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  • AutoSuccess 782: Challenges to Moving Vehicles Efficiently

    30 DEC 2022 · Trent Broberg of ACERTUS discusses the challenges of moving vehicles efficiently and how technology has improved that process, as well as how a logistics provider can help car dealers acquire more inventory.
    Played 22m 2s
  • AutoSuccess 781: Automotive Retail Trends

    23 DEC 2022 · Arabah Woodberry of JP Morgan Chase discusses industry trends, such as EVs and inventory challenges, as well as some of Chase’s initiatives — from a platform that provides pre-approved customers directly to a dealer’s CRM to their investments in the minority dealer population.
    Played 12m 40s
  • AutoSuccess 780: Industry Insider Tips from Reddick Brown Ford

    16 DEC 2022 · Brock Patterson, national specialty vehicle manager and Braxton Patterson, marketing manager with Reddick Brown Ford in Morrison, Tennessee, discuss how their dealership has developed a niche in performance and specialty vehicles, also converting and upgrading vehicles.
    Played 22m 1s
  • AutoSuccess 779: Modern Dealership Software Needs

    9 DEC 2022 · Guru Sankararaman, cofounder of Tekion, explains how updated software can bring automotive retailing into the modern consumer market, how to improve digital retailing processes, his perspective on the EV market and more.
    Played 14m 30s
  • AutoSuccess 778: CRMs: Data Management or Customer Engagement Tool?

    2 DEC 2022 · Steve Roessler from DriveCentric discusses how dealerships should be utilizing CRMs in a modern business world.
    Played 30m 8s
  • Episode 777: Creating Engaging Customer Videos

    18 NOV 2022 · Evan Riley, the national sales director for Flick Fusion, discusses some best practices for creating engaging customer videos.
    Played 24m 55s
  • Episode 776: Digital Marketing for Dealerships

    11 NOV 2022 · Dan Moore, president of Vistadash and COO of DealerBuilt, joins us in the AutoSuccess studio in this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, to discuss DealerBuilt’s acquisition of Vistadash, and the two brands' perspectives on digital marketing for the modern dealership. You can watch the original episode on our YouTube channel.
    Played 30m 15s
  • Episode 775: Mastering One-on-One Meetings

    4 NOV 2022 · In this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, Ian Vandenbark, a national trainer and account executive with iA American Warranty Group, joins us to give his advice on being an effective leader to your F&I team. Ian wrote an article about one-on-one meetings in the October issue of AutoSuccess, which he is following up on in this episode. The original article can be found on
    Played 11m 46s
  • Episode 774: The Importance of Recon

    28 OCT 2022 · In this audio airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Velocity Automotive, the Founder, Hugh Hathcock, and Executive Vice President, Kalah Hathcock, discuss why they created Velocity Automotive and how it helps dealerships move into the modern era of auto sales. For the Hathcock's insights into why recon is so important as well as a look into Velocity's sponsorship of AutoSuccess' Champions of Charity program, listen in to todays episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast.
    Played 24m 1s
  • Episode 773: Industry Perspectives from a Marketing Exec

    21 OCT 2022 · In this audio airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Reynolds and Reynolds' VP of Marketing Greg Uland, the experienced marketing exec gives his insights and tips on consumer behavior and relations, F&I sales, updated selling processes, and much more. To watch this interview, head to or subscribe to our YouTube channel.
    Played 16m 5s
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