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    If you hustin' or got a side gig and making money you need to listen to this episode about the IRS form 1099k

    17 SEP 2023 · Listen up! Since I prepare taxes I know what the IRS is doing and I'm telling you they're coming for the people that make money on the side. Hustlers and peeps that get paid through apps like Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal Square, Amazon, Soundcloud, ebay and many others the IRS is coming for you if you received over $600. It don't matter who it is! People think they safe with Zelle, but Zelle is owned by 5 banks and if you think they won't report the money going through your hands you are wrong! In 2024 the IRS is demnanding the 3rd parties like Cashapp, Venmon, Paypal, Square and a whole lot others to report money that you made. You could have sold a shitty couch and some stuff at a garage sale or facebook or instragram etc. let it be known you will be taxed it you received over $600! So download my free book now because in a couple of months I'm taking it down. Please listen because if you hustlin' the IRS is coming for you! You'll see! Download the here so you don't get caught off guard!
    11m 21s
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    Keep your day job if you are a creative artist

    17 SEP 2023 · I'm just saying if you hate your job and are a creative artist, keep your money coming in and your art on the side. If you a rapper, singer, dancer, photogrpaher, videoographers, sports man or woman etc. Keep your money coming in and if you don't have a skill get one!
    21m 48s
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    They say slavery happend a long time ago. Get Over it. I say FU!

    9 SEP 2023 · A young white college girl asked a white man on a panel of some sort, why are so many black people in prision when some stats whites commit a lot ot crimes or something like that. He was quick to say "Well people don't like to talk about it, but independanent anaylsis shows that in New Yok 52% or murders are by black people. 60% of crime are caused by black people and the audience clapped passionaltely. He then says 60% (or some other high %) of drugs and drugs sales are by plack people." We don't grow poppies or own gun manufactuing plants. Anyway, he then goes on to say to the white girl, "What you should be asking is why?" And I was like slavery bitch! Yes Lincoln ended slavery but he knew also that black people was axing up white people, just ask Nat Turner. The point is some white people well say "well that happened a long time ago" and now they got all the other races saying the same thing. Then they rationalzie and say "well what aboutthe land they took from them or what about the Asians on the railroad etc. I say what ever happened to them, they weren't enslaved 25 years, 50 years 100, years or 200 hundred years or whatever the history books say. Can you image working for free even one day and the person who enslaved you told you they were helping you out. This is what I say. 1. Never forget! 2. To the people that said they came to this country and pulled themselves up from their bootstraps, one thing they didn't have. Black skin. So they blended right on in. 3. Remember when we came to this country by force, (the victor always say well we couldn't have done what we did without the approval of Afrikans. FU bitch you snuck folks out. 4. Remember if you tried to learn to read you will mained, killed or even boiled. 5. When slavery ended our blackeness was branded. We couldn't get a job, couldn't read or write and barely new the langauage. So yeah the black family had to steal to eat. Even to this day. 6. They say why not pick yourself up from your bootstrapts (I fell for that trap once) and I say we didn't have boots we were bare footed. 7. When black people did get on our feet a litle bit poor white people were haters and hung and burned black people on crosses and in their homes and businesses. 8. Now in 2023 some whites will say what's the problem? One of the problems is we never had therapy. Shit we were traumatized! A white woman can see her dog get hit by a car and need therapy for 5 yearss. We were never given an apology for the centruies of labor for this country. All they can say is get rid of those jiggas. 9. How you gonna take the labor of a people for centuries and think all is cool. It's like I go to your house and take your father away, the bread winner and have him come work in my house for no bread. 10. Even now in 2023 we are stigmatized to be criminials, murders and lazy. I would say to that we learned from the best of them! Listen for more and yes I am cussing up a storm so if you are sensitive you might want to skip this rant. And with all that folks are jealous of us! Karma is a bitch!
    22m 36s
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    Will You Be Homeless One Year From Now?

    26 JUN 2023 · Will You Be Homeless One Year From Now? Some people can't answer that question because they don't know and if you don't know that's a problem.
    9m 40s
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    Welcome to the New World Order

    20 JAN 2021 · Welcome to the New World Order. One world government, one world military and plenty population control! You might not want to go down this rabbit hole!
    52m 20s
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    It Ain't Worth It - Over reacting gonna get you hurt...note to self

    16 SEP 2020 · - Reacting to your own thoughts will get you into trouble. I've gotten into so many situations with people and I'm the one that starts it! Over reacting about a situation! But you know what? It ain't worth it. The brotha said "you almost lost your life today," and with my smart mouth I said, "it's mutual" as I reposition the unloaded gun... I'm talking in whisper cuz I don't want my spouse to hear me....
    4m 51s
  • 80's Music

    16 SEP 2020 · Back in the day when you had privacy and good music.
    1h 19m 16s
  • Resistance To Change

    16 SEP 2020 · Will you crack or grow? The choice is yours!
    2m 24s
  • 70's Music MIx

    16 SEP 2020 · Memory lane for those from the 70's
    2h 50m 35s
  • BCR Music Mix II

    16 SEP 2020 · Music mix II
    35m 36s
Black Conscious Radio. Black is the color of our skin. Conscious is because we understand what's going on and radio is of course an old school term for podcast.

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