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Between Americans

  • 1. "Shared national vision"

    1 NOV 2017 · "If you listened to these voices hoping for some kind of shared national vision, I think you'd be disappointed."
    11m 44s
  • 2. "Elevate us out"

    1 NOV 2017 · "I pray for a leader that can elevate us out of this national conversation that has gotten so dirty."
    9m 48s
  • 3. "Shock and despondency"

    1 NOV 2017 · "I'm in a constant state of shock and despondency and anger."
    15m 34s
  • 4. "He was never helping"

    1 NOV 2017 · "Everyone's all, 'We love Obama!' He was never helping out at any of our reservations, never nothing."
    9m 50s
  • 5. "Representative comment"

    1 NOV 2017 · "It's really hard to come up with a representative comment about Christians, because we don't even agree."
    9m 58s
  • 6. "Lead by example"

    1 NOV 2017 · "While Americans can have conversations, I think our elected officials are failing to lead by example."
    6m 27s
  • Explicit

    7. "Chronic disbeliever"

    1 NOV 2017 · "I've transitioned into a chronic disbeliever in the idea of democracy in this country."
    10m 34s
  • Explicit

    8. "Me or my company"

    1 NOV 2017 · "I started to realize that the left doesn't give a shit about me or my company."
    13m 9s
  • 9. "Catholic social teaching"

    1 NOV 2017 · "Catholic social teaching is pretty liberal. That's what I grew up with."
    7m 46s
  • 10. "Flip side"

    1 NOV 2017 · "I've seen the flip side where there isn't a rule of law, where there is a lot of corruption."
    9m 28s
Twelve Americans who voted for Donald Trump and twelve who voted for Hillary Clinton spent one year trying to talk across the political divide. Here's their story.
Author Boting Zhang
Categories Society & Culture
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