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  • Black Women's Monumental Impact

    6 FEB 2024 · They faced whips and rape. They trudged frozen rivers guided only by stars towards an uncertain chance at freedom. They were force fed vitriol for daring to stand at podiums and redress generations of brutal oppression. And still they persisted. In today’s episode we peel back the glossy veneer of American history textbooks to reveal the astonishing journeys of Black women whose names may not be familiar but whose actions demonstrably shaped our nation’s conscience. Women like the “Moses of her people” Harriet Tubman whose daring missions liberated hundreds from slavery’s torment. Like Shirley Chisholm, who tarred roads of “precedent shattering” firsts from Congress to the presidential campaign trail heedless of threats from bigots. By properly celebrating their courage and sacrifice, we seed new inspiration for addressing the inequities still rooted in our systems and structures today. This is the empowering untold histories of Black women changemakers.
    11m 49s
  • Trailblazers of Justice - America's Civil Rights Revolution

    6 FEB 2024 · This episode profiles some of the 20th century’s most pivotal civil rights reformers. Their heroic journeys for justice began over six decades ago from city streets in Alabama and lunch counters in Greensboro. This episode chronicles bold stands that sparked a moral revolution which continues today. We relive Rosa Parks’ refusing to budge which touched off the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott....The Little Rock Nine facing violent mobs to desegregate schools... College students enduring blows while sitting-in for service rights. We follow the tragically intersecting roads of visionaries like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, whose riveting rhetoric fueled a generation towards purpose and progress. Listeners time-travel through sit-ins, protest marches, and campaigns which led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965—a law that changed America, even as work remains unfinished towards truly equal rights, representation and economic opportunity. Understanding this living history helps illuminate present-day struggles.
    16m 3s
  • The Origins of Black History Month - How Carter G. Woodson Sparked a Cultural Tradition

    2 FEB 2024 · This piece podcast disusses the conception of Black History Month by Carter G. Woodson, the distinguished Black scholar who pioneered #NegroHistoryWeek in 1926 to promote achievements of African Americans omitted from history books. We follow Woodson’s vision as his #weeklong observance gains momentum, eventually transforming into a #monthlong celebration affirmed nationally as #BlackHistoryMonth. The article underscores the persisting need for accurate Black narratives in classrooms and public spaces, even today, over a century since one man rallied to correct widespread distortions of African American contributions.
    14m 39s

This Podcast explores the origins of Black History Month and the efforts of historian Carter G. Woodson to establish "Negro History Week" in 1926. It traces the evolution of Woodson's...

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This Podcast explores the origins of Black History Month and the efforts of historian Carter G. Woodson to establish "Negro History Week" in 1926. It traces the evolution of Woodson's week-long celebration into the month-long commemoration recognized today as Black History Month. The piece also discusses why teaching accurate Black history in schools and society remains so relevant.
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