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  • "From Canvas to Clothing: The Artistic Odyssey of Alloyius Mcilwaine" Be A Voice Podcast

    2 DEC 2023 路 Welcome to a vibrant episode of "Be a Voice" on the Usala Media Network! Join our talented host, Britt Carpenter, in a captivating conversation with Alloyius Mcilwaine, a self-taught artist and the visionary behind Cultures Clothing Company. Hailing from the heart of Philadelphia, Alloyius discovered his love for art at the tender age of three, when he began to replicate comic book images. His artistic journey evolved as he explored various forms of art, including traditional art, graffiti, abstract, and comic book art. In the year 2000, Alloyius founded Cultures Clothing Company, initially a t-shirt company featuring hand-painted, customized designs. What started as a side hustle during his time at Neumann University transformed into a profound love for fashion design. As Alloyius delved into the world of fashion, his clothing line expanded beyond its roots. Embracing diverse influences, from high fashion to urban styles, Alloyius transformed Cultures Clothing into a dynamic and eclectic brand that reflects his artistic vision. Beyond fashion, Alloyius is also known for his experimentation with freestyle abstract art, a form of spontaneous creation influenced by his mood and emotion. In this episode, Alloyius shares his artistic evolution, from the inception of Cultures Clothing to his latest series of paintings. Focused on the beauty of women, his paintings seamlessly blend graffiti, street art, comic book art, traditional art, and abstract art, creating a unique and visually stunning collection. Immerse yourself in the world of Alloyius Mcilwaine, where art becomes a canvas for self-discovery and creative expression. Hit that "Subscribe" button, click the notification bell, and embark on a journey through the artistic landscape of Cultures Clothing Company. Guest Bio: Alloyius Mcilwaine, a Philadelphia native, is a self-taught artist and the founder of Cultures Clothing Company. His artistic journey spans various forms, from traditional to abstract, graffiti, and comic book art. With a love for fashion design, Alloyius has transformed his clothing line into a diverse and dynamic brand. Explore his latest series of paintings, a fusion of influences that redefine artistic boundaries.
    59m 15s
  • 56m 35s

    11 NOV 2023 路 In this episode of Be A Voice, Britt steps out of the studio and stops in to Bean 2 Bean Cafe at 5th and Oxford St in N. Philly. Coffee roasting and sales are in the family blood. You can hear the passion they have for this cafe. Kick back with a cup of Joe. Head to their website, subscribe and get 15% off.
    1h 12s
  • "Transforming Lives: Rachel Hechtman's Recovery Journey on Instagram" (Be A Voice)

    27 OCT 2023 路 Welcome to a profoundly inspiring episode of "Be a Voice" on the Usala Media Network! In this special edition, our compassionate host, Britt Carpenter, engages in a heartfelt conversation with Rachel Hechtman, a remarkable influencer who has harnessed the power of social media, specifically Instagram, to fuel her journey to recovery. 馃帳 Join us as we explore Rachel's courageous journey, from the depths of addiction to the radiant path of recovery. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformation that is possible through determination and community support. 馃挭 In this remarkable episode, Rachel opens up about her life as a recovering addict and how she discovered a source of unwavering inspiration through Instagram. She shares her candid experiences, the hurdles she's surmounted, and the incredible healing power of connecting with others who have faced similar struggles. 馃尦 Drawing strength from her own journey, Rachel Hechtman is now known as an influential figure in the recovery community on Instagram. Through her raw authenticity, she has not only inspired others but also built a supportive digital sanctuary where countless individuals find hope and a sense of belonging. 馃懀 Britt and Rachel's conversation delves deep into the healing potential of social media, the importance of community, and the role of personal storytelling in the recovery journey. Prepare to be moved, educated, and inspired. 馃敟 Don't miss this chance to connect with a beacon of hope, recovery, and the power of Instagram as a tool for transformation. Hit that "Subscribe" button, click the notification bell, and join us for a profoundly moving conversation. Guest Bio: Rachel Hechtman is a courageous influencer, a beacon of recovery, and an advocate for using social media to foster healing and hope. Through her journey, she has become an inspiration for countless individuals seeking recovery and support. Rachel's dedication to her community shines brightly in every post and message she shares. Join us on this transformative journey and become part of a movement dedicated to healing and connection.
    55m 47s
  • Be A Voice: Unleashing Wanderlust with Felicia Fullwood | Capturing Adventures One Frame at a Time

