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Bands To Fans

  • JM Stevens

    15 APR 2024 · I spoke with singer / songwriter JM Stevens. We discussed: - His new album, Nowhere To Land - The lyric “I heard you sneaking in / Guess you forgot to WD40 the hinge”  - The Gibson J45 guitar he wrote about in the song "Cherry Sunburst"  - Also being the album producer and mixer  - And more JM Stevens website:
    44m 3s
  • John Pierce of Toto - In person in Raleigh, NC

    3 MAR 2024 · I finally got to do an in-person interview with bassist John Pierce of Toto. We discussed: - How learning to play the drums has influenced his bass playing - Playing with Toto drummer Shannon Forrest - His quest to play less and make each note more meaningful - Sessions with Huey Lewis, Mick Jagger, and Tom Petty - Toto's "With A Little Help From My Friends" album - And more
    49m 23s
  • Cassius King of Cassius King and The Downtown Rulers

    23 FEB 2024 · I interviewed Cassius King of Cassius King and The Downtown Rulers. We discussed: - Their album "Last Call For The Blues" - A dream 25 years in the making - "A giving musician is always trying to make the song better without necessarily standing out." - The wonderfully gritty song "Bettern Man Blues" - How his offstage, behind-the-scenes work influences his on stage performance - And more
    33m 40s
  • Excerpt: Drummer Mike Portnoy - Recording songs before playing them live

    21 FEB 2024 · Drummer Mike Portnoy likes that they did not road test the new The Winery Dogs songs before recording them.
    1m 49s
  • Will McBride of the Will McBride Group

    5 JAN 2024 · Cris Cohen interviews Will McBride of the Will McBride Group. They discuss: - The new single, "Hit Song". - Embracing irony in songwriting - “I’m not a love song writer.” - Opening for Styx - The influence of Elvis Costello - How he prefers a guitar tone that sings rather than growls - And more Bands To Fans
    28m 9s
  • John McCutcheon

    14 DEC 2023 · Cris Cohen interviews John McCutcheon. They discussed: - His new album with Tom Paxton, "Together" - Co-writing songs via Zoom - Intertwining hope and heartbreak in the song "Ukrainian Now" - Writing lighter tunes like "Same Old Crap" - And more
    41m 45s
  • Jake Shimabukuro

    16 NOV 2023 · Cris Cohen interviews ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro. They discuss: - His new album, "Grateful" - Playing rock songs on the ukulele versus playing songs written for ukulele - "Embrace being a lifelong learner" - His cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" - The challenge of creating loops live during the concert - And more
    42m 43s
  • Daniel de los Reyes of the Zac Brown Band

    14 NOV 2023 · Cris Cohen interviews percussionist Daniel de los Reyes of the Zac Brown Band. They discuss: - The album "The Comeback" - The song "Don't Let Your Heart" - Meshing with drummer Chris Fryar - Percussion instruments that resonate even when they play baseball stadiums - And more Recorded January 27, 2023
    1h 12m 45s
  • Danny O'Keefe

    13 NOV 2023 · Cris Cohen interviews singer-songwriter Danny O'Keefe. They discuss: - Having his songs recorded by artists such as Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, Jackson Browne, and Alison Krauss - How he can "feel sad songs coming before they even get to be songs." - His new album, "Circular Turns" - And more Danny O'Keefe's website: --- Bands To Fans: Project administration and content marketing for professional musicians - Visit the Bands To Fans website: - Subscribe to the newsletter: - Download our ebooks:
    31m 31s
  • Jett Beres of Sister Hazel

    13 JUN 2023 · I interviewed bassist Jett Beres of Sister Hazel. We discussed: - The 20th anniversary of the album "Chasing Daylight" - Why this is his favorite Sister Hazel album - The song written in a hot tub - How the role of the bass in a song mirrors his role in the band - What he learned from getting a degree in Architecture that applies to his work as a musician - And more Recorded February 10, 2023
    35m 24s
Cris Cohen interviews professional musicians to get the stories behind every beat, chord, and lyric.

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