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Becoming You

  • 010 | Ayo-Dele at TEDxEuston - How it all began. (Recorded Dec 2013)

    2 APR 2021 · Dec 2013 I was 8.5 months pregnant, I had an invitation to do a Ted talk (TedxEuston) earlier in the year, and to be honest I didn’t think about what my state would be come December, on the day as soon as I finished speaking I received a big kick of approval. In this episode I share the story that sparked ‘Becoming’ because when my friend saw this Ted Talk, and suggested to help me develop it into a solo piece. On the 31st March I will be sharing the rehearsed reading I did in 2018 at Stratford Circus Arts Centre. Episode Links @thisisayodele
    Played 18m 6s
  • 009 | Exploring Aspects of Your Creativity | Lanre (Part 2)

    25 MAR 2021 · In part 2 Lanre and I continue our conversation from last week, and further delve into exploring creativity we discuss the importance of opening up to learning different skills, expanding and broadening the scope of our creativity, which builds us up as artists. What You Will Learn: • How to look for the answer that’s already inside of you. • How to find a nurturing family to be loved and supported so you can grow as a creative. • The importance of learning how to live your life in the moment and enjoying the journey. • The lack of balance between creativity and the commercial side of it. • Learn to be open to different ways you can explore your creativity. Episode Links @lanreworld
    Played 31m 30s
  • 008 | Exploring Aspects of Your Creativity | Lanre (Part1)

    19 MAR 2021 · In this episode of Becoming You, we have Lanre, a musician, a creative and an accountant. She talks about the importance of having support from family as a creative and enjoying the journey of life without rushing. Episode Links @lanreworld
    Played 31m 30s
  • 007 | If you don’t try, you will never know | Diana Yekinni

    12 MAR 2021 · In this episode of Becoming You, we hear from Diana Yekinni. Diana talks about her story growing up in London, Winning a Nollywood movie competition we learn about the life behind the work, the rejection and the importance of taking a break. Diana dives into the lessons she’s learned as a creative, and embracing her beautiful blackness in an industry that has a set standard of beauty that the masses follow. If you’re looking to get into the arts industry (or any other industry), Diana also has some encouraging words of advice. Relevant Links IMDB: Facebook: Instagram:
    Played 45m 53s
  • 006 | Finding Yourself Through Your Creative Work | Amy Ransom (Part2)

    24 FEB 2021 · In this episode of Becoming You, we continue our conversation from part 1 with Amy. She talks about the importance of being a supportive and safe parent for your children. AMY RANSOM Author - The New Mum's Notebook, The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook and The School Mum's Notebook Freelance writer and blogger Surviving Motherhood - blog Notebooks For Mums - sanity saving journals Amy Ransom Writes - independent publishing
    Played 28m 34s
  • 005 | Finding Yourself Through Your Creative Work | Amy Ransom (Part1)

    19 FEB 2021 · How is your creativity inspiring you to become more of you? It is important to allow yourself to bask in your creative ideas and get to understand who you are without the influence of society. In this episode of Becoming You, I speak with Amy Ransom, a book and journal writer, a blogger and mum of 3. Amy opens up about her creative journey and the things that inspire her art. Listen in to learn the importance of questioning patterns and traditions that do not serve you as a person and an artist. Amy Ransom Author, Writer and Blogger Notebooks For Mums The New Mum’s Notebook / The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook / The School Mum’s Notebook Amy Ransom Writes Surviving Motherhood
    Played 25m 55s
  • 004 | Therapy | Nadine Sylvester

    4 SEP 2020 · Nadine Sylvester is a Psychotherapist specialising in Art Therapy. She uses her skills and expertise to unravel the complex issues in life through psychotherapy and arts. Nadine has a background of over 20 years in Local Government; managing people and managing relationships as a key element. Nadine consolidated her experiences and studied Psychotherapy; after volunteering as a primary school Play Therapist with the charity Place2Be. Nadine holds an MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education and a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) and the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). Nadine was a Trustee on the board of the disabled children’s charity Inclusive Play Opportunities Project (IPOP), and sat on the board for the Hammersmith Women’s Aid Domestic Violence. Nadine connects with clients, enabling them to come to comfortable solutions. Nadine’s clients come from all works of life and she is often commended and recommended for her non-judgemental approach. Nadine’s work and approach enhances and builds upon the work and programmes of faith groups, women’s organisations, charities and community groups. Episode links:
    Played 38m 42s
  • 003 | Following Your Path | Tola Okogwu

    28 AUG 2020 · Tola Okogwu is a journalist and author of the ‘Daddy Do My Hair’ picture book series. The books were inspired by the relationship between her husband and daughters and are designed to challenge some of the perceptions and preconceptions around race and gender roles within parenting. Her books have become an excellent way of encouraging diversity and inclusion from an early age. Having children from all ethnicities enjoy the books makes an important impact on how children can identify with each other. Through her books and wider writing, Tola constantly seeks to create ‘mirrors and windows’, allowing everyone the opportunity to read books that are reflective of their own experiences, backgrounds and cultures. An avid reader, Tola enjoys spending time with her family and friends around her home in Kent, UK where she lives with her husband and daughters. Episode Links: Instagram & Twitter : @tolaokogwu
    Played 34m 26s
  • 002 | Perseverance in your creativity | Michael Olatuja

    18 JUL 2020 · In this episode I speak with Michael Olatuja. A bassist, composer and bandleader. He shares his journey from London to New York and the in betweens, we had a great conversation. Enjoy! Episode links: IG: MichaelOlatuja Facebook: Michael Olatuja & Lagos Pepper Soup OUT Now! - Lagos Pepper Soup
    Played 39m 31s
  • 001 | Don't give up | Anthonia Edwards

    15 MAY 2020 · In my very first episode, I speak with my daughter, Anthonia who was 2 years into her nursing degree when she decided to give it all up and pursue something else. She opens up about the challenges she faced and how her creativity helped to find a solution. Episode Links. | @anthoniia.e
    Played 30m 11s

Welcome to Becoming You! on these podcasts, I speak with some old and new friends from different industries about how their creativity has helped change their lives and communities. You...

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Welcome to Becoming You! on these podcasts, I speak with some old and new friends from different industries about how their creativity has helped change their lives and communities. You will hear from everyday people on how tapping into their creativity has brought them to where they are now.
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