    9 AUG 2023 路 Welcome to Be A Voice, the captivating talk show where host Brit Carpenter invites extraordinary individuals to share their inspiring journeys. In this episode, we are thrilled to introduce you to the talented Felicia Fullwood, a Michigan-based travel photographer, YouTuber, blogger, and a true adventurer who finds her bliss in the great outdoors, documenting her breathtaking escapades through mesmerizing photos and videos. Join us as Felicia recounts her life-changing decision to break free from the corporate world in 2017 to follow her heart and pursue her passion for travel photography full-time. Since then, she has never looked back, embarking on a thrilling journey that has taken her to fascinating destinations and unforgettable experiences. Discover how Felicia's insatiable wanderlust led her to buy a van, transforming it into a mini home on wheels, enabling her to traverse the United States, capturing the essence of diverse landscapes, cultures, and untold stories. Her lens becomes a window to the world, inspiring countless viewers and readers to embrace adventure and explore the beauty that surrounds them. Through her exceptional visual storytelling skills, Felicia collaborates with tourism boards and adventure-minded brands, creating captivating digital assets that showcase the spirit of each destination. Her talent, work ethic, and creativity shine through in every project she undertakes, leaving her clients amazed and delighted with the results. Hear firsthand testimonials from satisfied partners who have worked with Felicia, witnessing her ability to immerse herself in the essence of every place she visits, crafting authentic and engaging content that resonates with audiences worldwide. As one testimonial highlights, "From the very beginning, Felicia was responsive, asking the right questions, and was genuinely great to work with. She delivered exactly what we asked for and then some. She has great work ethic, drive, creativity, and is very nice!" In this episode of Be A Voice, Felicia Fullwood shares her passion for storytelling through visual artistry, offering insights into how she keeps her content both professional and authentic, connecting with her audience on a profound level. Her inspiring tale is a testament to the power of following one's dreams, embracing the unknown, and cherishing the wonders that our planet has to offer. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to join us in this captivating episode of Be A Voice: Unleashing Wanderlust with Felicia Fullwood | Capturing Adventures One Frame at a Time. Prepare to be inspired and encouraged to find your own path of exploration and creativity.
    1h 2m 52s
  • Spreading Hope Across the World | Joshua Coombes' Inspiring Journey: (Be A Voice)

    1 AUG 2023 路 Welcome to Be A Voice, the heartwarming talk show hosted by Britt Carpenter, where we bring you stories of incredible individuals who are making a significant impact on the lives of others. In this special episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable Joshua Coombes, a true embodiment of compassion and hope. Join us as Joshua Coombes shares his awe-inspiring journey and unwavering passion for giving hope to those who have faced the harsh realities of homelessness. What began as a simple act of kindness in his hometown quickly transformed into an extraordinary mission to uplift the spirits of people worldwide. In this captivating conversation, Joshua takes us through his transformative experiences, where he embarked on a life-changing adventure to different corners of the globe. Armed with nothing but his scissors and a heart full of empathy, he set out to make a profound difference in the lives of those struggling due to their circumstances of being homeless. Discover how Joshua's encounters with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures have shaped his perspective on human resilience and the universal need for compassion. Through his unique journey, he has not only provided haircuts to those in need but, more importantly, offered dignity, compassion, and a renewed sense of self-worth to people who often feel invisible to society. In this emotional and eye-opening interview, Joshua Coombes takes us behind the scenes, sharing the challenges, the triumphs, and the moments of genuine connection that have touched his heart forever. Through his story, we learn the transformative power of simple acts of kindness and how they can create a ripple effect that transcends borders and brings hope to even the darkest corners of the world. This episode of Be A Voice will not only inspire you but also ignite a desire to be part of something greater than yourself. Join us in celebrating the spirit of humanity, as we witness the remarkable impact one person can make when they choose to be a voice for change. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss this powerful episode of Be A Voice with Britt Carpenter: Spreading Hope Across the World | Joshua Coombes' Inspiring Journey. Together, let's be inspired to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.
    1h 7m 24s
  • "Celebrating Voices: An Empowering Chat with Amber Miller on Be a Voice with Britt Carpenter"

