus - 'No Rub, No Cone' (Dr. Damien Gatinel)

    1 FEB 2024 · We all know that keratoconus is very highly associated with eye rubbing. But in general, the widely held belief has been that keratoconus is just associated with eye rubbing, one of multiple factors that leads to the condition. But have we gotten it wrong? Is eye rubbing not merely associated with keratoconus, but actually the sole causative factor of keratoconus? Has there been a huge blind spot in our basic understanding of keratoconus development and progression? Dr. Damien Gatinel joins the podcast.
    1h 3m 51s
  • 18. Acetazolamide (Dr. Deborah Friedman)

    10 JAN 2024 · Acetazolamide is a common and important medication used in ophthalmology. It is used as a treatment for both high intraocular pressure and high intracranial pressure. Yet despite its many uses, many ophthalmologists feel nervous when prescribing it due its potential side effects and the concern of sulfa allergy. And while caution is always a good thing, have we perhaps overstated the risks with acetazolamide to such a point that we don’t use it enough? What exactly is sulfa allergy, and does it even apply to acetazolamide? And how dangerous is acetazolamide, and how should we be counseling patients when prescribing it? Dr. Deborah Friedman joins the podcast. Learn more about Dr. Friedman at
    23m 11s
  • 17. Central Retinal Artery Occlusion (Dr. R. Rishi Gupta)

    13 DEC 2023 · A central retinal artery occlusion is arguably one of the worst ocular events that can occur, given its extremely poor visual prognosis. As such, our efforts to find an effective treatment for CRAO have been extensive, but in many regards, inadequate. There are certain treatment options that we all learn in residency to try and halt a CRAO, but for the most part, many of these techniques are fairly unproven and don’t work so well. So what does actually work? And is the evidence for TPA strong enough that we should be routinely recommending it in appropriate cases? Dr. Rishi Gupta joins the podcast. Learn more about Dr. Gupta at Learn more about Dr. Gupta's books at
    37m 43s
  • 16. Botox and Fillers (Dr. Harmeet Gill)

    29 NOV 2023 · Over the past two decades, Botox and Fillers have changed the landscape of cosmetic plastic surgery, including the field of oculoplastics. But how exactly to Botox and Fillers work, and more importantly, how should patients be counseled on these elective treatments? And from a philosophical standpoint, has the world of cosmetic surgery gone too far in 'de-aging' the population and perhaps further stigmatizing the natural process of getting older? Oculoplastics specialist Dr. Harmeet Gill joins the podcast.
    53m 18s
  • 15. Blepharitis (Dr. Ashley Brissette)

    15 NOV 2023 · Blepharitis is a common diagnosis, but it’s also an umbrella term that encompasses many different clinical disorders which require varying treatment approaches. Many patients struggle with chronic blepharitis, where it’s tough to find an effective treatment. So what exactly is the best approach to blepharitis? How does one differentiate staph blepharitis from demodex? What are the most effective treatments on the market? And from a preventative standpoint, what exactly is lid hygiene, and is it something we should routinely be recommending to our patients? Dr. Ashley Brissette joins the podcast. Check out Dr. Brissette's Eye Care Products Follow Dr. Brissette on Social Media Instagram @abrissettemd TikTok @abrissettemd
    17m 45s

Blind Spot is the Eye Doctor's Podcast that challenges eye care specialists to examine their own blind spots in the clinical and surgical management of eye disease. Each episode features...

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Blind Spot is the Eye Doctor's Podcast that challenges eye care specialists to examine their own blind spots in the clinical and surgical management of eye disease. Each episode features a different guest expert and focuses on a particular clinical diagnosis or surgical challenge in ophthalmology. The show is hosted by Toronto-based ophthalmologist Dr. Zale Mednick.
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