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    9 JUN 2019 · "Killing Michael Jackson" Documentary Acquired By Discovery Network ___ The doc will feature three detectives who were involved in the investigation into the singer's death. MORE ___________ For months, Michael Jackson's name has been the center of scandalous conversations after the airing for HBO's Leaving Neverland docuseries. The allegations of child molestation and rape shared by James Safechuck and Wade Robson have marred the singer's already tarnished image, and it looks as if the Discovery network is looking to keep the controversy train rolling. The death of Michael Jackson was a shock wave that reverberated around the world as no one expected the 50-year-old icon to pass away. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and later investigation, led to revelations about Jackson's life that only a few were privy to—including an apparent addiction to propofol which led to his death. His personal physician and cardiologist, Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for supplying Jackson with the anesthetic. In 2011, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison but was released in 2013 for good behavior. _________ PEARL JR SPEAKS ______ like . share . subscribe . leave a comment
    20m 8s
  • Michael Jackson Scared . Simon Cowell . Tohme Tohme Fraud :: Pearl Jr Breaks Silence

    23 MAY 2019 · LISTEN NOW ___ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TOHME TOHME Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit --- Tohme R. Tohme says he was due a 15% commission on compensation that Jackson received in 2009, the year the entertainer died, as well as a share of “This Is It,” the documentary of Jackson’s rehearsals for concerts planned for London that were canceled because of his death. Please visit YOUTUBE :: Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker for more details like . share . subscribe . leave a comment
    15m 6s
  • Gabrielle Union Beware :: Man-Boy Sex Agenda :: Oprah Allegedly Supports ...

    21 APR 2019 · Gabrielle Union Supports Dwyane Wade's 11-Year-Old Son at Gay Pride Festival ... LISTEN NOW ________ MORE INSIGHT like . share . subscribe . download . leave a comment Guest: Pearl Jr
    27m 24s

    20 APR 2019 · LISTEN NOW --- ‘Leaving Neverland’: A Lot Has Happened Since the Michael Jackson Documentary Premiered ____________ There’s been no end to public outcry ever since HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. The painful two-part HBO documentary, which details the alleged sexual abuse that two men endured from Jackson, has resulted in a variety of responses. The details unearthed in “Leaving Neverland” have resulted in a permanent tainting of the powerful singer’s legacy — Russian Television Cancelled “Leaving Neverland” Showing Louis Vuitton Dropped Michael Jackson Clothing Posters Protesting Jackson’s Influence Removed Michael Jackson’s music sales and streams declined “The Simpsons” removed an episode Corey Feldman changed his mind Radio stations in New Zealand and Canada stopped playing Michael Jackson’s music like . share . subscribe . leave a comment
    12m 59s
  • Dear NICK CANNON and DJ Vlad : Pearl Jr Exposes The Truth

    20 APR 2019 · LISTEN NOW - EXPLICIT Audio Exposes Salacious Headlines and Misconceptions like . share . subscribe . leave a comment
    12m 59s
  • Pearl Jr Unleashed - MORE Leaving Neverland's Salacious Headlines Addressed

    20 APR 2019 · Pearl Jr Unleashed - Thriller 2019 aka Leaving Neverland's Salacious Headlines Addressed LISTEN NOW --- Pearl Jr Speaks --- ... Michael Jackson's estate hits back at 'Leaving Neverland,' says sexual abuse accusers are 'motivated by money' like . share . subscribe . leave a comment
    1h 58m 36s
  • Pearl Jr and Phelo : Oprah, R Kelly and MJ:: The NEW FACE of ...

    12 MAR 2019 · LISTEN NOW Content Warning - Listener Discretion Is Advised like . comment . subscribe .
    20m 33s
  • Pearl Jr - John Legend, What If Someone Banned and Accused You Of Sexual Assault

    12 MAR 2019 · The Lies People Tell - John Legend / Motown- MJ Tribute (#Money-Grab) SEE AUDIO: John Legend Believes Michael Jackson Is Guilty "It Was DISGUSTING!" My god what is happening with humanity smh __________________ LISTEN NOW Content Warning - Listener Discretion Is Advised like . comment . subscribe .
    10m 49s
  • Pearl Jr : Wendy Williams Lied About Michael Jackson's Showers and Nudity

    12 MAR 2019 · 'I don't believe a word': Wendy Williams accuses men in Leaving Neverland documentary of 'lies' but says Michael Jackson is NOT innocent Wendy Williams doesn't 'believe a word of anything' in Leaving Neverland She spoke about new Michael Jackson documentary on her show She said 'Michael's no innocent' but she doesn't believe touching or sex occurred. Williams got applause before calling the accusations 'lies' and a 'money grab' The former substance addict says she does believe Jackson had a drug problem and showered with kids. Listen NOW to learn more like . comment . subscribe . Join the POP CULTURE movement
  • More Secrets Revealed : Oprah, Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) and Ty Wansley

    8 MAR 2019 · LISTEN NOW ---- During OUR interview, a caller reminded us of Winfrey's storied history as a talk-show host, cultural icon, advocate of mystical healing powers, fearer of hamburgers and friend of Harvey Weinstein. Another caller explored Oprah's child sex abuse scandals. STOP. PAUSE. #MUTE-HYPOCRISY RIGHT vs WRONG --- LISTEN NOW as PEARL, JR shares her research with you like . comment . subscribe .
    24m 11s
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