    21 JUL 2023 路 馃帳 Welcome to "Be a Voice" with Britt Carpenter! 馃帣锔 In this inspiring episode, we have the incredible Amber Miller as our special guest. 馃専 Get ready to be captivated by her journey and unique perspective! 馃搷 With a heartwarming personality and a passion for music, Amber Miller is a public figure who wears many hats. 馃幎 As a proud dog lover and avid runner, she embraces a healthy and vibrant lifestyle while calling Philadelphia home, all while cherishing her Detroit roots. 馃摶 You might recognize her voice from @alt1045philly, where she shines as a professional music appreciator and talker-abouter! 馃棧锔 Amber's insights and conversations about music will keep you hooked. 馃帀 Join us as we explore her experiences, inspirations, and the stories that have shaped her journey. From Detroit to Philly, Amber Miller is truly a voice to be reckoned with! 馃惥 Don't miss this empowering episode of "Be a Voice"! 馃帶 Subscribe now for more engaging discussions and inspiring guests. Let's celebrate the power of voices that make a difference! For more info visit our website and follow us on social media: Website: Email: YouTube: USALA Media Network Facebook: USALA Media Phone Number: (215) 739-1000
    1h 31m 17s

    14 JUL 2023 路 馃摙 Join Host Britt Carpenter on "Be A Voice" as she engages in a powerful conversation with Brooke Feldman, an incredible individual who emerged as a poster child for opioids recovery. 馃専 Brooke's journey is one of immense strength and empowerment, as she battled addiction and overcame the challenges that came with it. In this episode, she fearlessly shares her personal experiences, shedding light on the harsh realities of addiction while inspiring hope and resilience in others. 馃挭 But it doesn't stop there. Brooke's story takes an unexpected turn when she realizes how the city was using her as a pawn to promote their own agenda. With unwavering determination, she steps out of that manipulative narrative, reclaiming her voice and empowering others to do the same. 馃殌 Tune in to "Be A Voice" and discover the raw honesty and authenticity behind Brooke Feldman's transformative journey. Her story will captivate your heart, ignite crucial conversations, and serve as a catalyst for change in our society. 馃帣锔 Don't miss this inspiring episode as Brooke uncovers the truth, sheds light on addiction, and reminds us all of the power we possess to challenge the status quo. Together, we can break free from the chains that hold us back and create a brighter, more inclusive world. 馃寧
    1h 30m 56s
  • Be A voice (Elvis Rosado and Clayton A)

    7 JUL 2023 路 Don't miss the show Be A voice with host Britt Carpenter with guest Elvis Rosado and Clayton A while they talk about there work in the Philadelphia street of Kensington and the opioids epidemic, see full video :
    1h 27m 57s
  • Be A Voice (DJ Kev Nichols)

    29 JUN 2023 路 Welcome to Be A Voice, the podcast where your host Britt James Carpenter interviews inspiring individuals making a difference in their communities. In this episode, we sit down with Kev Nich酶ls, also known as DJ Kev, to discuss his work with the Grace Project for addicts in the city of Philadelphia as the Volunteer Coordinator and his career as a DJ. With over 10 years of experience in the DJ business, DJ Kev has played for various clubs, weddings, and private events in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey areas. He specializes in creating a personalized experience for each event, catering to the client's standards and making it an unforgettable experience. But DJ Kev's work doesn't stop at the turntables. He is also heavily involved in the Grace Project, a program aimed at helping addicts in Philadelphia. In this episode, we discuss his work with the project, the impact it has had on the community, and his personal motivation for getting involved. Tune in to this episode of Be A Voice to hear from DJ Kev about his passion for music and community service. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.
    1h 4m 32s

"Be a Voice with Britt James Carpenter" is a dynamic talk show that highlights individuals who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. Hosted by Britt James Carpenter,...

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"Be a Voice with Britt James Carpenter" is a dynamic talk show that highlights individuals who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. Hosted by Britt James Carpenter, each episode features interviews with inspiring individuals who are using their voices to enact positive change. From community activists to entrepreneurs, each guest has a unique perspective on how to make a difference in the world. Through their stories, listeners will be inspired to take action and become a voice for change in their own communities. Whether you're looking for inspiration or practical advice on how to make a difference, "Be a Voice with Britt James Carpenter" is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to be part of the solution. Tune in and join the conversation today!
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