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Bereaved But Still Me

  • Honoring a Mother’s Strength and Love: The Liben Family Stories

    6 JUN 2024 · Can a mother’s love shape an entire family’s destiny? Join us for a deeply moving tribute to Zipporah Liben, the resilient mother of host Michael Liben and a beacon of strength for her family. Alongside Michael are his siblings, Shirah Ozery and Rabbi Dan Liben, and guest host Anna Jaworski. They come together to share intimate stories and memories that celebrate Zipporah’s life, her unique upbringing between New York and Tel Aviv, and her vital contributions to the Zionist movement. Journey with us as we hear about Zipporah’s unwavering love for Israel, her role as a devoted mother, and the indelible impact she left on her children and grandchildren. Explore the profound and often challenging experience of anticipatory grief as the Liben family recounts their mother’s strength and resilience during the decline of their father’s health. Shirah and Dan offer heartfelt insights into their mother's renewed connection to Israel post-Six-Day War and her inspiring feminist influence. Listen to stories of Zipporah’s courage, hospitality, and her involvement in pivotal social movements. Through the laughter and tears, Michael, Shirah, and Dan honor her legacy and share how her values continue to guide and inspire their lives. This episode is a touching homage to a remarkable woman whose spirit and teachings resonate through generations. Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Facebook: YouTube: Website: a Patron:  OR
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  • A Parent’s Tale of Grief, Special Needs and the Healing Power of Writing

    2 MAY 2024 · Join us in this episode as our host Michael Liben opens up about the complexities of explaining death to his children and welcomes the insights of James Robinson who did likewise with his little ones. Together, they'll explore James' son Nadav's impactful life, marked by a congenital heart defect, and the unwavering spirit it revealed. His story, though filled with vulnerability, is a testament to the remarkable endurance of love and the human soul. Parenting children with special medical needs is unique, often requiring parents to balance transparency with the preservation of childhood innocence. In this heartfelt exchange, between bereaved fathers Michael and James, they recount the promises made to their children to be forthright in the face of life-altering medical conditions. Discover how their children surprised them with their remarkable adaptability, and how the definition of 'normal' was reshaped within the walls of a home where love and medical care were intertwined. They conclude this episode by traversing the path of healing that unfolds in the wake of profound loss. James shares his family's transformative road trip across America, an exploration of grief and remembrance following Nadav's passing. This moving experience culminates in the creation of "More Than We Expected: Five Years with a Remarkable Child," a memoir by James that seeks to offer comfort and connection to those on similar journeys. Through these stories, we honor the legacies of our loved ones and the infinite capacity of the human heart to heal and embrace resilience. To Order James' book, use this link: Or you can visit his website here: Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Facebook: YouTube: Website: a Patron:  OR
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  • Toni Alexander: Taking Small Steps Through Grief's Passage of Time

    4 APR 2024 · How can a person suffering tremendous loss get unstuck in grief? Have you ever felt as though you’re wearing cement boots of grief? How can we move forward in our grief? Join us in this fascinating episode with Toni Alexander. As a bereaved person herself, Toni Alexander attacks the grief process from within. As an author, she looks on grief from a more philosophical perspective. As a teacher, she has brought her lessons from loss forward to help guide others on their grief journey. Toni is no stranger to grief. She has lost both of her parents and a spouse. The death of her mother hit her particularly hard and inspired her book, Mom’s Dying? Encouragement for the Journey, and Embracing Life Changes: Praising Through Pain where she interviewed other people who had experienced losses to assist them with loss through suicide, illness, and other life-altering events. She is here today to give us guidance on how to navigate the difficult experiences of getting unstuck in grief and how to help us move forward in our grief. For More Information: Mom’s Dying? Encouragement for the Journey: Moving Forward: Taking Time to Love Yourself: Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Become a Patron: Or
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  • Melinda's Encore: Phil Proctor's Tribute to Life, Love, and Laughter

