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Back to the 80s Radio

  • Iconic Toys From The 80s Part 1 of 2

    5 JUN 2024 · Join Toscano & Chang today as they delve into the world of iconic 80s toys in Part 1 of this special series. From He-Man action figures to Hot Wheels, we explore the beloved toys that defined a generation.Reminisce with us about Saturday mornings filled with cartoons and afternoons spent with Transformers and Cabbage Patch Kids. Discover the stories behind these classic toys and their lasting impact.Tune in and relive the magic of the 80s, and don’t miss Part 2 for more nostalgic fun!
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  • The End of Radio as We Knew It, Part 2

    12 MAY 2024 · This week's episode of Back to the 80s Radio podcast delves deeper into the landscape of radio during the 1980s. Building on the previous installment, Toscano & Chang discuss and explore the various formats, trends, and influential figures that shaped the radio industry during this pivotal decade. From the emergence of new technologies to the evolution of programming strategies, listeners can expect an insightful examination of radio's dynamic evolution throughout the 80s.
    Played 50m 55s
  • The End of Radio As We Knew It - Part 1

    25 APR 2024 · Tune in to this week's episode of "The End of Radio As We Knew It - Part 1" as we explore the fascinating demise of traditional radio, tracing its decline back to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Delve into a discussion on how this pivotal legislation reshaped the radio landscape, altering its once vibrant and diverse programming. Join us as we reminisce about the golden era of radio in the 1980s, highlighting the captivating entertainment it offered and reflecting on how it differs from today's radio experience.
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  • Mullets in the 80s

    29 MAR 2024 · This week on Back to the 80s radio, hosts Toscano and Chang are setting the airwaves on fire as they unravel the mysteries, the myths, and the mesmerizing allure of one iconic hairstyle that ruled the era: the Mullet. Strap in for a rollercoaster ride through neon-lit streets, where the music was loud, the fashion was bold, and the hair was... well, business in the front, party in the back! So crank up the volume, tease that hair, and get ready to rock as we dive headfirst into the follicular phenomenon that defined a generation.
    Played 1h 28m 51s
  • Time Travel to Live Aid 1985 Part 2

    20 MAR 2024 · Join us as we revisit the magic of Queen's legendary set, witness the passion of U2's performance on both sides of the Atlantic, and groove to the infectious beats of Madonna's breakout moment. From Phil Collins' transatlantic dash to Eric Clapton's soulful rendition, every note and every riff will transport you back to that monumental day in July 1985. But it's not just about the music; we'll also explore the behind-the-scenes stories, the humanitarian efforts, and the cultural impact of Live Aid. From Bob Geldof's vision to the outpouring of global support, discover how this unprecedented event brought the world together for a cause greater than any single artist or band.So tune in, turn up the volume, and let's continue our journey through time as we relive the magic of Live Aid 1985. Don't miss "Time Travel to Live Aid 1985 Part 2," because this week, we're taking you back to the heart of the '80s like never before!
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  • Live Aid 1985 part 1

    3 MAR 2024 · tep into the Fierro Time Machine with Toscano & Chang as they transport you back to the electrifying era of the 1980s! Today on Back to the 80s Radio, buckle up for a journey to the pinnacle of music history as our dynamic duo ventures to the year 1985. In this special episode, join Toscano & Chang as they embark on an unforgettable quest to witness the greatest concert of all time! Feel the pulse of the neon-lit decade as they immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by iconic sounds and timeless melodies. From the infectious beats of pop icons to the raw energy of rock legends, our hosts will guide you through a kaleidoscope of musical brilliance, capturing the essence of a bygone era that continues to shape modern music.So tune in, turn up the volume, and let us take you on a nostalgic odyssey through the golden age of music, right here on Back to the 80s Radio!
    Played 1h 43m 38s
  • Back to the 80s is Back!

