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  • BTW Episode 11 - Update from Coach Mack

    12 JAN 2022 · Quick announcement from Coach Mack that we posted to socials last night. We're back! Expect new episodes in the next few weeks. In the meantime, subscribe and follow us on Socials @BTWthePodcast
    2m 11s
  • BTW Episode 10 - Life During COVID19

    20 APR 2020 · Bobby and Coach Mack connect via Zoom to discuss why we haven't been playing any football, let alone recording. We discuss navigating through life as people, parents, and football coaches. We understand the world has been a little upside-down, so it's important as coaches to stay engaged with as many people as possible - especially your athletes - we thought we would share some of these thoughts with you as well. Stay safe everyone!
    27m 20s
  • BTW Episode 9 - Assistant Coaches

    14 APR 2020 · S2E2: Join the Coaches as they discuss what the ideal roles and responsibilities of the various staff members on a coaching staff should look like, and also how they delegate, but also empower coaches.
    27m 16s
  • BTW Episode 8 - Needs vs Wants

    5 APR 2020 · Everyone has needs and wants, and often they get a little blurred. The coaches kick off Season 2 discussing why a Player’s “wants” HAS to come after the Team’s “needs”. And an admission that coaches DO sometimes play favourites, and how you can be that player.
    23m 6s
  • BTW Episode 7 - Play Up or Play Down?

    29 APR 2019 · This one is a really hot-button topic with some coaches. The question we ask is: if you are in the situation of being right in the middle; and you are given the choice, do you prefer to play up in a higher tier vs better teams (and likely get beat up weekly), or do you prefer to play down in the lower tier and be competitive. We’re engaging our social media friends to find out what people think on this one. Join us while we explore the ups and downs of both, and which is better. (Spoiler alert - we don’t actually figure that out..)
    32m 57s
  • BTW Episode 6 - Women in Football

    14 APR 2019 · We have a special episode for you this week! Not only do we have our first ‘guest coach’ on the show, but it is also our first loan on the show. Between the Whistles is a strong supporter of women’s football, and we’re happy to bring you content from our female football friends also. This week, Maggie Henderson joins us. She is a SB/RB and a member of the executive of the Halifax Xplosion Women’s football team. She’s also a minor league coach. Maggie tells about women’s amateur football in Canada, and what it’s like. We all discuss minor football for girls, and why they tend to drop out. Not only that, we’ve decided to test out our ability to record “On Location”! We recorded this one at one of our favourite pubs for fun. Enjoy the cool background noise on this one!
    32m 23s
  • BTW Episode 5 - Getting Yourself Recruited

    7 APR 2019 · Think you can play football after high school? Being able to ball-out isn’t enough these days. Our coaches talk about where we see student-athletes succeeding, and more importantly, where we see them failing. We’re leaving the skills-analysis to the experts at CFC - we are talking about the intangible and unmeasurable things that can make or break your football career. Head over to for more recruiting tips, and for exclusive news, analysis and rankings.
    20m 30s
  • BTW Episode 4 - Multi-Sport Athletes

    24 MAR 2019 · Want to play football at the next level? That doesn’t mean you should have to give up all other sports. Also - Coach Bobby is back! The guys discuss the pros and cons of being a multi-sport athlete, and why coaches generally love them. Also, the importance of balance is hammered home.
    24m 50s
  • BTW Episode 3 - Balancing Life and Football

    19 MAR 2019 · Join Coach Mack and Coach Josh as they talk about kids balancing football, school and personal lives. They also discuss Coaches’ work-life-football balance. We are all passionate about football. For a lot of us, passion borders on obsession. For kids, finding a balance can be the difference between making it in the next level or not, and sometimes between enjoying football or not. PSA - Balance is crucial!
    29m 17s
  • BTW Episode 2 - Football Parents

    9 MAR 2019 · oin the coaches as they discuss one of the most difficult, non-football elements of coaching - working with parents. Parents can be your strongest ally, or your biggest foe! We’re coaches, but most of us are also parents - so we get it. We look at all of the different types of parents, and give advice on how to manage those relationships.
    27m 2s

Between the Whistles is the ultimate amateur football podcast for coaches, players or fans - where we 'tackle' more than just the Xs and Os. As football coaches, we love...

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Between the Whistles is the ultimate amateur football podcast for coaches, players or fans - where we 'tackle' more than just the Xs and Os. As football coaches, we love to give our opinions - but we love to explore (and argue with) new ones also, with many laughs along the way!
Join Coaches Bobby, Josh and Mack in the War Room as they welcome weekly guest-coaches, and talk about all things football.
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