    7 MAR 2024 · Returning guest, Phil Proctor, is a man who needs no introduction. An actor, voice actor, writer, producer, comedian, podcaster and founding member of the Firesign Theatre quartet. Phil has been in the entertainment industry for 50 years, and In this episode, he talks with host, Michael Liben about the love of his life -- his soulmate, Melinda Peterson, who died suddenly after more than thirty years of marriage. In this episode, Phil discusses his love, his loss and how he found, in his words, laugh after death. Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Patreon: Become a supporter of this podcast:
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  • Companion Pet Loss - From Grief to Inspiration with Erica Messer

    1 FEB 2024 · Erica Messer talks with Bereaved But Still Me host Michael Liben about pet loss and how she wasn’t able to find resources to help her cope with her grief. After losing her beloved cat, Wolfgang, she discovered a need for pet-loss resources. With her mother’s encouragement, she started Wolfie’s Wish, a company providing resources for those who are grieving the loss of a pet. Erica’s website: Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Patreon:
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  • Surviving the Unbearable: The Resilience of a Father's Love

    4 JAN 2024 · Have you ever wondered how the human heart manages to bear the unbearable? How it picks up the shattered pieces and eventually finds its way to healing? Our guest for today's episode, Roy Martin, opens up about a tragic event that forever changed his life - the loss of his beloved daughter, Tawny, to a drunk driver. Join us as Roy paints a vivid image of Tawny's life, her vivacious spirit, and the sobering reality of her sudden demise. This heartrending narration not only brings to light the devastating aftermath of drunk driving, but also underscores the priceless value of each moment spent with loved ones. As we continue our discussion, we shift our focus towards the labyrinth of grief and the process of recovery. We delve into the heartache, guilt, and regret that ensued in the wake of Tawny's demise, and the impact it had on Roy's family, particularly his son, Noah. Amidst deep sorrow, however, blooms a ray of hope. Roy shares how, with time, they found a way to remember Tawny without being submerged in grief. This conversation sheds light on the unique ways people deal with loss and offers valuable insights into navigating your own path to healing. This episode is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love that persists, even in the face of overwhelming sorrow. Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website:
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  • A Celebration of the Life of Wilodene Perry

    7 DEC 2023 · Today, we gather around the digital campfire to share the enchanting and hard-hitting story of Wilodene, a tenacious woman who lived with seizures for decades before her genetic heart condition, Long Q-T Syndrome, was discovered. Inviting us through the pages of this striking tale is her daughter, Jackie Renfrow, who returns to brighten our podcast with her stories of hope, resilience, and advocacy. As a special memory, Jackie and her mother appeared on our podcast together, their shared hope being that their story could potentially save someone else’s life. The journey didn't end with just Wilodene. Jackie's narrative continues as she traces the impact of Long Q-T Syndrome on her family over the course of seven decades. She recounts the measures she had to implement to protect her loved ones from potentially fatal seizures. Jackie's story is punctuated with moments of fear, especially for her grandchildren and great-grandson, but she meets these challenges head-on, embodying the courage and resilience that her mother passed down to her. As we traverse this journey with Jackie, we're given an intimate glimpse into her efforts to comfort her mother in the face of death, while also securing professional help and community support. Jackie’s plans for advocacy work in raising awareness about Long Q-T Syndrome form the cornerstone of our conversation, showcasing her commitment to continue her mother's legacy. Join us for this heartwarming tribute to a woman who defied her condition to live a full life and to a daughter who continues the fight with hope, resilience, and advocacy. Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website:
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  • You Make Your Path by Walking with Suzanne Anderson

    2 NOV 2023 · Have you ever wondered how to navigate your life after a deeply personal loss? This episode brings you the deeply moving and inspiring story of Suzanne Anderson, a respected psychologist, author, coach, and transformational teacher. We delve into her intimate journey from a multilingual senior management consultant to an author and advocate for the bereaved community, after the tragic loss of her husband to suicide. Her candid recounting of their shared memories and the loneliness, shame, and stigma she faced as a suicide survivor will leave a profound impact on your heart. Suzanne's story serves to remind us of the power of self-compassion and personal growth in the face of adversity. We learn about how Suzanne, dealing with the pain of her husband's death, sought solace in writing retreats, ultimately leading her to author her book, 'You Make Your Path by Walking'. Her experiences and her work with women to prioritize their well-being over others' will shed new light on how self-compassion can be cultivated, especially during the most challenging times. We wrap up the episode with Suzanne sharing her journey to self-compassion and how her projects have been instrumental in helping others find their inner resilience. Her message of the importance of nurturing one's inner strength and connecting with authentic truth is one that resonates strongly, especially in today's fast-paced world. The conversation not only provides insight into Suzanne's inspirational journey but also underscores the importance of self-care and personal growth. Listen in for an episode filled with raw emotions, inspiring stories, and valuable life lessons. Links to Suzanne's books: Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website:
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  • Thinking About Complicated Grief, with Author and Podcaster Theo Boyd

