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Behind the Bars - Red Bull 64 Bars - Australia

  • JK-47: Leaving a different kind of legacy

    2 JUN 2021 · The Bundjalung man isn’t in hip-hop for fame or glory. In this episode he talks of his desires to make Australia a fairer place. He's a rapper on mission to spread positive messages and build a better future for his infant son through big bars that tackle the big issues, shining a light on what needs to change.
  • Shadow: Bravado, passion, charm and being built for rap

    26 MAY 2021 · The Durban-born, Perth-based rapper gives us an insight in to his personality and why he's 'destined for success'. In this episode it's clear the 22-year-old rapper has no shortage of bravado, but it’s all part of his charm. He vibrates with passion and his dedication to his craft is obvious. He talks inspiration from classic hip-hop artists like Big L and Nas. and signing with Golden Era Records, the label started by local hip-hop titans Hilltop Hoods and his jump to making music fulltime.
    24m 30s
  • Jaecy: The Bankstown native on why music has made him a better man

    19 MAY 2021 · The Guinea-born, Bankstown-raised talent touches on how music has turned him from a 'boy' into the man he is today. From collaborating with Pistol Pete & Enzo to grime-influenced solo singles like ‘What’s Good’ and his new found musical focus as part of The Area Movement, a collective of hip-hop artists proudly repping Sydney’s Western suburbs.
    26m 44s
  • A.Girl: A plea for unity in Australian hip-hop: “The cycle has to be broken”

    12 MAY 2021 · In her Red Bull 64 Bars song ‘Vision’, Western Sydney artist A.Girl called for unity in the local hip-hop scene. In this episode of Behind the Bars, she explains why things need to change.
    33m 32s
  • Explicit

    B Wise: Area famous

    12 OCT 2020 · In this episode of Behind the Bars we explore the creative process, work ethic and flow of one of 'The Area's' pioneering voices. From humble beginnings with little more than a pen and a dream to finally being able to pursue music 'full-time' and the importance of legacy B Wise is an artist on a consistent pursuit of evolution, a focus that continues to pay dividends for one of Western Sydney's best and brightest.
  • Lisi: From suburban teenager to dominating Australia's drill rap scene

    17 MAY 2020 · For most young men growing up in Goodna on the outer-fringes of Brisbane, Australia, Woolies pick and pack at $25 per hour seems like the best option. But for 19 year old Lisi, he wanted to do better than that. And so the New Zealand born rapper used Instagram to successfully create a worldwide fan base from his self-taped Instagram bedroom raps. In this episode of Behind the Bars, we look at the power of social media as a platform for breaking new talent, and how Lisi uses his lyrics & beats to create a positive image for other youngans who come from a place where opportunity seems limited.
    18m 13s
  • Sophiya: Beats, rhymes and Dolmades

    10 MAY 2020 · Shy, queer and ethnic, Melbourne rapper Sophiya never believed she could have a career in music. A self described misfit, she pushed herself to create a rap persona of the person she wanted to be - and a representative for others who felt the same way. In this episode of Behind the Bars, we hear about Sophiya's inspiring journey. From a kid with a speech impediment to a strong, commanding artist who uses catchy and colourful wordplay to manifest confidence and self belief.
    18m 29s
  • Explicit

    Tasman Keith: From mission famous to critical acclaim

    21 APR 2020 · Tasman Keith will not be defined as an 'indgenous artist'. His attitude: Don't put me in a box. Go big and think global. Hailing from Bowraville, on Australia's mid-north coast, with a population of only 1200 people, this impressive young rapper is strongly driven by the importance of home and community, and in this episode of Behind the Bars, we unpack Tasman's broad and varied influences, how hooking people on the sound first can lead to people embracing a song that they may not agree with lyrically, and his ongoing mission to make the concept of success attainable within his community.
    29m 9s

Behind the Bars by Red Bull breaks down the lyrics behind Red Bull’s popular music series, Red Bull 64 Bars. Hosted by the series’ Director, Macario De Souza aka Kid...

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Behind the Bars by Red Bull breaks down the lyrics behind Red Bull’s popular music series, Red Bull 64 Bars. Hosted by the series’ Director, Macario De Souza aka Kid Mac, Behind the Bars features a diverse line-up of lyricists who have given the Red Bull 64 Bars format their own spin who take us on a journey to unpack their creative process and share the stories that have inspired the bars.
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