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  • Anne Scottlin - The Podcast Maestro

    11 JUN 2024 · Anne Scottlin - The Podcast Maestro - Ever wanted to start a podcast and didn’t know what was involved? This episode gives you some ideas where to start and it’s not what you might think. Already got a podcast? There are always ways to brighten it up and build your loyal listeners. This is her second outing on our podcast and Anne shares her infectious exuberance as she talks about the way she builds world leading podcasts for her clients.  Literally from zero to hero - find out how. #podcast #branding #authenticity #specialism #podcasting#collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    40m 3s
  • Nikki Finucan - Follow the Energy Find the Success

    7 JUN 2024 · Understanding the impact of what her body went through when she wasn’t working in her happy place Nikki Finucan went on a journey to discover how to harness her energy for good. Taking her from Australia to London via Bali, she is now working in her energy and teaches others how to access it for themselves. Here we consider how organisations can make huge leaps forward when their workforce comes together in collaboration and works within their sweet spot. #collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    58m 26s
  • Jonathan Rosen - It Takes One To Know One!

    24 MAY 2024 · It takes one to know one - Jonathan Rosen is the founder of Collaberex and as such shares many ideals with Collaboration Global founder Gill Tiney. Here the conversation continues to reveal similarities - coincidence? We think not! The universe put these two together, and this conversation is part of the collaboration that has sprung forth as they both follow their hearts. They should be in competition with each other, but that was the furthest thing from their minds. #collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    53m 54s
  • Tara LaFon Gooch - The Foundations of Confidence

    23 APR 2024 · Tara and Gill shared a stage on their Ted X talks. Here they recount the preparation, nerves, and experience of the such an important event in their lives. Tara also shares her life experience of hitting rock bottom and how she climbed out of that pit. A realisation that confidence is not a gift bestowed but an innate birthright that we can often lose along the way. There is a way to find the courage and call confidence into being for you too. Listen in to discover how she beat depression without medication and what she does now to keep her life on track. #confidence #gratitude #detox #growth #TedX#collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #CoGlo #connection
    55m 49s
  • Phil Agrios - Is self-sabotage holding you back? The search for the antidote

    5 APR 2024 · Dr Philip Agrios is a natural to collaboration because he has studied human dynamics and perhaps more relevant has studied his own experiences to inform him how we are all susceptible to self-sabotage. Immersing himself into why we do this to ourselves, here he explains how protecting ourselves is the pivotal reason we cannot grow. As vibrational beings we can overcome this habitual action to release ourselves from the self-sabotage to flourish and grow - in our lives and businesses. A fascinating conversation that will leave many aha moments when we realise it isn’t just us that has been caught in that loop. #collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    55m 4s
  • Craig Rattray - Do you 'Know Your Numbers' in your business?

    22 MAR 2024 · Maths is Craig’s mojo - numbers are my nemesis, would we have anything to say to each other? Fear not dear listener he speaks my language and reminds me of why I need to know my number. A bit like cyber security, we all need to know this stuff, but if you aren’t excited by it then the chore sometimes becomes too big and we get into avoidance mode. Listen in to Craig and drink in the enthusiasm he has for his subject and I defy you not to catch his buzz and become curious about the numbers in your business too. #knowyournumbers #finance #cashflow #funding#collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    55m 21s
  • Mitali Deypurkaystha - How writing a book can become the True North for your business

    11 MAR 2024 · Mitali Deypurkaystha is known as The Vegan Publisher and in this second outing to the Being Human podcast she shares her passion for Veganism and why she will only work with budding authors who are passionate about their business and the purpose behind it. Plus we consider the value of writing a book and the process that must be considered before embarking on the journey. #collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection #author #publishing #vegan #purpose
    44m 38s
  • Erica Mackay - From Bodyguard to Marketing Detective

    11 FEB 2024 · With a family spread across the globe Erica Mackay knows what it is like to be a truly global citizen. Her roots are now in England and her fathers influence of being a botanist can be seen as she grows her favourite gem squashes in her garden. Now a marketing detective, she uses her laser focus to solve the crime of her clients not having new prospects appearing. Hear what she believes is a very common problem - it may be your light bulb moment too. collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection #marketing #detective #strategist #goodmentalhealth
    58m 53s
  • Jim Gale - The Great Food Awakening

    19 JAN 2024 · Jim Gale is on a mission to feed the world and it is no pie in the sky idea, he is really doing it! From his own Food Forest in Florida he shares his passion for creating forests of food, having reclaimed a beach in Florida, he knows his plan is possible everywhere in the world. So he is helping people to plant their own forests around the world. So inspiring, please watch the YouTube recording to get the full impact of what he is doing as he takes us around his plot. But if on audio, just know that we are looking at lush growth and have a birds eye view into our future.He has currently started forests in 50 US states and 54 countries. #FoodForest #Goodhealth #inspiring #futurethinking #feedtheworld #fairshare#collaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    47m 29s
  • Larry Kaul - Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap?

    12 JAN 2024 · Larry has spent his life so far building and selling successful businesses. But he wasn’t happy with how he had to do it. Since 2020 he has made a quantum leap to develop a way that starts from the inside out. His life has been transformed by his learning and how he now sees his journey. Discover how we can all be participants of a greater energy that will create our best future. globalimpact #futurethinking #social #collaboration #optimist #impact #CollaborationGlobal #lovecollaboration #love #team #community #inspiration #personaldevelopment #business #coglo #connection
    1h 6m 26s

Gill Tiney of Collaboration Global in conversation with guests who share their wisdom accumulated from the experiences of their lives. They are simply Human Beings with Hidden Depths - just...

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Gill Tiney of Collaboration Global in conversation with guests who share their wisdom accumulated from the experiences of their lives.
They are simply Human Beings with Hidden Depths - just like you!
Music by One Man 6 Strings production.
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