    12 OCT 2023 · Have you ever found yourself immersed in the endless waves of grief, struggling to find a lifeline? You're not alone. Our guest for this episode, Theo Boyd, a resilient writer, a former teacher, and a survivor of unthinkable loss, is here to share her incredible journey from heartache to healing. Theo takes us through her harrowing experiences, from the sudden death of her mother in a farm accident, the loss of her counselor, to the dissolution of her marriage. Amidst her personal turmoil, discover how Theo channeled her pain into writing, culminating in her cathartic memoir, "My Grief is Not Like Yours". Theo provides a raw and revealing discussion about Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD), previously known as complicated grief. She emphasizes the importance of seeking professional assistance in such circumstances and shares her personal encounters of frustration when people failed to acknowledge her parents' death. Despite the anguish, Theo found solace in unexpected places, notably the wisdom imparted by her students. She introduces us to a unique therapeutic exercise, "100 Things", which was instrumental in her journey of remembrance and healing. In the final chapter of our conversation, Theo shares how her memoir became a memorial to her parents, a tangible testament to their lives and her love for them. She recounts engaging experiences from book signings and events, and how these interactions provided further support in her healing journey. But her mission extends beyond her personal journey. Theo is now committed to using her experiences and her writing to help others navigate their own grief. Join us for this heartfelt episode and draw from Theo's experiences, strength, and wisdom, as we explore the resilience of the human spirit in the face of loss. To connect with Theo: Boyd, visit her website: Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website:
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  • The Selfish Griever on Messages from Loved Ones

    7 SEP 2023 · When we grieve the loss of a loved one, we try our best to keep them with us, to hold them close in our hearts and to tell their stories to others. But can our loved ones reach out to us? Can we open our minds and our hearts to the possibility that they somehow need us as much as we still need them? Can they comfort us in our time of need? Whitney Samorano is the mom of twin boys, Orion and Maverick who were born in 2017. In 2020, when the boys were two-and-a-half, Orion drowned in the middle of the night in his grandmother’s pool during a visit. Whitney and her husband eventually divorced, but they remain supportive of each other and are great friends. Whitney developed a podcast, The Selfish Griever, to share her experiences with her grief and to support others. Whitney’s passion is to let others know they are not alone or judged in their grief and in the ways they choose to remember their loved ones and keep their memory alive. Links mentioned on this episode: Instagram @theselfishgriever Links to “Bereaved But Still Me” Social Media and Podcast Pages: Apple Podcasts: Spreaker: Facebook: YouTube: Website:
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"Bereaved But Still Me" is a podcast for the bereaved community that was formerly known as "Heart to Heart with Michael." As we entered Season 5, we decided to rebrand...

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"Bereaved But Still Me" is a podcast for the bereaved community that was formerly known as "Heart to Heart with Michael." As we entered Season 5, we decided to rebrand our podcast to make it easier for the bereaved community to find us.

We are happy to announce that "Heart to Heart with Michael," was nominated for a 2020 WEGO Health Award. "Heart to Heart with Michael" was a finalist in the Health Podcast category. This was a great honor for our podcast.

"Bereaved But Still Me" is a product of the Hearts Unite the Globe Network of Podcasts. Our Host is Michael Liben, our Producer is Nancy Taylor Jensen, and our Executive Producer is Anna Jaworski. Our monthly program has been designed to empower, educate, and support the bereaved community. New episodes are broadcast every 1st Thursday of the month.
For more information about the "Bereaved But Still Me," please check out our website: and look at the "Bereaved But Still Me" tab.
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