    23 FEB 2024 · Today's episode of the Back to the 80s radio show with Toscano & Chang was a heartfelt return after being off the air since Christmas. They opened up about their absence, sharing personal reasons for their time away and delving into some emotional topics. Despite the serious moments, they brought their signature energy and love for 80s music to the show, playing classic hits and reminiscing about the iconic decade. Through laughter and nostalgia, Toscano & Chang create a dynamic mix of music and conversation, reminding you to keep coming back for more each week.
    Played 1h 23m 32s
  • Totally 80s Christmas Show

    23 DEC 2023 · "Totally 80s Christmas" is a nostalgic journey back in time, celebrating the festive season with a unique blend of classic 80s tunes and iconic radio personalities. The show pays homage to legends like Jim Ladd from KMET, highlighting their contributions to the vibrant radio culture of the 80s. Special call-in guests add a whimsical touch, featuring conversations with Santas disgruntled elves, the legendary Elvis-Claus, and even a direct chat with the man in red himself, Santa Claus. Join us for a joyous and entertaining trip down memory lane, filled with laughter, music, and the spirit of Christmas as we revisit the magic of the 80s on the airwaves.
    Played 2h 53m 11s
  • The Mechanics take over today

    16 DEC 2023 · In today's electrifying episode of Back to the 80s Radio, buckle up for a wild ride as the usual airwaves duo, Toscano & Chang, hand over the DJ reins to the unexpected but utterly entertaining Zeke and Rusty – your friendly neighborhood mechanics! 🛠️As the grease-stained beats kick in, Zeke and Rusty swap their wrenches for microphones, turning the studio into a haven for laughter and reminiscence. Brace yourself for a blast from the past as these automotive aficionados share their firsthand experiences of the raddest decade: the 80s. From epic road trips to outrageous car modifications, their stories will have you revved up and rolling on the floor with laughter. Expect the unexpected as these dynamic mechanics bring their unique energy to the airwaves. Zeke, with his booming voice and contagious enthusiasm, and Rusty, with his quick wit and humorous anecdotes, transform the radio station into a haven of 80s nostalgia and automotive antics. Whether they're recalling the quirkiest trends or spinning tracks that'll transport you straight back to the neon-lit dance floors, these two grease monkeys will have you tapping your feet and chuckling along. Join Zeke and Rusty as they navigate the airwaves with the same expertise they use under the hoods of classic 80s rides. From quirky trivia about iconic 80s cars to impromptu sing-alongs of timeless hits, this special episode promises a ride like no other. Tune in, turn up the volume, and let the laughter and memories of the 80s wash over you in this unforgettable radio takeover!Don't miss out on the Back to the 80s Radio experience, where the mechanics become the maestros for a day, spinning tunes and tales that'll make your nostalgic heart race! 📻🕹️ #BackToThe80sRadio #ZekeAndRustyTakeover
    Played 46m 27s
  • Sports in the 1980s

    18 NOV 2023 · Tune in to today's electrifying episode of "Back to the 80s" as we take a thrilling trip down memory lane with a special focus on the sports and athletes that defined the radical 80s era. Get ready to relive the adrenaline-pumping moments and iconic figures that left an indelible mark on sports history. 🥇 Highlighting the 1984 Olympics and Beyond! 🌟Join our hosts as they transport you back to the excitement of the 1984 Olympics, a showcase of athletic prowess and global unity. From Los Angeles, where the Games took center stage, to unforgettable moments on the track, in the pool, and on the podium, we'll explore the triumphs and challenges faced by athletes who became legends.🏀⚽🏈 Iconic Athletes of the 80s: From Jordan to Mary Lou! 🌈Discover the stories behind the sports icons who captivated audiences worldwide. Whether it's Michael Jordan's soaring dunks, Mary Lou Retton's perfect 10s, or the dominating presence of athletes like Carl Lewis and Martina Navratilova, we'll celebrate the greatness that defined an era.🎶 Soundtrack to Victory: 80s Sports Anthems! 🎵 No "Back to the 80s" episode is complete without the pulsating beats and anthems that fueled the competitive spirit. From "Eye of the Tiger" to "We Will Rock You," we've curated a playlist that will transport you straight to the stadium, capturing the essence of victory and perseverance.Don't miss this exhilarating journey through the golden age of sports and athleticism! Grab your virtual ticket and join us for a nostalgic celebration of the 80s that will have you cheering for more!
    Played 1h 6m 24s

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Los Angeles radio show hosts, Toscano & and Chang bring in the '80s morning and afternoon radio show feel back! With special guests, both in the entertainment industry from the...

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Los Angeles radio show hosts, Toscano & and Chang bring in the '80s morning and afternoon radio show feel back! With special guests, both in the entertainment industry from the '80s and from beyond our realm, they bring wacky skits and stories from their generation. Together they are introducing the '80s to a whole new generation.
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